How To Protect Adirondack Chair Legs?

The iconic Adirondack Chairs are the wooden slats armchairs that will perfectly go with any outdoor sitting area. Most of the time, the Adirondack Chairs are kept outside and go through a lot of wear and tear; unfortunately, you might forget to take proper care of them, especially the legs of the chairs. 

So, How to protect Adirondack Chairs’ legs? To protect Adirondack chair legs, keep the chairs in a dry place and not in direct contact with sunlight. Also, covering the legs of Adirondack chairs with some good quality leg caps is another way to protect the chair legs from harsh weather.

This article is focused to give you an overall idea about protecting your Adirondack Chairs’ legs so that they can last for an extensive period.

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Why Protecting Adirondack Chairs’ Legs Are Necessary?

Adirondack Chairs are popular outdoor furniture, and the significant part is that they are available in more than 12 colors. They are available in multiple vibrant colors and you can choose any color you like from these colors

Adirondack Chairs are mostly kept outdoors, as a result, and they go through a lot of wear and tear. Sometimes they are kept outside for several years, which makes them lose their appearance

When you keep your Adirondack Chairs outside, the continuous wear & tear, and the direct UV rays, rain & humidity, weaken the furniture’s materials and loosen its screws & glue, further reducing the Adirondack Chairs’ longevity. 

The Adirondack Chairs’ legs stay in a more vulnerable position. As you can guess, when it rains cats and dogs, it is expected that water will get stored in your backyard.

When your Adirondack Chairs stay in a damp place, the legs are most likely to get damaged.

When the area stays moisturized for a longer time, it invites mildew and pests, which can damage the legs of the Adirondack Chairs. No matter how strong the material is, the Adirondack Chair’s durability declines

During winter, the Adirondack Chairs that are not waterproof can get damaged, the chair itself will lose its longevity. The access to water and snow can cause discoloration and mound.

As a result, covering the legs of Adirondack Chairs became mandatory. 

Then again, the Adirondack Chairs’ legs can ruin your deck. Well, yes, sometimes the pointy ends of Adirondack Chairs’ legs can damage the deck, causing scratches.

Even if you cover your deck of the floors with a rug, the legs can tear and tug the rug.  

When the original color of the Adirondack Chairs can also get damaged, that is, the color gets faded. Mostly due to movement and weather, effects can also take off the color of the Adirondack Chairs’ legs. 

Therefore, it becomes mandatory to protect the Adirondack Chairs’ legs before it gets too late. 

How To Protect Adirondack Chairs’ Legs?

As you know, it is necessary to protect your Adirondack Chair’s legs. Check out the mentioned methods for better protection of your Adirondack Chair legs. 

1. Keep The Adirondack Chairs In A Dry Place, And Away From Sunlight

Some of the Adirondack Chairs can get damaged when exposed to direct sunlight. The color and the protective coating can get dried up and fall off.

Then again, in the rainy season, the constant touch of water can make the Adirondack Chairs’ material weak. 

It is recommended to keep your Adirondack Chairs in a dry place and does not keep them under direct sunlight.

Even if you take the Adirondack Chairs outside for a program, put them back in the storage room.

2. Cover The Adirondack Chairs With Plastic 

When the weather seems unfavorable, it is wise to cover the Adirondack Chairs with plastic wrap. No matter what the season is, it will stay protected. 

Even if you keep the Adirondack Chairs in a storage room, try to cover them with plastic wrap. It will help to keep the moisture away.

3. Cover The Adirondack Chairs Legs With Plastic Caps

You will find various plastic caps for outdoor furniture; they are really useful when the outdoor furniture has a possibility to get damaged. 

You will also find plastic caps for Adirondack Chairs that will provide the ultimate protection to the chairs’ legs. You can check out my favorite plastic caps for Adirondack Chairs by clicking here. 

You can also use other leg protectors. You will also find an Adirondack Chairs legs protector made of silicon or rubber, which will also be effective. 

4. Apply Sealant To Wooden Adirondack Chairs

Sealant can be very effective when it comes to protecting wooden Adirondack Chairs. A suitable quality sealant can protect your Adirondack Chairs from UV rays, humidity and help the chairs to last longer.

Check out this fantastic water-based, odorless, and pest-resistant sealant by Eco Advance Wood Siloxane just by clicking here

5. Apply Water-Resistant Paint/stain On Your Adirondack Chairs

When you are certain that your Adirondack Chairs will stay in constant touch, I recommend you to buy water-resistant Adirondack Chairs or paint the existing chairs with water-resistant pain. 

When it comes to stains, you will find both oil and water-based stains, but I suggest you use oil-based stains.

I think the best choice for you would be using Minwax Wood Stains for the Adirondack Chairs. It is available in 12 different colors. It is very inexpensive but works really well. You can check it on Amazon by clicking here.

6. Weather-Proof Your Adirondack Chairs

Trust me, when it comes to protecting the Adirondack Chairs, it is highly recommended to weather-proof them. There remains a no better alternative.

You might be thinking, and you can just keep them indoors. But, let me tell you, you will bring them outdoor, maybe even for a specific time whenever there is any occasion. It can damage the Adirondack Chairs.

To learn more about weatherproofing Adirondack chairs, check out my article on weather-proofing Adirondack Chairs.

7. Purchase Weather-Proof Adirondack Chairs

If you are thinking of purchasing a new set of Adirondack Chairs, you can skip the part of weather-proofing the chairs just by purchasing weather-proof Adirondack Chairs.

These are made with special care that protects them from rain, sun, humidity, and UV rays. Along with a wide seat and height, these chairs also have a glass holder attached to the armrest.

Related Questions

Are Adirondack chairs weather-proof?

 Most Adirondack Chairs are not weather-proof. Although there are a few Adirondack chairs in the market which are weatherproof but they are not widely available.

If you have an Adirondack chair, it is most likely not weather-proof. You can read my article on weatherproofing Adirondack chairs and make your Adirondack chair weatherproof in 7 easy steps.  

Let me give you an added information, Adirondack chairs are made of Aluminum, teak, or poly lumber wood. You can leave them outdoors all year long without worrying about the damage.

Should I Paint or Stain my Adirondack Chairs?

You find Adirondack Chairs in more than 12 colors, and it can still be confusing to choose the preferable shade. Well, you definitely can paint the Adirondack Chairs in your favorite color.

Nonetheless, you need to know the proper way of doing it and sand it properly before applying the paint. Buy a good quality weather-resistant paint. 

Therefore, you need to sand the chair properly to have no flaws, dents, or any rough spots. Take off the dust or dirt and make sure the Adirondack Chair is completely dry. 

Then apply the paint and let it dry for 24-hours. I recommend you apply two extra layers of paint and let them set for 24-hours each. 

Can Adirondack Chairs Stay Outside Year-round?

Most Adirondack chairs can not stay outside all year round. The Adirondack chairs made of plastic and metal can lose their durability if kept outside for a long time.

Also, during cold weather keeping Adirondack chairs outside can leave cracks on them & hot weather can dry up the paint. Eventually, you will have to get rid of the damaged chairs. 

But when it comes to Adirondack chairs made of Aluminum, teak, or poly lumber wood, you can leave them outdoors all year long.

How to Protect Wooden Furniture Legs From Water?

One of the easiest ways to protect your wooden furniture legs from water is to cover the legs with plastic, rubber or silicone caps. They are extremely helpful when it comes to protecting the wooden furniture legs. 

I will also highly suggest keeping the wooden furniture in a dry place, away from water. Moreover, try to keep them inside when not needed on the outside. 

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