How To Make Rolling Chairs Quieter? 3 Easy Steps

Rolling Chairs are the best when you have to move around a lot. What’s disturbing is that the irritating sound the Rolling Chairs make. It not only gives a headache but also decreases productivity. 

So, How To Make Rolling Chairs Quieter?  To make the Rolling Chairs Quieter, you need to inspect the chairs, identify the reason for the sound, and implement the appropriate measures. For example, when the wheels initiate the sound, apply some silicone spray or change the wheels. 

I know how irritating Rolling Chairs’ sound becomes because I have faced it myself. I have spent hours finding the right solution to minimize the unwanted noise of the Rolling Chairs.

In this article, I will share all the experiences I have regarding reducing the unwanted sound of Rolling Chairs so that you can enjoy a quieter workplace. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just dig in. 

Why Do My Rolling Chairs Make Sound?

Various reasons can fuel the unwanted sound of a Rolling Chair. Some of them occur because of your carelessness. Nonetheless, you can always take proper measures to minimize or completely stop that annoying sound. 

The reasons for the noise in Rolling Chairs;

1. Unsmooth Rolling Surface

A Rolling Chair requires a smooth surface to roll on, and if the smooth surface is missing, it starts to make noises.

For example, imagine you have hardwood floors, and it has got some cracks. When you roll the Rolling Chair on that uneven floor, it will definitely make some sound. 

Keep in mind that it will not only make an annoying sound but also cause more damage to the hardwood floors. 

2. Dirt Or Food Crumbs Stacked In The Wheels

It is common to have food at the workplace or near Rolling Chairs. Moreover, when you roll with the chairs more often, the Rolling Chairs might attract dirt and food crumbs

These tiny particles or the food crumbs get stacked in the wheels or caster. Then when you roll the Rolling Chairs, it creates the sound because of the unwanted friction between different the caster and the wheels. 

3. Damaged Casters Or Wheels

A common reason for the Rolling Chairs to make noise is using the damaged casters or wheels, even though it is obvious to use the same caster for a long time.

I know you love to roll in the Rolling Chairs. But this, in turn, damages the wheels and casters. Although many experts suggest checking the wheels and casters at least twice a month, people tend to avoid it. 

They end up using the damaged wheels, which further harm the floors and create sound. I highly recommend you never avoid the sound made by your chairs.  

4. Loose Screws Or Bolts

After a long time using the Rolling Chairs, it is natural to see the screws and nuts come off. What is not acceptable is that not taking proper action to tighten them. 

These loose screws and bolts make the chairs’ components lose enough to create small places between them, enabling the screws and nuts to make a sound.

It can be very dangerous and make a squeaky sound. When applied pressure, these loose bolts and nuts can make the Rolling Chair fall and cause serious accidents. 

In order to get rid of the squeaky sound of your Office Chairs, I highly recommend you to read my article on How To Get Rid Of Squeaky Office Chair?

5. Sound From The Constant Rubbing From Rolling Chair’s Parts

Chairs’ parts making noise is common in any kind of Chair. The chances are higher in Rolling Chairs, as it mostly stays in motion. 

In a common scenario, you will see after using the Rolling Chair for several years, and a sound is being initiated. However, new chairs can also make such sounds. It occurs when the Chair’s components are either too loose or too tight.  

6. Missing Floor Protector (Chair Mat, Carpet Or Rug)

As stated earlier, a Rolling Chair needs an even surface to provide smooth and soundproof rolling. No matter how flat or even your hard floor is, you got to place a carpet or Chair Mat on top of it to ensure the Rolling Chairs’ smooth roll.

Although floor protectors can come in various types, Chair Mats, Carpet or as Rug, experts suggest using a Chair Mat. It will help you roll the Rolling Chair effortlessly. 

But when the floor protector is missing, it rubs the floor continuously and causes an irritating sound. 

Now that you are familiar with the reasons for the sound made by a Rolling Chair let us discuss the innovative ways to minimize the sound. 

How To Reduce The Sound Made By A Rolling Chair?

Since I have suffered from constant headaches due to the annoying sound of the Rolling Chairs, I have done my research and came up with the best way to minimize it. 

Here is the Step by Step Process of making Rolling Chairs quieter:

Step 1 – Inspect The Rolling Chair And Its Surrounding Area

As you know by now, there can be six different reasons for the unwanted sound of the Rolling Chairs. So, in the beginning, you need to inspect the Rolling Chair and its surrounding area to identify the reasons for the sound.

