How to get rid of Bed Bugs In The Office Chair?

Bed bugs ruining your perfect days? I know it’s quite irritating and a simple thing like that can leave a huge impact on your daily life and mental mood because we sit most of the time we work these days and office chairs or chairs in particular are our companions at the moment. 

So, how do you get rid of the BED BUGS from your Office Chair? You can get rid of the bed bugs instantly just by heating up the chair or the environment at 122°F or 50°C. But the process is not that simple as it sounds and it might take a while.

Having the experience ruined can cost you a lot! The simple experience of sitting down in peace while working is so essential to the work which we get to realize only when we’re not getting it anymore.

Getting rid of bed bugs from office chairs completely and permanently is not a fast and cheap task. So, keep reading this article as I am going to tell you exactly how you can get rid of bed bugs permanently. 

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs From Office Chair:

Can’t just go john wick on them because they’re pretty small. As I have noted Earlier, bed bugs and their eggs die instantly at 122°F or 50° C. Thus, simply speaking we can just heat up the chair or the environment to kill all the bed bugs just like that. 

But there’s more to it than only a quick fix as they spread very quickly and they are quite sneaky. They can live in tiny holes in our office chairs and it’ll be hard to find all the spots. 

Honestly speaking, just heating up the room to kill them isn’t a long lasting solution. We should know all the options and choose with our priorities and affordability. 

How Long Does It Usually Take?

It usually takes about a month to get rid of bed bugs completely. You might need 2-4 treatment sessions depending on how bad the infestation is. 

Trust me, it’s a long process. There’s no way around that. I wish I could tell you the opposite but it really does depend on how bad the infestation is and how long it’s been there. 

Heat treatment might make them go away sooner but it might come back as there’s no future protection.

Also, chemical treatment might take a while but it’s good for the future as it leaves residues that can prevent further infestation. In the case of an office chair, luckily it might take less than usual. 

But, asking an expert can always help with the specifications of the problem as they can measure the level of intensity and detail out the scenario.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs From Your Office Chair in 5 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Inspect The Area and The Chair:

Inspect the office area and also the office chair from top to bottom and identify the gaps where bed bugs might hide like drawers, cabinets.

You might think that inspecting only the chair is enough but trust me, you have to inspect the surrounding area as well if you want a permanent remedy.

Step 2: Check The Bottom Of The Office Chair:

To check the bottom of the chair, first turn the chair upside down.

If your chair is light you can do it by yourself but if your chair is bulky take the help of a friend and turn it upside down.

Now, all you have to do is check the bottom of your office chair carefully. 

Step 3: Check Your Chairs Backrest

Bed bugs often hide on the backrest of your office chair. So, check the backrest of the office chair carefully. 

Don’t forget the gaps and cracks of any place where a bug might fit in.

Step 4: Heat Up Your Room

Turn up the heat of the room from 135°F (57.2°C) to 145°F (62.7 °C) while being careful so that anything else doesn’t take damage.

Or else we can shower the chair with steam that’ll also kill all of the bed bugs.

Step 5: Check if all the Places are Covered

Lastly check and double check if you’ve covered all the places as even a small gap might bring the whole population back like the snap in the endgame.

What Attracts Bed Bugs to Office Chairs?

FYI bed bugs feed on warm-blooded creatures thus it’s natural that they’re attracted to us. To be exact, they are drawn in by our heat, the carbon dioxide we exhale and other biochemical signatures.

They’re called bed bugs mainly because they’re often found on/around our beds.

What kind of workplaces promote bed bugs in chairs? 

All workplaces can’t have bed bugs. For example, a car repair shop has no place for bed bugs as guys working over there don’t sit around that much, thus having no chance of getting bed bugs in their seats or chairs.

Some common areas bed bugs can be spotted:

  • Used clothes poses a risk of getting bedbug
  • Hospitals are a very livable place for bedbugs.
  • Your gym also could be insect infested
  • Even movie theaters can be bugs hot-spot
  • Bedbugs can also hide on flying vehicles like a plane or howls castle
  • The Coat closets, folds of curtains. in luggage, inside of footwear all are quite savvy for them.
  • Shared dresses and clothes can spread bed bugs.
  • Bed Bugs love college dorms.
  • Gaps and cracks in our home could allow bedbugs from other homes.
  • Bedbugs can even spread through vacuums! No kidding!
  • Electronics like our digital organ “phones†and headphones can also carry bed bugs.
  • Taking home a random book can also mean taking home a colony of bedbugs.
  • Common rooms and office lounges can bear bad news too.

Can You Get Bed Bugs From Sitting on Someone’s Office Chair?

Yes, that’s very possible to happen as they feed on human blood. So try to avoid public bus seats, movie theatre seats or any kind of chairs where a lot of people sit everyday. 

What is The Most Effective Bed Bug Killer?

A dedicated bed bug killer is always the most effective when it comes to killing bed bugs. I have found a decent and inexpensive one on amazon. It costs less than 20 bucks. You can check it on Amazon by clicking here.

Related Questions:

Why are bed bugs hard to get rid of?

Bedbugs are hard to get rid of because of mainly 2 reasons. They are pyrethroid (pesticide) resistant and they grow fast.

One female can lay about 113 eggs in her 1 year lifetime and their population can double in only 16 days.

Also their behaviour makes it hard to spot them as they lead a secretive life and they’re active at night. All these give them an upper hand.

Can bed bugs also infest an office?

Yes, bed bugs can infest an office if they are carried in bags, pockets or with other personal belongings by accident.

Offices can easily get infested by bed bugs if one or multiple employee’s home is infested by them. Even visitors can bring beg bugs with them unintentionally.

How do I know if my office chair has bed bugs?

The bottom of an office chair is probably one of the two most common areas that a chair will be infested.

They can also get underneath those tufts,holes on the gaps of fabric so you should check each and every crack or gap there is on the chair. The framework on the sides can also accommodate bedbugs.

What Do Bed Bugs Hate? 

Bed Bugs hate linalool which is a plant based product. It is commertially used to create pestisides.

Bed bugs, also hate scents of Citrus, vinegar and Garlic as well.

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