How To Clean An Office Chair Mat? (In 4 Easy Steps)

Chair Mats can be helpful in various ways like providing a smooth surface for the chairs to roll, increasing productivity, reducing fatigue and strain, and many more. As a result, installing Chair Mats becomes extremely mandatory.

Moreover, Chair Mats go through a lot of wear and tear, which is why they need proper cleaning and maintenance. If not appropriately cleaned, you might end up damaging your Chair Mat. 

Here’s a Step by Step Process of Cleaning an Office Chair Mats:

  • Step 1 – Gather All The Necessary Things
  • Step 2 – Take The Chair Mat Out And Rub Off the Dirt
  • Step 3 – Application Of The Cleaner
  • Step 4 – The Final Setup – Wash up

However, you need to keep in mind, in order to clean the Office Chair Mat, you need to follow a specific procedure; along with it, you need a different cleaner for each material.

In this article, you find appropriate ways to clean a different kind of Office Chair Mats. Moreover, I will be sharing various tips on keeping your Chair Mat uptight. 

How To Properly Clean My Office Chair Mat? – The Easiest Way

Yeah, there is no doubt that the Chair Mat goes through a lot of wear and tear, which is why you need to follow a proper maintenance process. 

Not keeping your Chair Mat and the workplace clean can cause severe damage to the Chair Mat and reduce its longevity. 

Let me share the Step by Step process of cleaning your Chair Mat. Remember, this process is applicable for cleaning plastic Chair Mats or similar kinds

Check out the Easiest Chair Mat Cleaning Process:

Step 1 – Gather All The Necessary Things

In the beginning, you need to gather all the required things together to make the cleaning process smooth.

Things you need for the process:

  1. Dry Cloth Or Vacuum Cleaner: When it comes to Plastic Chair Mats, you can use a vacuum cleaner as it will not harm the Chair Mat. However, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can skip using it. Instead of a vacuum cleaner, you can use a dry cloth. Nonetheless, using a vacuum cleaner will provide effective and effortless results. 
  1. Liquid Soap Or Chair Mat Cleaner: Using a good quality Chair Mat Cleaner will help not only to get the dirt off but also protect it from any kind of damages. Check out my recommended chair mat cleaner on Amazon by clicking here. 
  1. Brush (Optional): The brush is required only to get rid of the stubborn dirt or stains. If your Chair Mat does not have such stubborn dirt, then you can skip using the Brush.
  1. Clean Cloth: The fresh cloth will help you take off the dirt or even the liquid substances. Never use a cloth which is already dirty. Moreover, it is recommended to use a colorless or white fresh cloth so that the pigments of the cloth do not spread all over the Chair Mat. 

Step 2 – Take The Chair Mat Out And Rub Off The Dirt

Now the first thing you need to do is, take the Chair Mat outside. Trust me, you do not want to ruin your work environment with dirt and water.

Then it would help if you took a clean white cloth in order to rub all over it. You need to wipe all the dirt from it. 

Step 3 – Application Of The Cleaner

Since all the removable dirt is wiped off, you need to apply the cleaner to clean the Chair Mat properly. Take another dry white cloth, then take a few drops of DP Detailing Products’ Chair Mat Cleaner on the cloth. 

Then start rubbing the product all over the Chair Mat; remember to apply the solution on both the front and backside of the Chair Mat. You will instantly notice the Chair Mat is getting cleaner as you rub it.

While using liquid soap, I recommend mixing it with some warm water and then dipping the fresh cloth in it. When the cloth gets soaked, rub it on the Chair Mat. It will provide almost the same result. 

If you still notice some dirt that is not coming off quickly, then take a few drops of the cleaner on a brush then rub the area in a circular motion. It will be more effective and less time-consuming. 

Tip – When the complexity of the format of your Chair Mat is higher, use a brush instead of a cloth. That is if there are designs engraved on your Chair Mat, use the brush, and avoid using a cloth. In such a case, the cloth will not provide better results; rather, you will be wasting your time. 

Step 4 – The Final Setup (Wash Up)

The final step requires two phases. Firstly, you need to take some water to take off all the foam and dirt produced by the cleaner. You can use a hand-shower or a 

Once it is properly washed up, then take a dry white cloth to wipe off all the wetness from the Chair Mat. 

Tada! You now have a cleaned Plastic Chair Mat or Plastic-type Chair Mat cleaned.

How Do You Clean A Rubber Chair Mat And A Vinyl Chair Mat?

When it comes to cleaning Rubber Chair Mats, the process is slightly different, and you need to use a different cleaning agent. 

First, gather the things you will need for the Cleaning process of Rubber Chair Mats. 

The items you will be needing are:

  • Chair Mat Cleaner: Use a dedicated Rubber and Vinyl Chair Mat cleaner for the best result. I have found a good cleaner that works really well on rubber and vinyl chair mats. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Brushes: Although a straightforward brush will do the job, using a different brush will help you clean the engraved designs of the Chair Mats.

Now let’s move on and know about the step by step process of cleaning the Office Chair Mats made of Rubber or Vinyl:

Step 1 – Cleaning The Chair Mat Using Water

You can either pour some water or use a hand shower to wash the Chair Mat. I recommend you to use a hand shower, as it will help to soften the stubborn dirt and take off the other ones without any effort. 

Step 2 – Application Of The Cleaner

Now spread a generous amount of the Chair Mat Cleaner and Protectant to the Chair Mat.

Spread it all over the Chair Mat, then take a brush and gently rub it all over the Mat. Take your time and brush each and every corner so that there remains no dirt attached to the Chair Mat. 

After cleaning one side, simply flip the Chair Mat and clean the other side of the Chair Mat, using the same process. 

Once you are done with the brushing then, wash the whole Chair Mat using the same hand shower. Make sure to take off all the dirt and soap foam. 

Step 3 – Finish Off The Cleaning Process

Now that the Rubber or Vinyl Chair Mat is appropriately cleaned, you can take a small white cloth to wipe off all the liquids. Or you can let it air dry.  

Final Thoughts

Chair Mats goes through heavy use all day long; as a result, proper care becomes mandatory. You need to install a good quality Chair Mat. Chair Mats can be found in different materials, and each material requires various cleaning processes and cleaners. 

Although the cleaning process for each Chair Mat is pretty straightforward, you need to follow specific instructions for better results. Also, remember to use the cleaner that is suitable for that particular Chair Mat.

Thanks for Reading! If you have a minute, check out our recommended chair mats for carpet and hardwood floors by clicking here.

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