How to Keep Good Posture While Gaming? (12 Tips to Follow)

Maintaining a good posture is mandatory because of the number of hours a gamer spends sitting behind the chairs. Bad posture invites injuries and body pain.

But did you know, in a study on Back Pain Facts and Statistics by J Hartvigsen, the majority of people dealing with back pain due to bad posture can recover from the pain? Nevertheless, if proper measures are not implemented soon, chronic disease or untreatable diseases can occur, eventually ending a gamers career.  

Therefore, How do you keep good posture while gaming? To maintain a good posture while gaming, you should keep your back uptight, and your feet should rest on the floor. The chair height, desk, and armrest should also be adjusted accordingly.   

If you are concerned about your sitting posture while gaming or not sure how & where to sit while e-sporting, this article is specially written for you. You will also find scientifically proven facts to maintain a good posture while playing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Happy Reading!

Keep Good Posture While Gaming By Making the Following Adjustments:

Sitting biomechanics suggests the following configuration to improve the gaming experience while reducing disc pressure and enhance lumbar lordosis. You will need a gaming chair with adjustable ergonomic features to get this configuration.

  • Recline the backrest of your gaming chair to 110 – 130 degrees
  • Add a lumbar support pillow to ensure better lower back support.
  • Make sure the armrests of your gaming chair are set to optimal height.
  • Make sure your gaming chair has better tilt-mechanism. This feature will offer better comfort when you recline your chair. Most gaming chairs offer sophisticated knee-tilt mechanisms. 

How Does A Poor Posture While Gaming Hamper Your Health?

Studies have shown poor posture can cause severe damage to your mental and physical wellbeing. Trust me, after reading this; you will encourage yourself to maintain a good posture afterward.

How Does A Poor Posture While Gaming Hamper Your Health

Bad posture doesn’t only affect your health, but it can also interfere with your promising career. Therefore, I suggest you take action before it is too late.

Check out what short-term and long-term problems a bad poster can cause:

1. Postural Disorder:

Poor sitting arrangements can cause postural disorders. To state a few, Muscle hypertonicity, Back Pain, Trigger Points, Musculoskeletal Complaints, Joint Fixation, and Other Body Injuries are the most common ones. Now, let us know about each of them,

Muscle hypertonicity:

Muscle hypertonicity is an increased resting tone where the muscle starts and continues until the muscles feel tight. 

You can feel the difference between this tightening muscle and the relaxed muscle using your hand. 

These contractions occur unconsciously and cause medium-sever pain. 

Back Pain

Many studies have shown that back pain has scored the number one common problem for e-sport gamers caused by poor posture. Anybody will agree that back pain is a nightmare for us. 

When you suffer from back pain, you will agree that you won’t feel like sitting, standing, or lying, which is constant torture. Back pain can also initiate further complications. 

Trigger Points Can Be Affected 

After spending hours sitting in a single position, you will find that your muscles are stuck in a bad posture. 

You will feel severe pain wherever you try to move from that position. It puts a lot of pressure on trigger points and causes problems. 

Musculoskeletal Complaints:

Musculoskeletal complaints are common among gamers. Spending longer hours sitting can cause trauma, which can further cause the ligaments of lumbar spine’s joint capsules to injure. Sometimes you might find it harder to stand from a sitting position. 

Joint Fixation

Joint Fixation is one of the most common health issues seen among gamers, which is mainly caused due to poor posture. So, being an aspiring e-sport gamer, you should be aware of this. 

The joint capsule can initiate spasming or become hypertonic. It will cause pain and limit your movement and motion. You won’t feel the joint fixation effect on your lower back, but it can occur in your neck, shoulder, and hips.

The vicious cycle then continues, as this worsens the joint Fixation. These issues don’t just apply to your lower back, but you can also experience these problems in your neck, shoulders, and hips.

Other Body Injuries

Some of our body injuries can be invisible to our normal eyes. For example, chronic bony change and bone spurs can potentially develop due to continuous sitting positions.

Although such body injuries are not that common, they can cause severe damage to the joints. 

2. Overuse Imbalance Aliments:

Growing usage of smartphones, tablets, and laptops increases the number of people with overstrained muscles. 

Esports gamers are prone to overuse injuries due to the repetitiveness of their actions and the length of time they spend practicing playing computer games while sitting in a poor or imperfect posture. 

Check out a few overuse imbalance ailments caused by bad posture;

Computer Elbow or Mouse Elbow

Mouse Elbow, or (medically known as) lateral epicondylitis, is caused by repetitively gripping and squeezing an object. It controls your ability to release your fist, and moving your fingers will be difficult.  

Mouse Shoulder  

Just like mouse elbow, mouse shoulder is the imbalance that causes tendinopathy and disrupts the tendon fiber orientation. 

It can be excruciating and can develop in the central tendon attached to the bicep muscles, which leads to elbow and shoulder flexion. 


Thumbs of the e-sport players can be affected both in console gaming and PC gamers. It causes difficulties to pull the thumb away from the hand and palm. 

The medical term for it is tenosynovitis. In serious cases, surgery might be the only solution. 

Medial Epicondylitis

It is seen among console gamers suffering from Medial Epicondylitis. It mainly affects the wrist and fingers as it develops in the flexor tendons of the forearm. 

Using your wrists and fingers is a vital part of gaming and can have a negative impact on esport gamers’ careers. 

3. Nerve Impingement Syndromes:

Poor gaming posture is not constrained to bone or muscles related problems but can also pressurize your nerves.  

Some of the common neural syndromes are, 

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 

The impingement on the nerves situated in the middle of your collar bone and your ribs between your neck and shoulder joints is known as a thoracic outlet syndrome. 

