How Often Should I Clean My Leather Sofa?

Leather Products are considered to be luxury items, and with luxury comes great responsibility. That is, your leather furniture should be taken proper care of. But, the most amazing part is cleaning the leather furniture is super easy; you just need to follow some specific steps carefully. 

Well, you must be confused, how often should I clean my leather sofa?

Depending on the usage of the sofa, you should clean your leather sofa at least once in every 6 to 12 months. For example, an average domestic leather sofa should be cleaned at least once in every 12 months and a commercially used one should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. 

I know it can be confusing. As an amateur, I made mistakes that ruined my favorite leather couch by over-cleaning it. 

Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about. I am here after conducting proper research and to provide you with the best way to keep your leather sofa uptight.  

In this article, you will find a proper guideline on cleaning your leather furniture and various excellent maintenance tips in this regard. 

How Often Do You Clean A Leather Sofa?

Leather furniture lasts longer when the right amount of care and proper way of cleaning is applied. Hence, before we start the cleaning process, you need to know how often the leather sofa is being used on a daily basis. 

By narrowing down the usage period, you can divide the leather sofa into two situations, like the domestically used leather sofa and the commercially used leather sofa

Now let us discuss how to protect the leather furniture in these two situations.

How Often Should I Clean Domestically Used Leather Sofa?

I recommend you to regularly dust the leather sofa with a dry microfiber cloth, or you can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt and dust from the leather surface. If you might prefer a vacuum cleaner as it will provide better results, and in such case use it once a week

Used the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner to pull off all the dust from the corners. Moreover, direct sunlight can damage your leather furniture and bleach out its natural color. 

I also suggest you to deep clean the leather furniture once every 12 months. It will not only keep it uptight but also prevent any cracking from appearing. 

How Often Should I Clean Commercially Used Leather Sofa?

The leather sofa, mainly used in hotels, offices, lodges, or other commercial institutions, falls under this category. These leather sofas are used extensively, and we tend to forget these are the ones that require the most care. 

Most of the time, regular cleaning of these leather sofas is not properly maintained. However, you can dust off the dirt and debris once every two to three weeks. You can also use the vacuum cleaner just like the previous one.

Additionally, I recommend giving your commercially used leather sofas professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months. You can let your staff or send it to professional servicing organizations to clean it.

How Do I Keep My Leather Sofa Clean At Home?

Keeping your leather sofas clean might seem a hectic job, but trust me, it isn’t. You need to follow a few simple steps with proper cautions.

Here is a Step by step Process to Clean Your Leather Sofa:

Step 1 – Collect The Required Materials:

You will need to make sure to have the following materials for cleaning your leather sofa at home:

  • Leather Conditioner
  • 2-3 Microfiber Clothes
  • Liquid Soap

Step 2 – Use Soap and Water Solution:

Make a Soap and water solution. Then dip the clean cloth on the solution and start wiping it on the leather sofa. Rub hardly on the stains. This will remove all the dirts and stains from the surface of the leather.

Step 3 – Clean With Fresh Water Using The Cloth:

Now, Dip the cloth in clean water and then wipe the full leather sofa again. Before wiping make sure your piece of cloth is clean.

Use another piece of cloth if necessary.

Step 4 – Time To Dry Things Up:

After you are done with the previous steps, now it’s time to dry up the sofa. Don’t leave the sofa wet for a long time. It can harm the leather surface. Use a dry microfiber cloth to rub the entire leather surface. And let it dry.

Step 5 – Use a Leather Conditioner:

After the drying process is complete use a conditioner on the leather surface to make it look good and help it rejuvenate.

You can use the Leather Honey conditioner. It costs only 20 bucks. You can check the leather conditioner on Amazon just by clicking here

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So, What is The Proper Yet Straightforward Way to Cean Leather Sofas? 

Well, you can simply use mild dish soap and some warm water to clean your favorite leather sofa. Uncomplicated and cheap items, isn’t it? Nonetheless, regularly cleaning with these items can keep your leather furniture supple and glossy. Don’t forget to condition it afterward.

Tip 1 – Condition Your Leather Sofa Properly: Conditioning the leather afterward is exceptionally crucial. If you skip the conditioning part, you will end up keeping the leather pores opened, which can get clogged with dirt and debris. 

When you apply a leather conditioner, it moisturizes and creates a protective layer that prevents the leather from further damage. 

Start by removing the small or big items from the sofa; that is, you need to put the cushions or the blankets (if any) aside. Then, use a microfiber cloth to dust off the dirt and debris. But I highly recommend you to vacuum with the brush attachment for a better outcome. 

Now take a damp white microfiber cloth to wipe off the surface so that no small dust remains. Remember, any small particle can damage the leather by reacting with the leather cleaning product. 

Tip 2 – Clean The Surface Properly: Did you know the tiny particles that are left on the leather surface can react with the leather cleaner and ruin the leather color and condition? Well, yes, it can. That is why I highly recommend you to clean the surface properly so that before applying the cleaner, there remains no sign of dirt or debris. 

Now take a few drops of mild dish soap and mix it well with warm water in a bowl. Take a microfiber cloth, dip it in the soap mixture and gently wipe off the surface. I suggest you take your time and slowly clean the overall surface. 

Tip 3 – Always Rub in Circular Motion: Always clean the leather in a circular motion, rather than rubbing it back and forth. If not cleaned in a circular motion, it can cause the leather harm and tear off. 

Now, it is time to air-dry your leather sofa. It is wise to keep it air-dry for almost 24-hours, but depending on the sofa’s leather, the timing can vary. 

Tip 4 – Don’t Leave The Leather Surface Wet: Leaving water on the leather surface can weaken the leather. Then again, if you use an electronic drier to suck away all the water at once, it can make the surface dehydrated. 

That is why I strictly suggest you to air-dry the leather and use a dry microfiber cloth to clean off the excess water.  

Tip 5 – Consider Using Microfiber cloths: You must wonder why I am repeatedly using a white microfiber cloth for the cleaning process. Well, that is because, when you skip white-colored cloth instead take a colorful cloth, you might end up ruining the color of the leather, as it can release color. 

When the leather is completely dried out, it is time to condition your leather sofa. Proper conditioning can prevent the leather furniture from cracks or drying out and keep it glossy and protected. 

Which leather condition will be best for my leather sofa? Check this fantastic leather conditioner Leather Honey Leather Conditioner (Amazon Link); it is an entirely odorless and non-sticky product that provides the ultimate care for your leather products. It is a rich leather conditioner that wipes all dirt from new leather and rejuvenates old ones.

Tips: Wipe off the excess cleaning product before conditioning, as residues are harmful to your couch and can cause severe damage. 

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Leather Sofa Maintenance Tips

Leather products can be very sensitive items, and it requires extra care and maintenance. Check out this list so that you can get aware of the importance of maintenance tips;

  1. Regularly clean and condition your leather sofa. Moreover, if the damage is severe, take the necessary steps to repair it immediately. 
  2. Always use a white microfiber cloth to wipe off the surface.
  3. Remember, a vacuum cleaner gives the best cleaning experience. Never forget to use the brush attachment.
  4. Always wipe off the excess cleaner from the leather surface.
  5. After every wash, remember to moisturize it using a leather conditioner. 
  6. Never leave any kind of residue on the leather product surface. 
  7. In case of skipping leather cleaning products, then use mild products that won’t damage the leather. For example, mild dish soap. 
  8. Don’t keep the leather sofa under direct sunlight. Even if you do, change the place frequently. 

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