How To Clean Mesh Chairs – 8 Simple Steps To Follow

Mesh Chairs not only provide great support in holding your body but also provide blissful comfort with the breathable filtering quality. However, cleaning the mesh chair can be troublesome; for instance, a few people do not know how to clean the mesh chair properly.

Follow the following steps to clean your Mesh Chair;

  1. Vacuum The Chair With A Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Clean The Chair With A Rag
  3. Take Off The ‘Unremovable Dirt’
  4. Clean The Main Part Of The Chair
  5. Take Off The Dirt From The Accessories
  6. Let The Chair Air dry
  7. Clean The Surrounding Area Of The Chair
  8. Keep The Chair Clean Afterwards

In this article, along with the complete cleaning procedure of Mesh Chair, I will be providing various information on keeping the Mesh Chair uptight. Lastly, I will be mentioning the notable issues regarding Mesh Chairs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let us get started.

What Is The Procedure Of Cleaning A Mesh Chair? 

Cleaning a Mesh Chair is a very easy task to accomplish. However, you need to be careful because a small mistake can cost you a lot. 

So first, you need to gather the things you need for the whole process. 

Required Materials:

  • Vacuum Cleaner: You will need a vacuum cleaner to effectively clean the mesh of your chair, as dirt can easily pass through the mesh fabric. I have found an inexpensive and good-quality vacuum cleaner on Amazon. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here
  • Microfiber Cloth: Microfiber cloth is more capable of cleaning smudged dirt, stains, and grease from your chair; that’s why it’s necessary. Check out my favorite microfiber cloth on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Mild Liquid Soap: Mild liquid soap will not harm the color of the fabric. Don’t use strong soap on your beautiful chair.
  • Disinfectant: A disinfectant will reduce the number of germs and bacteria from the mesh fabric that you have been using for a long time. 
  • Rag: Make sure the rag is clean and free from any sort of dirt and debris.
  • Stain Remover: A stain remover will only be necessary if there are any tough stains that can not be removed by soap alone. Check out my recommended fabric stain remover here.

Step 1 – Vacuum The Chair With A Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is the best way to suck off all the unwanted dirt and debris from the chair. The tiny holes in the mesh chair are the source of the airflow, and these holes are filled with unwanted dust.

Attach the vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment and then lightly run this through the chair. This step will pull any kind of unnecessary dirt and residue from the chair. 

Sometimes the food crumbs can get stacked in the small holes of the mesh chair. The vacuum cleaner will also take away all this unwanted dirt. Remember to take the vacuum cleaner all over the chair. 

Step 2 – Clean The Chair With A Rag

The next step includes cleaning the chair using a rag. The rag will help you to clean the stubborn dirt from the chair. 

But first, you need to mix some liquid soap with lukewarm water and mix it properly. Remember to take a mild liquid soap because strong soaps can take away the beautiful color of the chair. Then again, it will also leave a bad impact on the stitches. 

So, once you have mixed the soap and water, dip the rag into it. Squeeze out the residual water from the rag and then start gently wiping off the chair’s part.

Please note that sometimes the manufacturers leave some instructions when they mention a few areas where you cannot use water. 

That is, you need to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and note down the forbidden thing so that you can avoid those. 

Tip: Never skip ‘spot test.’ Always use the products that you want to use on the chair in a concealed area so that you can know how the chair will react when the product is applied.  

Step 3 – Take Off The ‘Unremovable Dirt’

There will be some stains that will not come off easily, such as coffee or ink stains. Well, these stains are tough to be cleaned and will not come off easily. 

In such a case, you can use stain remover or other home remedies to get off the stubborn stain. 

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However, no matter how to assure you are doing the spot testing first, just to be on the safe side. Take a small portion of the stain remover or the remedy. Then apply it to a hidden area.

Each stain remover comes with a different procedure, and I would recommend you to read the full instruction and then follow it strictly. Remember to be gentle while applying the products.

Step 4 – Clean The Main Part Of The Chair

The main part of the chair is very critical to clean because a small mistake can cause a big accident. As stated earlier, follow up the chair’s instructions and do accordingly.

You can use high-quality disinfectant to clean the main body of the chair. After doing the spot test, if you see the disinfectant is safe for your mesh chair, you need to spray it accordingly and clean the chair.

You can add the disinfectant with the soap and water mixture to make it more effective. There will be some areas where your hand might not get in when you can use Q-tips or add microfiber cloths with a stick then use it to clean those areas. 

Step 5 – Take Off The Dirt From The Accessories

Now, it is time to remove the dirt from the other parts of the chair. A chair can have a headrest, armrests, base, and wheels attached to it. 

You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the headrest and the armrests. The other parts can be cleaned using the soap mixture using a microfiber cloth. 

Step 6 – Let The Chair Airdry

After the cleaning process is completed, you will notice that most of the chair’s parts, for example, the seat, backrest, or headrest is wet. So, you need to spare some time and let the chair airdry.

Tip: Never use any kind of drier on your chair as it might destroy the natural color and the stitches of the chair. 

Step 7 – Clean The Surrounding Area Of The Chair

After you have cleaned the entire chair, now it is time to clean your workplace. Let me tell you, if you clean the chair but not the surrounding area, then the dirt will never leave you. 

I recommend you to utilize the time when the chair needs to be airdried to clean your workspace. Make sure to take off the carpet or Chair mat, if you have any, and clean the underneath area.  

Step 8 – Keep The Chair Clean Afterwards

Cleaning the chair, the hard part is done. What a relief, isn’t it? 

No, the hard part is to keep the chair clean for a long period of time. So, once a week, try to remove all the dirt or dust using a vacuum cleaner and a microfiber cloth for the other parts. 

Stay clean and keep the work area clean. If you are a terrible eater who leaves crumbs everywhere, then my suggestion would be not to eat while you are working on your workspace.

Tips To Maintain Your Mesh Chair

  1. Refrain from eating at your desk and be careful while drinking coffee or tea at your desk.
  2. Clean your chair using a vacuum cleaner every once a week or thrice a month. 
  3. Never rub the mesh part of the chair harshly.
  4. Use mild liquid soap on the mesh material, and if possible, mix it with lukewarm water. 
  5. Always read the instructions manual that comes with the chair packaging before using any product in the chair. 

Problems Of Using Mesh Chair

  1. Mesh materials can be harsh to your skin. Although high-quality Mesh is smoother and soft, low-quality mesh chairs can be hard on your skin. 
  2. After a long time of use, Mesh can get sag, and the siting can be irritating. 
  3. Sometimes the mesh material leads to poor blood circulation and causes body pain. 
  4. In cold places, the constant airflow of the breathable mesh seat and backrest might be an undesirable thing. 
  5. Mesh materials contain numerous small holes which can attract dirt more than you can imagine.  

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