How to Clean and Condition Leather Furniture Naturally?

All leather products are sensitive and require dedicated maintenance. Then again, when it comes to leather furniture, extensive use can cause damage and reduce durability. As a result, you need to be gentle and extra careful while cleaning your leather furniture. 

How to Clean and Condition Leather Furniture Naturally? There are various natural remedies like baking soda, vinegar, etc. that will help you to clean your leather furniture naturally. The application of mild oils can moisturize your leather furniture. However, you need to be extremely careful. 

If you are facing trouble keeping your leather furniture uptight, you have come to the right place. This article will provide you all the necessary information about how to use natural products to clean and condition your leather furniture. 

Things You Need To Do Before Starting Your Cleaning Process

  • It is crucial to wipe off the dirt and other debris from the leather furniture so that the pores get unclogged and will allow cleaning products to be deep clean the fabric. 
  • It is highly recommended to clean the leather furniture using a soft & damp microfiber cloth. 
  • Know the type of leather. Apply any home remedies on finished leather, as it will have a protective coating and it will not completely be absorbing the cleaning products.

(Finished Leather – Has a protective coating that resists liquid substances from being absorbed. 

Unfinished Leather – The protective coating that resists liquid substances from being absorbed is absent.)

  • Always rub the entire surface area of the furniture in a circular motion. Don’t miss out on the edges of the upholstery.
  • Let the leather surface air-dry, do not use any artificial drier, such as a hair drier. 
  • Never let any leather care products leave on the surface or on the edges of the leather furniture. 
  • Always use a fresh dampened microfiber cloth to remove all the leftover products. Residue can do serious harm to your leather products. 
  • No matter what happens, always do a spot test, just to make sure the leather cleaner won’t ruin your leather furniture. 

(Spot Test – Spot an area that usually stays concealed and applies the leather care products only on that area to see how it reacts to the leather). 

Natural Products That Can Be Used To Clean Your Leather Furniture

You can find various natural leather products just a step away, in the kitchen or in the midst of makeup products. 

Before moving into details, let me provide you a list of natural leather cleaning products;

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar

Rubbing Alcohol On Leather Furniture

Rubbing Alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) can be used to regularly clean your leather furniture.

As Isopropyl alcohol is a powerful cleaning agent, you need to be extremely conscious of applying it to your leather furniture. 

After the cleaning process, don’t forget to apply leather moisturizer or oils. It will resist the leather from drying out and leave a protective coating on the surface.


Take a fresh white microfiber cloth and dip it into rubbing alcohol. Squeeze out any extra product, then gently wipe off the surface of the leather furniture. 

You will notice the color is getting darker; no need to worry; it will get back to its natural color once it dries out. Once the ink is removed, end the procedure by applying a leather conditioner.

Baking Soda On Leather Furniture

Baking Soda (also known as Sodium Bicarbonate) is an excellent leather cleaner. Its pH level is suitable for leather materials which is why it is used to remove any stain or dirt from the leather furniture.

However, if not properly used, it can ruin your perfect couch. The residue of baking soda is extremely harmful to leather goods.


After taking the initial preparations, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda and make a thin layer on the surface.

Leave it for 30 minutes but not more than 60 minutes. Overusing baking soda can initiate chemical reactions that, in turn, will hamper the leather.

Then, use a vacuum cleaner to pull out all the baking soda from the surface; you can also use a soft dry cloth.

For more detailed information, check out this article on Can you clean leather furniture with baking soda?

Vinegar On Leather Furniture

Vinegar can be used to clean leather furniture; it contains effective cleaning properties. I would recommend not to use vinegar directly on your couch. 

Vinegar can be used after combining with oils or water to clean leather furniture. In such cases, you need to be careful making the mixture, or it can ruin your leather. Properly measure the products. 


  1. Vinegar & Olive Oil ¼ cups of white vinegar & ½ Cup of olive oil.
  2. Vinegar & Water 1/5 cups of white vinegar & 4/5 Cups of water. 

Use any of the mixtures from above. After properly mixing it, put it in a spray bottle and use a small amount.

Vinegar can dry off your leather. For the leather furniture to hold its moisture and soften the fabric, always use a leather conditioner afterward.

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Natural Products That Can Be Used To Condition Your Leather Furniture

You can use mild oils to condition your leather products. Coconut oil and baby oil are the most productive ones to use.

Coconut Oil On Leather Furniture

Coconut oil is a great conditioner for leather materials. But during the winter season, the oil needs to be heated up before the application. 

It helps to darken the color of leather goods. One of the drawbacks of using coconut oil is, leather furniture doesn’t absorb coconut oil. This, in turn, leaves a sticky texture that easily attracts dirt. 


Take a microfiber cloth (white color preferred) and apply a little portion of coconut oil all over the surface.

Slowly rub the oil using a circular motion. After letting it sit for 10 minutes, use a fresh cloth to wipe off the excess.

Baby Oil On Leather Furniture

Baby oil contains a greater portion of mineral oils, usually about 98% mineral oil. Mineral oil is a highly purified liquid that is good for moisturizing and hydrating; as a result, it can be used as a natural leather cleaner. 

It is a non-toxic and inexpensive product that has a long-lasting effect on leather products. 


Take a microfiber cloth (white color preferred) and apply a little portion of baby oil all over the surface.

Slowly rub the oil using a circular motion. Let it air-dry for almost 1 – 2 hours, use a fresh cloth to wipe off the excess oil.

To know more about the application of Baby Oil on leather goods, read this article on Can you use baby oil on leather furniture?

Is Vaseline Good For Leather?

It is always advised not to use petroleum-based products (or Vaseline) on leather products. Vaseline can break the fiber in the leather, ruining its quality.

Even though Vaseline provides temporary waterproof capability, it will eventually, weakening the stitching in the leather product.

As a result, I strongly recommend you avoid using Vaseline on leather furniture. 

Related Questions

Can I Use Washing Up Liquid To Clean My Leather Sofa?

Well, when it comes to cleaning a leather sofa using washing liquid, it can give different results depending on your leather type and quality. 

Even if you see washing liquid is working great on a leather material, it might not give accurate results on another leather product.

Always remember to do a spot test and apply liquid products only in finished leather furniture.

Can You Use Baby Wipes To Clean Leather Sofa?

You might think baby wipes are manufactured especially for kids, so there will be no harm in using them on your favorite leather couch.  

Well, you are mistaken! Actually, you’re the opposite, as baby wipes can break down leather’s protective layer. This will absorb more dirt and surprisingly absorb colors from your clothing.

That is, using Baby Wipes on leather furniture will completely destroy the appearance of your leather furniture.

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