Slouching or leaning forward too far will only exacerbate this problem for gamers.

Pinched nerves 

cause periodical numbness, constant pain, and you might feel pins and needles running up and down your limbs. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Most gamers end up suffering from this due to poor body posture. This can cause the median nerve to experience pain due to inflammation.

Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome

It causes pain patterns that occur after the piriformis hip muscle irritates the sciatic nerve. It is due to prolonged sitting; nonetheless, it can be amplified by incorrect posture. 

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

The console gamers suffer from this because of the use of a controller. This results in the ulnar nerve becoming irritated or inflamed.

12 Tips To Keep A Good Posture While Gaming:

Gamers spend sheer time in a seated position, so it is mandatory to maintain a good posture. Do not worry about how and where to sit while gaming; I am here to give you a complete guideline. 

1. Set A Training Schedule:

Setting a training schedule is a better way to adopt a good posture to avoid injuries and won’t affect your body & health even after spending several hours of continuous gaming. 

E-gamers follow regular training to maintain fitness, improve performance and adopt the best posture while sitting. 

During a certain training period, the professional e-gamers train themselves to grab a posture that will benefit their health. 

2. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise is mandatory to strengthen your body so that you can stay fit and avoid any deadly injuries that might ruin your career. 

It also helps to relax your muscles and release tension & pain. I suggest you schedule a fixed time to work out. It will help you minimize the problem related to your body and muscles.

Additionally, I would suggest you seek professional help to figure out the perfect exercise that will help reduce the effect of a long-time sitting position.   

3. Take Short Breaks:

Never sit in a gaming chair for a long time. Take breaks amidst the game and stretch your body. While taking a short break, shake your hands and legs to get back to the neutral position. 

4. Hire a Personal Trainer:

If possible, hire a personal trainer who will maintain your daily exercise schedule and take care of all other things that might cause sitting in a poor posture. 

A professional trainer can give you a complete guideline to follow; as a result, you will be able to reduce the unwanted impact caused by poor posture.

They will also ensure you are sitting in a recommended influential position. However, sometimes it can be expensive.

Well, in that case, you can watch the Livestream by Twitch, where you will find a series called ‘Heroes of Fitness,’ where a couple (Tim Spencer and Nicole Du Cane) share their experience. 

5. Use an Ergonomic Gaming Chair:

Most gamers use ordinary gaming chairs which give them gaming vibes but those gaming chairs don’t have many ergonomic features and they cause several health issues in the long run.

Some high-end gaming chairs out there take ergonomics and adjustability quite seriously. 

For instance, the NobleChairs ICON gaming chair is the perfect blend of ergonomic functionality, adjustability, and robust design that it’s much better suited for you than top-rated gaming chairs. 

It’s also the most aesthetically pleasing chair that I have ever seen which you can use for both gaming and sitting. A lot of professionals use this chair and I believe you will love it too. This chair costs around $429, check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

I suggest you buy this ergonomic gaming chair. It will hold your posture correctly and provide you with the ultimate comfort because of its good ergonomics. 

In my experience, the NobleChairs ICON gaming chair is the most comfortable gaming chair that comes with various ergonomic features. You can use the chair for versatile purposes such as computer gaming, watch shows, work, or even take a rest.  

6. Tips For Upper Body:

Although it can be challenging to maintain a straight posture for an extended period of time, I suggest you start doing it. As time flows, you will see this habit grow in you, and it will become your natural posture.

If you feel trouble adjusting, remind yourself about the trouble you might face if a proper posture is not maintained. 

It is wise to use a chair with a headrest and neck rest while playing an e-game; it will hold your posture and reduce the risk of neck pain and headaches.

Try not to shrug or round your shoulders; instead, pull your shoulders downward and back towards each other. Finally, rest your upper body on the backrest of the chair. 

7. Tips For Armrests:

Continuous playing can cause severe pain to your arm. Set your armrest in height so that your elbows are bent roughly at a 90-degree angle. Remember to rest the arm on the armrest and make sure they are resting correctly without any discomfort. 

8. Tips For Backrest:

Most of the gaming chairs come with a reclining option where you can tilt the back up to 110-degrees.  

Keep your lower back perfectly pressed against the ergonomic chair, and sit upright or set a reclining position that will take off the pressure from the discs situated in your back.

9. Tips For Hips & Thighs:

Your sitting position should ensure your hips are placed all the way back in the chair so that your backrest is perfectly on the back of the chair.

Then you will notice your thighs are placed flat on the chair. It is recommended not to sit crossing your legs as it can cause serious damage in the long run. 

10. Monitor Position:

Your computer’s monitor should be placed in a position so that the distance between the monitor & your face is equal to the size of the screen.

However, the thumbnail keeps a minimum of 20 inches distance between the monitor & your face.

The top one-fourth portion of your monitor should be level with your eyes. You can also tilt the monitor according to your preference. 

11. Chair Height:

Keeping your chair height at a certain size might let your feet freely dangle around, which is not preferable. 

Your feet should be comfortably resting on the floor. Maintain a 90-degree angle between your knee and your hips, and also place both the feet flat on the floor below. 

12. Desk Position:

The height of the desk should leave enough space so that you can keep your thigh relaxed and your forearms rest parallelly with the floor. 

Keeping your desk too high and working on it for a long time will initiate pain in your elbows and wrist. You will also find it challenging to maintain all activities smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Adults or even teenagers, no matter your age, I suggest you maintain good posture whenever you sit for an extended period of time while gaming or working at your desk.

To minimize the harmful effects caused by poor posture, you should have the perfect ergonomic gaming chair and flow the provided tips provided above.  

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