How To Keep Chair Mat From Sliding On Hardwood Floors? (5 Easy Fix)

The continuous sliding of the chair mat on the carpet or hardwood floor is such a disturbing thing, isn’t it? Let’s be honest, you cannot concentrate on work, and the scariest part is that there is a high chance of accidents. Therefore, making the chair mat fixed in a particular place becomes mandatory. 

How to keep Chair Mat from sliding on Hardwood Floors? In order to keep the chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors, you can use double-sided tapes, rubber backers, grippers, or even buy the right chair mat to stick the chair mat. These solutions can be very easy and inexpensive if done in the right way.

In this article, you will get to know a wide variety of ways to stop the chair mat from sliding on your hardwood floors. Keep on reading, lots of exciting ways to prevent your chair mat from sliding effectively.

Why Use A Chair Mat On Hardwood Floors?

Chair mats are used to protect both the floors and the chairs. The situation can get worse if you have hardwood floors; extra protection and care are required.

Chair Mats come in handy when you need to protect your hardwood floors from the chairs’ legs or wheels. It covers the Hardwood Floor from getting scratched or gouged and increases the durability of the floor. 

The continuous movement of the chair with or without wheels can ruin your hardwood floors over time. As a result, using chair mats underneath the chair becomes mandatory. 

Then again, when you sit on a chair, you might keep moving your legs more often, and the shoes can get rough on your hardwood floor. The chair mat will work as a protector of your hardwood floors.

How Do You Keep Floor Mats From Sliding On Hardwood Floors?

1. Use Double-Sided Tape

One of the easiest and cheapest solutions is to attach a double-sided tape to your chair mat. It helps to hold the chair mat in a particular place. 

Don’t match the regular double-sided tape with the one used in the carpets and mats. You can easily find a double-sided tape that is used for chair mats at the nearest craft store, or you can simply order it from Amazon.


Cut the double-sided tape accordingly, preferably 5 inches. Now you can attach tapes to each corner of the chair mat. However, if it is a big chair mat, then I recommend you to attach tape at the middle point of each side of the chair mat. This will give extra protection. 

2. Use Rubber Backing

Using rubber backing underneath your chair mat will not grip the chair mat pretty well, but will stop the chair mat from slipping away easily. 


Just buy the rubber backing that will fit underneath your chair mat, or you can also resize it accordingly. Then, put it underneath the chair mat. 

3. Use Claw Backing Or Gripper

If you want something more practical, I suggest you use a claw backing or gripper. The gripper will do an excellent job in holding the chair mat in your preferred spot. 

The gripper also works perfectly on the carpet by preventing the mat from moving. You will get many different types of gripper or claw backing, but I suggest finding the best one in the market. Because if you don’t use an appropriate gripper, then it can damage your hardwood floors. 

You can check out this Anti-slip Gripper by AH3 Tape. There remain 12 pieces in one single packet, but the fantastic part is that these are reusable and easy to clean. 

It’s an inexpensive gripper costing only 14 bucks. You can check the latest price on Amazon.


Take the grippers and simply apply them like a sticker or tape. Just by attaching it to each corner of the chair mat, you can stop the chair mat from moving. 

4. Use Non-Slip Felt Pad 

Non-slip felt pad could effectively hold the chair mat in one place. You can easily resize the felt pad so that it fits well with the chair mat. Non-slip felt pads are considered one of the most effective ways to stop the chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors. 

You can check out this Non-slip Felt Pad by i frmmy; it is made using premium quality material and works excellently on hardwood floors. 

It won’t leave marks or stains on the hardwood floor, but you need to be careful to keep it dry because it will not give effective results on damp floors. 

I frmmy non-slip felt pad costs only 18 bucks. You can check the current price on Amazon by clicking here.


Check the size of the non-slip felt pad; if you think resizing it is necessary, take a scissor and cut it accordingly, and put it underneath your chair mat. Now see the magic of a non-slip felt pad by yourself. 

5. Use The Right Chair Mat

Maybe it is time to install a good-quality chair mat or buy a chair mat that has a gripping capability. You can use a thicker chair mat as it can create more friction and prevent slippage. 

You can buy a chair mat with small bits underneath it, as it will work like a gripper over your hardwood floors. But I recommend using carpets to provide maximum protection. 

If you would like to purchase a chair mat for your hardwood floor, I will highly recommend checking out the Sharewin Chair Mat. It has an anti-slip design that offers a strong grip without ruining your hardwood floor.

Currently, this chair mat costs about 30 bucks. You can check the most updated price on Amazon.

Are Chair Mats Bad For Hardwood Floors?

Chair mats’ sole purpose is to protect the hardwood floors and prevent them from any scratches caused by other materials. 

However, to be honest, Chair mats can damage your hardwood floor. Few of these damages can be unalterable. I can bet, since the replacing or fixing costs are high, you will not love to replace the hardwood floor.

How Can a Chair Mat Ruin Hardwood Floors?

There are few ways a chair mat will ruin your hardwood floors,

  • If the hardwood floor is properly cleaned and dirt or small hard particles get stuck between the chair mat and the hardwood floor, it can damage your favorite floors. 
  • When the chair mat becomes old, the continuous rubbing of the chair can hamper your chair mat, which can create holes in the chair mat. Even if the holes are small, these holes further attract dirt and let the chair damage your chair. 
  • Small chair mats can let the chair drift away from the chair mat. Then again, chair mats without lips do not cover the area underneath the table. As a result, when you move the chair, it can fall off the chair mat and pressurize the hardwood floor, causing damage. 

For this reason, many people suggest using chair mats with lips, so that the chair doesn’t slide away from the chair and the hardwood floor stays protected. For a clear idea, check this article on Chair Mat Lip vs. No Lip: What’s The Difference?

  • The continuous sliding of the chair mat can also hamper your hardwood floor and reduce its longevity. 

Related Questions

How To Stop Mats Moving On Carpet?

There are many ways to stop the chair mat from moving on a carpet. However, the convenient way is to use Non-Skid Underlays. It works effectively on a carpet, and the installation process is pretty straightforward. 

You must be wondering how a non-skid underlay is used? Well, you need to place a layer between the carpet and the mat. One layer of the non-skid underlay prevents the mat from moving across the carpet.

One side of this non-skid underlay is usually sticky, so make sure you place it in a proper place. 

Why Does My Chair Mat Keep Moving? 

Your chair mat keeps moving due the regular movement of the swivel chair or your walking in the same direction can make the carpet height unparalleled.

Then again, the chair mats can be slippery, and the gripper can be missing from the chair mat. Since the friction between the chair mat and the carpet stays missing, the chair mat can easily shift its place.  

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