Things you need to check:

  1. Does your Rolling Chair have a floor protector?
  2. Does your Rolling Chair have a smooth surface?
  3. Is there any dirt or food crumbs stacked on the wheels?
  4. Check if the Wheels and Casters are in good condition?
  5. Check if the screws and bolts are too tightened or loosened?

Step 2 – Identify The Cause Of The Sound

After checking the things, I mentioned in the previous Step, identify the reasons for the sound. Once you have identified the reason, you can take the appropriate measures.

Note that if the Rolling Chair is old enough, the sound can be initiated for various reasons. 

Step 3 – Take Proper Measures

Now it is time for the measures to be implemented. To give you a proper understanding, let me provide a table with the specific measurements for each problem.

Reason for the SoundAppropriate Measures
Missing Floor ProtectorInstall a floor Protector
Unsmooth SurfaceFix the floor or use a Chair Mat
Dirt Stacked in the wheels Keep the Chair and its surroundings clean
Damaged Casters or WheelsChange the wheels or casters
Problem with the Screws and Bolts When the screws & bolts are loosened, tighten it and vice-versa. 

Now let us learn about the application in detail, separately.

1. Install A Floor Protector

A Floor protector is a must to protect the floor from Rolling Chairs and when you hear unwanted sounds. From all other floor protectors, Chair Mats can be the effective one. 

I highly recommend using a Polycarbonate Chair Mat or a Tempered Glass Chair Mat to place under the Rolling Chairs. 

However, Rubber Chair Mats also work great when it comes to reducing the sound of Rolling Chairs. Check out the VersaTex Multi-Purpose Recycled Rubber Floor Mat on Amazon, just by clicking here.

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2. Fix The Floor Or Use A Chair Mat

When you have an uneven surface, every time you roll your rolling chairs, it makes sounds. The surface can be uneven because of the hardwood floor is cracked.

You need to fix the hardwood floor as early as possible, or you can place a Chair Mat as a temporary solution. 

Chair Mats helps to a great extent to reduce noise. To know more, read this article on Do Chair Mats Reduce Noise?

3. Keep The Chair And Its Surroundings Clean

Keeping the Rolling Chairs and its surroundings clean is mandatory, especially when you are a foodie who loves to eat food while sitting on a rolling chair. 

One simple solution is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt from the Rolling Chairs. However, some dirt can be impossible to clean, especially those stacked in the wheels or casters. 

To clean the tiny dirt or food crumbs from the Rolling Chair’s wheels or casters, use a brush or the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. 

4. Change The Wheels Or Casters

Check the condition of your Rolling Chairs wheels and casters more frequently. Never hesitate to change them if they are ruined or damaged. 

If your wheels and casters are not entirely damaged but do not provide a smooth roll and make noise, you can apply some silicone spray on them.

I highly recommend you to use casters with roller-blade style wheels because they roll gently without making any sound. Moreover, these rolls softly on the flooring without causing any kind of damages. 

Rollerblade caster wheels currently cost only $36. Check out my favorite Roller-Blade-Style wheels just by clicking here on Amazon.  

5. When The Screws & Bolts Are Loosened, Tighten It And Vice-Versa

When you see the screws and bolts are not tight or loose enough, take a screwdriver and fix it. If you do not fix it correctly, it can initiate sound. Moreover, different components will start rubbing against each other and make a sound. 

Two Bonus Tricks – Reducing The Sound Of Rolling Chairs 

1. Apply Lubricants

Applying some lubricants to the screws and bolts can help to minimize the sound. Just take a few drops of your preferred lubricant, and apply them to the definite areas. 

I like the All-Purpose Lubricant By 3 IN ONE as it is completely odorless and works great to minimize the sound. It currently costs only $14; check out this lubricant on Amazon just by clicking here.

2. Apply Oils

Different oils can also help you minimize the sound initiated from rolling chairs. Nonetheless, Olive oil can be the best cure in this case.  

Final Thoughts

Yes, Rolling Chairs can be both pleasure and trouble. Nevertheless, you can always take proper measures to minimize the sound made by Rolling Chairs. 

It is extremely necessary to check the Rolling Chairs frequently. Because of the extensive use of the Rolling Chair, the screws and bolts of the Rolling Chair can loosen, or dirt can get stacked, or the casters can get damaged.

Just by taking one or two simple steps, you can solve these issues. Moreover, Lubricants and oils can also help you minimize the sound initiated from the Rolling Chairs.

Meraj Jahan

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