How to Draw an Office Chair? (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Drawing an Office Chair is very simple. It is as easy as gathering the required materials which are needed to draw the office chair and then following all of the steps so that it comes out to be exactly the way you pictured, and I plan to teach you just that!

To find out all of the details and see pictures of how to draw an Office Chair in 6 easy steps, keep reading!

1. Grab Drawing Utensils:

The essentials that you will need to draw your office chair will be an A4 size paper, a sharp pencil, an eraser, and a ruler. If you want, you can also color your office chair in the end if you want. But I did not use any colors. Instead, I went sketching with a pencil. If you want to color, that’s really cool. Grab color pencils for that. 

It’s not a good idea to draw an office chair with a pen. In case you make any mistake, you can erase and redraw a particular line. But if you draw with a pen and make a mistake in the middle, you might have to start over. 

A ruler is not a must. But if you want to make the lines super straight, then you will need one.

Also, remember to grab some paper. I recommend taking multiple pages if you are not an expert in drawing. This might take more than a few tries to make it entirely the way you want. I just want to say, it is entirely normal and acceptable to mess up in the drawing process.

But I hope you will make it on the first try if you follow my instructions carefully.

2. Draw the Base & Chair Cylinder:

To first start drawing an office chair, begin with three rectangles, one above another that forms the chair cylinder. The first rectangle on the top has a greater length and lower width. Draw the rest two rectangles under that one as shown in the above figure.

Then draw the Five legs. Drawing the legs is easy. You will need a ruler if you want to make them straight. For every leg, you will need to draw two lines. The two lines should have some distance between each other, as you can see in the above figure. 

Then there is a bend in the external side of each leg where we will draw wheels in the next step. For now, join the legs with the lower rectangle in the chair cylinder.  

3. Start Drawing the Wheels on the Base:

Now start adding wheels to the external side of each leg. I made the wheels with my free hand. That’s why they are not perfectly round. You can use small round objects or a compass if you want them to be perfectly round.

On top of every wheel, I have added a tapering wheel holder. Idk if I have said that right. But I hope you got it. You can add that to every wheel after you have drawn the wheels.

4. Draw The Chair Seat, Backrest & Add a Lever under the chair:

Now, after we are done with the base, let’s move to the upper part. Now draw the outline of the office chair seat and back.

The chair that I have drawn has a unified seat and backrest. So, just draw an outline of the seat and backrest, as shown in the figure.

Ohh! Don’t forget to join the chair cylinder with the upper body of the chair. You can join it the way I did. Also, draw a lever that you can see under the chair seat. This is the lever that is used to adjust seat height. Now, let’s go to the next step.

5. Draw the Armrests:

After you are done with the previous step, it’s time to draw armrests on either side of the office chair. You can skip the addition of an armrest if you like. But I recommend adding this as most office chairs have armrests these days.

To draw an arm, you have to draw two bent lines and join one side with the chair seat and the other side with the backrest. Similarly, draw another arm on the other side. Try to make the two arms of the chair symmetrical.

6. Add Details!

Now, after you are done with drawing arms, let’s start adding details to our office chair.

Let’s start with the easier part. As you can see, I have drawn some lines on the backrest. These lines are supposed to be the ventilators to ensure airflow from the back.

I made nine lines. You can increase the number of these lines as per your choice. You might have noticed that the backrest is not straight. So you have to match the alignment of those lines with the bent of the back, as you can see in the above figure.

Then let’s add details to the arms. Office chairs contain foam padding on them. I have sketched arm pads on them with a pencil. You can add any color on the arm pads according to your choice if you want to add colors.

Now, After you are done with arms. Sketch or color the front end of the seat and the whole bottom part. After you are done with that, add some likes on the chair’s base to add more details.

That all the drawing of our office chair is done. Now just give it a final touch to enhance the beauty of it.

Tips and Tricks:

This Office Chair that we have drawn is a basic and common Office Chair. It’s something that anyone would be able to recognize easily. If you are looking for a drawing specific to the model of office chair you have, then there are few things you can do.

Something else that may be helpful, and even make your office chair unique, is print out a different office chair and trace it! This is a great thing to do if you are just a beginner. Tracing an Office Chair that you want to draw or replicate is an easy way to make your own drawing of an office chair.

So, if you want to draw a specific model of an office chair, just find it and trace it. Or, you can also practice the generic office chair that we have drawn together, freehand your favorite model of an office chair. Have the picture pulled up or printed out.

Practice tracing over your office chair multiple times. You will get the hang of what parts are more difficult to draw for you or what parts you want to change so that it’s either bigger or unique or better than other drawings you have seen or drawn by others.

The perk about drawing an office chair is you can add or take away whatever you want to make it a completely unique office chair. There are a lot of chair types or designs to consider. 

If you are just a beginner and are struggling with drawing an office chair, print out our drawing and trace it to draw it smoothly.

I have found a good A4 Size tracing paper on Amazon. It costs less than 10 bucks. You can check it out on amazon here.

May all of your Office Chair drawings go well!

Finished Office Chair PDF Download

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