How To Make A Chair More Comfortable (In 10 Easy Steps)

When you buy a chair, you might not always love the Chair as sometimes it may be uncomfortable to sit in. The main reason behind it is the Chair might lack many features. The secret is to add the features or make additional arrangements to make the Chair comfortable.

In order to make a Chair comfortable, follow these steps;

  1. Adjust The Seat Height
  2. Install A Footrest 
  3. Keep The Monitor To Your Eye Level
  4. Keep Your Arms Parallel To Your Desk
  5. Adjust The Lumbar Support
  6. Use Extra Seat Cushion
  7. Add Heated Massage Back Pillow
  8. Use Armrest Pads
  9. Add Mouse And Keyboard Wrist Pad
  10. Use an Adjustable Lap Desk Or Desk Converter

Many claim a chair needs to have ergonomic features to make the sitting arrangement comfortable, which by the way, is true. But, can you make a non-ergonomic Chair Comfortable? Yes, you can. There are various products available to make the Chair ergonomically fit.

In this article, I will be providing various tips to make your existing Chair comfortable by adding a few ergonomic features to it.

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What Is The Proper Way To Make A Chair Comfortable?

In order to make your Chair comfortable, you first need to identify the reason for the Chair being uncomfortable so that you can take the appropriate measures. 

So, what makes the Chair uncomfortable? The missing adjustments or the absence of some ergonomic feature (e.g., lumbar support, seat adjustments, etc.) can make the Chair uncomfortable. Even if the features are present, some of the chairs do not have a smooth mechanism, and such hassles can make the Chair uncomfortable as well. 

Some of the common reason behind the uncomfortable Chair is:

  1. The Chairs’ seat height is not proportionate to your height
  2. You cannot properly relax your foot.
  3. You need to look downward for a long time while working, which initiates neck pain
  4. You easily slouch forward and create a C-curve.
  5. No proper place to rest your arm while working.
  6. Your posture does not stay in the optimal position. 
  7. The seat has too plush or too hard cushioning
  8. The constant rubbing of the hand with the desk while typing initiates pain.
  9. Experience back pain after a few hours of sitting.
  10. Unsmooth mechanisms of the adjustments.

I can assure you that each Chair does not miss all these features; however, more than two features can be missed out.

After identifying the actual problem, you can take the necessary steps to minimize the faults of the Chair and turn it into a comfortable chair. 

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Step By Step Process To Make Your Existing Chair Comfortable:

Step 1: Adjust The Seat Height

When you use a chair not proportionate to your height, you need to adjust the height accordingly. Remember, when you sit in a chair, you need to rest your feet flat on the floor.

Keeping the legs crossed or keeping one leg over another is not advised.

It will initiate pain and muscle strains; as a result, sitting for a longer period will not be possible. So, taking action as early as possible is recommended.

Firstly, you can use the lever underneath the Chair’s seat to move the seat up & down by keeping your feet flat on the floor. Remember, the knees and hips stay at the same level.

Then again, when the seat height is not adjusted properly, you will most likely face problems with the lumbar support and the headrest, as they will not be in perfect position. So, Check out our Seat height calculator in this article.

Step 2: Install A Footrest 

Even after adjusting the chairs’ seat height, you might find your feet still do not touch the ground. At that time, you can use a stool or a footrest to make proper arrangements.

You can find an adjustable footrest that will help you keep the feet at the right angle and height.

Moreover, some of them come with massaging options that will simply make your day with the perfect massage. 

Although adjustable footrests are good for blood circulation, they can be pretty expensive. Well, there is another option available; a footrest pillow.

A footrest pillow will give your feet a comfy environment with its resilient foam. 

It is way cheaper than the adjustable one and keeps your feet nice and comfortable. 

Step 3: Keep The Monitor To Your Eye Level

When you work on your computer all day long keeping your head tilted, you will feel extreme pain you’re your neck and shoulder. Moreover, it might hamper your natural posture by curving your spine.

That is why the experts suggest keeping your laptop or computer’s monitor at eye level.

It will make sure you look at the monitor by keeping your head straight. You can use a height-adjustable external monitor or laptop stand.

I faced neck and shoulder pain in the past as I had to bend my neck down to see the screen. Fixing the issue is very easy, just adjust the monitor height.

Step 4: Keep Your Arms Parallel To Your Desk

By nature, the desk stays parallel to the floor, and you should keep your hand parallel to that.

Keeping your arms parallel to the desk means you can simply rest your hand flat on the desk, or adjust the armrests’ height matched to the desk, and rest the arms there. 

Even when you do typing or work on the laptop, you should keep an external keyboard and the mouse on the desk.

Step 5: Adjust The Lumbar Support

Proper lumbar support is crucial when you need to spend a lot of time sitting. Without proper lumbar support, you will never be able to sit comfortably in the Chair. 

Most of the Chair comes with adjustable lumbar support so that you can adjust it as per your need. On the other hand, some of the Chairs do not have any kind of lumbar support present in the Chair. 

Nonetheless, you can always install an additional lumbar pillow to make it comfortable. Such portable lumbar pillows can be carried to different places and used in different chairs. 

Step 6: Use Extra Seat Cushion

Sometimes the seat padding is pretty hard, making the sitting arrangement uncomfortable.

Moreover, you will not be able to sit in such a chair for a longer period of time. It is because you will start experiencing body aches. 

At that time, you can buy a seat cushion and place it on top of the existing seat. Tada! A comfortable seat padding is ready.

To make it more attractive and unnoticeable, you can make a DIY fabric cover at home for it.

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Step 7: Add Heated Massage Back Pillow

Heated Massage Back Pillow is something that will make you forget all your tension and relax your back muscles. It will also help you ease the pain and increase blood circulation. 

Moreover, it is not as costly as it seems. You can buy a good quality Heated Back Massage Pillow at less than 50 bucks.

Check out my favorite heated massage back pillow by clicking here. The best part is, it is portable, and you can carry it along with you.

Step 8: Use Armrest Pads

Why make your beautiful elbows suffer from the hard and non-padded armrests when you can find detachable armrest pads?

But two armrest pads padded with memory foam to give your arms a comfy place to rest while working. It will not ever cost you $20 but will give the utmost comfort to your arms.

Step 9: Add Mouse And Keyboard Wrist Pad

I know how continued typing can hurt your wrists. That is why I use a memory foam keyboard and mouse wrist pad.

They simply relieve the unbearable pain and tension from hours of typing on a computer. 

So, if you are someone like me who has to type at the computer all day, consider buying a keyboard pad. It will help you a lot, trust me.

Step 10: Use an Adjustable Lap Desk Or Desk Converter

An adjustable lap desk or desk converter gives you the privilege to place your monitor at the same height as your eye. Moreover, the desk converters also allow you to work on your laptop while standing.

Taking a short break from a sitting position to go for a walk or stand for a while can be helpful to minimize body pain and fatigue.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes replacing the existing Chair to buy a new comfortable one can be expensive. But you can always spend a few bucks and buy some additional products at a low price to upgrade the existing Chair.

Never hesitate to make some necessary changes to make the chair comfortable.

A sedentary lifestyle can initiate various health issues; as a result, you need to be careful enough to maintain good posture and ensure comfortable sitting arrangements. 

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