How Often Should Office Chairs Be Replaced?

Office chairs are something that goes through a lot of wear and tear. Like all other things, furniture also has expiry dates. Every office chair has a definite lifespan; after that, the chair might lose its effectiveness. As a result, replacing the chair becomes necessary.

How often should office chairs be replaced? On average, the office chairs can be used for 6 – 10 years, and then it is time to replace the chair. Nonetheless, various other factors like material, usage time, etc., can affect the chair’s longevity to change. 

If you are worried about your office chairs’ durability and want a clear idea about the factors affecting your office chair’s longevity, then you have come to the right place. 

In this article, you will learn about office chairs’ life expectancy and the signs that provide a warning sign to change your chair.

So, How Often Should You Replace Your Chair?

On average, you should replace your office chair every 6-10 years. But if you buy cheap office chairs, then you might be required to change your chair every 2-3 years.

However, it’s just a rough estimation. The honest answer is that it depends on its appearance, the functionality of the chair’s component, and many more. The usual lifespan of an office chair falls between six to ten years. 

When it comes to replacing the chair, I recommend you check the office chair’s condition regularly. If you feel like the chair is not comfortable enough, safe enough, or the chair loses its appearance, then it is time to replace it.

When the chair is not in good condition, you should change the chair as soon as possible. Faulty office chairs ruin the things surrounding the chair and sometimes cause accidents.

How Long Should A Good Office Chair Last?

How long does a good office chair last? Most office chairs come with a five or a ten-year warranty with an average life expectancy of 6 to 10 years.

However, the office chairs with a five-year warranty are most likely to work perfectly for 6 or 7 years. On the other hand, a chair will last 12 to 15 years with a ten-year warranty.

To be honest, the exact lifespan of an office chair is hard to identify as it can depend on various factors like the chair’s material, usage time, care, and environment.

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The Signs that Suggests Your Office Chair Should Be Replaced Immediately:

Well, although there are no definite guidelines to identify an office chair for replacements. Nonetheless, there are some things you should be considering, 

  1. Components falling off or losing their working capability: When the office chair’s components start to fall off or stop working, I recommend you buy new parts. Replacing them with new ones can help the chair last longer.
  1. The fabric wears out: The appearance of the office chair is essential as it highly reflects on the organization’s image. Even a small cut in the chair’s upholstery can invite more damage to the office chairs.
  1. The upholstery loses its height: The regular use of the upholstery can make it go downward, and the sitting arrangement gets uncomfortable. Well, in such a case, I suggest you do proper research before buying a chair; memory foam can be helpful. Then again, you should take proper care of the chair, keep the upholstery clean and change it if necessary. 
  1. Lack of comfort: By that time, everything loses its productivity and changing the chair becomes necessary. The office chair needs to be comfortable as an employee needs to spend much time sitting in an office chair. Therefore, if you don’t feel the office chair is comfortable anymore, I highly recommend changing the chair. 
  1. Ruining the surrounding things: Sometimes damaged office chairs can scratch the carpet, mat, or even your favorite hardwood floors. That’s just an example. Other damaged components can not only cause damage to the things but also can invite injuries. 

What Are The Factors Affecting An Office Chair’s Lifespan?

There are several factors affecting the office chair’s longevity, such as:

Office Chair’s Materials

Many cheap office chairs are manufactured using low-quality material; as a result, even though the chairs come with a more extended warranty period, they don’t last for long.

Moreover, if you take the necessary steps to solve the office chair’s defective parts, then there is a high chance it won’t work smoothly. 

The continuous use of the chair makes the low-quality chair materials lose their appearance, and the mechanisms don’t work properly.

The fabric of the chair gets softened, and the parts start to come off. Moreover, the upholstery can get lower, and the sitting arrangement will get uncomfortable. 

Then again, if you invest in good-quality office chairs, then the chance of the chairs lasting longer is higher compared to the low-quality office chairs. Mark that good-quality office chairs do not necessarily mean the office chair has to be higher priced.

You will find many good quality office chairs at a reasonable price. I recommend you do your required research before buying an office chair. 

Proper Care Of The Office Chair

Unlike any other furniture, office chairs can be used extensively, which is why extra care becomes mandatory. The fabric needs to be adequately cleaned, and the other parts require servicing every 6 to 12 years

It is mandatory to check the office chair’s condition frequently. If you identify the problem with a particular part of the office chair, then I suggest you replace the part as soon as possible.

For instance, if you see the wheels of your office chair have got torn out, you have the option to change the wheel. 

Just like a wheel, you will find many office chair components for replacement in the market. You can buy and replace those parts accordingly. Regular maintenance can extend office chairs’ life. 

But, you know, Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Therefore, you need to be gentle with the chair, regularly clean and condition it properly.

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The Office Chair’s Usage Time

It is often seen that an office chair that can be used for 8-hours a day is used for 15 to 16 hours a day. Such extensive use of the office chair reduces the office chair’s durability. 

As a result, it becomes necessary to check the chair’s usage time before buying it. If the office chairs are supposed to be used for two shifts per day, then buy the chair that will provide support for such a long time without affecting its durability.


The environment around the office can play a significant role in the chair’s durability. If the office chair’s surrounding area stays dusty and uncleaned, you will see the office chair doesn’t last for a long time.

The regular movement of the casters requires dirt-free floors. Even tiny particles can ruin the casters and wheels of the chair.

Additionally, when the office chair undergoes unstable or scratchy situations, the ergonomic features start to diminish. 

In contrast, if the employees take proper care of the office chairs, the chairs can be kept intact for a more extended period of time. 

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How Long Should Computer Chairs Last?

Computer chairs manufactured by big brands usually have seven to ten years of life expectancy. It is most likely that the warranty period of a computer chair is five years. 

Nevertheless, the computer chair’s life can be expanded with proper care. If you are not comfortable with the current computer chairs, you should replace the old ones. 

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