How Much to Spend on an Office Chair? A Quick Guide

Spending on an office chair sometimes feels like a nightmare. But trust me, it’s worth it. Our modern sedentary life makes us spend 8-9 hours daily on a chair. We start to develop posture issues due to prolonged sitting. To address this issue, manufacturers are developing new technologies every day.

Office chairs come in different shapes and sizes and offer different prices, which raises the question of how much you should spend on an office chair?

You should spend $200 – $350 for a decent ergonomic office chair. However, prices of the chair increase or decrease depending on the designs, build quality, reliability, the material it uses, and additional functionalities.

This article will explain different price ranges of office chairs, what they offer in that particular price range, and if you need them. In addition to that, I will help you decide how much you should spend depending on your budget, use case, and preference. 

Also, I have put down a luxury price range option. Because many of you already used other price ranged chairs and might want to try out the expensive one. If you would like to know “are expensive office chairs worth it?” you can check out our article on this topic.

Average price range of office chairs

PricingBudgetMidRangePremium MidRangeFlagshipLuxury
USDLess than $200$200 – $350$350 – $500 $500 – $800Over $800

Less than $200 office chairs offer basic functionalities.

Office chairs under $200 often offer basic functionalities like height adjustment, armrest adjustment, adjustable backrest tilt, and 360-degree swivel. However, some manufacturers are offering great design and functionalities within this price range.

Popular chairs in this price range:

Should you consider the popular chairs?

Within this price range, you will get to see standard designs among all the chairs. The above two listed chairs caught my attention in terms of design, build quality, and price. They offer decent ergonomic features that most of us need. 

Both of the chairs have a mesh-back option that offers more breathability and airflow. However, one thing these chairs lack is adequate lumbar support. They offer good lumbar support for many of us but not sufficient. 

So, What I meant by good but not sufficient lumbar support? Well, the way that lumbar support is built might not touch your back properly if you don’t fit correctly with the chair. You might need to apply a bit of pressure to feel the support of the lumbar. Most of the chairs in this price range have a little bit of a lumbar support issue. I think it’s okay for the price.

So, If you need more lumbar support, then you might need to check the midrange chair. But in terms of design, build quality, and price, those chairs offer good value.

Why would you spend $200- $350 on an office chair?

You will get the best value for a price within this price range. I have researched a lot to find the best chair that offers adequate functionalities within budget. Many chairs in this range offer comfortability, reliability, adequate posture support, built using good material, and warranty.

  1. They offer adequate functionalities
  2. It comes from good brands
  3. Offers Modern design
  4. They are Comfortable and Durable

Popular chairs in this price range:

  • NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair (Amazon Link) – $314.99
  • SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair (Amazon Link) – $219.99

Should you consider the popular chairs?

Those mid-range popular chairs are from my favorite list. All of them are from reputable brands and offer more excellent performance and functionalities than the budget chairs. 

All the adjustment functionalities are available to fit you perfectly. In addition to that, you will get adequate posture support if you are suffering from posture issues. NOUHAUS Ergo3D and SIHOO Chair both have adequate lumbar support. 

You need to manually adjust the lumbar support according to your preference on the SIHOO chair. But lumbar support is dynamic on the NOUHAUS Ergo3D chair that will constantly move according to your posture movement. NOUHAUS Ergo3D chair uses synchro-tilt technology for advanced reclining. 

Both of them have a headrest and decent shoulder support so, you will get support on your neck and shoulder. Both of them are comfortable and durable. If your budget allows, you should go for these chairs as they offer excellent value.

Let’s Talk about premium midrange:

Office chairs within the $350 – $500 price range offer premium quality, premium build, and various color options to choose from. These chairs are from reputable brands like Steelcase and Sidiz.

  1. They offer adequate functionalities
  2. It comes from reputable brands
  3. Offers Modern design
  4. They are Comfortable and Durable
  5. Offers Extended Warranties

Popular chairs in this price range:

  • Steelcase Series 1 (Amazon Link) – $352.75 (Offered Price)
  • SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair (Amazon Link) – $359.00

Should you consider the popular chairs?

Everyone knows that Steelcase makes some of the best office chairs on the market. Steelcase Series 1 currently sells at the lowest price. However, the price fluctuates a lot so, you should check out the current price on Amazon. 

Both of the chairs have good height adjustability for tall or short people. Though, Steelcase has better adjustability than the Sidiz chair. Both of them have premium quality mesh-back and upholstered seats for additional comfortability. You can adjust each part of the chair depending on your needs.

They have a seat depth adjustment feature that is essential if you are too tall or short and can adjust the lumbar support for optimal posture support. You can fully adjust the armrest to your desk surface.

Series 1 and Sidiz both have pretty much the same functionalities. However, their designs are way different. I like Steelcase series 1 for its design, build quality and 12 years of warranty from Steelcase. 

Flagship Office Chairs

Flagship office chairs are elegantly engineered ergonomic office chairs that balance your healthy lifestyle. They offer modern, minimal, and sustainable design with newly developed technologies.

Popular chairs in this price range:

Should you consider the popular chairs?

I have categorized those chairs as flagship chairs because of the design, features, and material they use.

Herman Miller is a renowned company, and Sayl is their elegantly designed chair inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge design. Sayl chair provides all the features that an ergonomic office chair has. It has a breathable unframed back that will keep you nice and cool.

Steelcase Leap V2 chair is made by Steelcase which is a very renowned company like Herman Miller. This chair is the best ergonomic office chair for comfort, ergonomic support, quality material and it’s backed by a 12-year-warranty.

Both of the chairs are incredibly well-engineered and offer great value to your sitting experience. If you work from home and work prolonged hours at a desk, you should check these chairs out.

What will a Luxury office chair get you?

Luxury office chairs are all from renowned companies like Steelcase, Herman Miller, and so on. Luxury chairs are more durable and offer additional warranties. Luxury office chairs are like top-tier phones like iPhone 12 pro max. They have everything you need with a luxurious sitting experience.

Popular Luxury Chairs:

  • Herman Miller Aeron
  • Steelcase Gesture
  • Herman Miller Embody

Should you consider the popular chairs?

The luxury chairs will offer a bit more enhanced sitting experience than the rest of the chairs. It won’t be a lot different but a little bit different than other chairs. Aeron, Embody, Gesture all are incredible office chairs on the market right now.

They are going to last a lot longer than other office chairs. As these office chairs are trendy, you will find most of the parts online if any mechanical part gets broken. That is the additional benefit of these chairs.

If you use chairs every day for your work, then it will be worth it because these chairs will last for an average of ten years depending on how you use them.

Related Questions

What is a reasonable price for an office chair?

The reasonable price for an office chair is $200 – $350. As I have listed all the popular chairs depending on the price range. There are some decent chairs for less than $200. The price of those chairs varies depending on the build quality and material they use.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Expensive office chairs are worth it because they offer extended warranties, durability, modern design, better posture support, and the luxury of sitting. Check out our article “Are Expensive office chairs worth it” to learn more.

How much do office chairs cost?

Office chair costs as low as $40 and as high as $1400. Depending on the price, they offer different values, ergonomic features and sitting experience. To learn more about “Average office chair price” check out our article.

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