How Much Do Bean Bag Chairs Cost? With 15 Real Examples

Bean bag chairs are trendy in the USA since the early 70s. They are incredibly comfortable, and the modern bean bags look and feel amazing. “How much do bean bag chairs cost?” A common question, right? I did some digging on this topic. Let’s see what I have found!

On average, a bean bag chair will cost you $100-$300 dollars. Prices may vary depending on your brand preference and the size of bean bag chair you get. There are some brands that offer the best deals on bean bag chairs right now.

This might sound a bit expensive to some of you, as bean bag chairs few people think are just bags filled up with foam. But trust me, bean bag chairs are definitely worth it. Once you get a bean bag chair, you will fall in love with it.

In this article, I will show you the actual pricing of bean bag chairs of different brands and sizes. I will also discuss the things you need to know before you buy. So, keep reading!

What to Know Before You Buy

Before we jump into the actual cost of several bean bag chairs, let’s discuss some important things about your bean bag chair preferences that can impact the pricing.

This will give you a better idea of what you should look for while choosing any bean bag chair for yourself. These things also affect pricing.

Let’s start with picking a brand. As you read through the rest of this article, you will find the things mentioned in this part. So, read this section carefully.

Picking a Brand:

The pricing and quality of products from different bean bag chair brands vary to a great extent. 

Before selecting any particular brand, look for online websites. If the particular brand is good enough, it will definitely have a website or online store.

You can visit the website and read all the comments and reviews of the customers before making the purchase decisions.

You must keep in mind that the pricing will be different based on the brand you choose.

Also, if you are comfortable with Amazon shopping, you can get bean bag chairs from there as well.

Most well-known bean bag chair manufacturers in America have their stores on Amazon. You can buy from amazon as well.

Once you like a bean bag chair on Amazon, you will find real customer reviews from people who actually bought the product.

This will help you to know more about the after-sale service and the quality of the product. You can also find if the users are satisfied with the specific model or not. Then if you’re satisfied, it’s time to make a purchase!! Not Yet!

Let’s check the average pricing of bean bag chairs of different popular Brands:

Average Costs of Different Branded Bean Bag Chairs: 

BrandAverage Pricing
Amazon Basics$70-$150
Sofa Sack$50-$250
Chill Sack$150-$300
Big Joe$30-$200

These are the most popular brands out there. If your budget is low, then you can go for Sofa sack or Big Joe. You will get some good deals and inexpensive bean bag chairs from them.

But if you prefer better quality then, Chill sack and CordaRoy are with a shot. 

Now, the brand is not the only thing that you will need to look at. Do you know what they say? Size does matter. That’s what we will discuss next.

Size & Dimensions:

Size and dimensions also contribute to the cost of a bean bag chair. It is evident that small-sized bean bag chairs cost less than extra-large sized bean bag chairs.

So, this is another crucial factor that affects pricing.

You must look into the size and dimensions of a bean bag chair before you can decide if you should get a particular model of bean bag chair or not.

You should keep in mind the space of your room and how much capacity do you expect, then decide on the size.

If you are limited in size, you can go for bean bag chairs which are 3-4 feet wide. It can accommodate just a single person. The small-sized bean bag chairs are usually cheaper. You will find a 3 feet wide bean bag chair for 70-100 bucks.

If you have enough space and you want a good-sized bean bag chair for one person, you must make sure the bean bag chair is at least 5 feet wide. A bean bag chair with 5 feet width will probably accommodate you and your pet properly (if your pet is a cat). They cost around 150-200 bucks.

Now, let’s talk about the Extra-Large ones. If you want multiple people to sit or lay on the bean bag chair, you should probably get a bean bag chair that has at least 8 feet of width.

A bean bag chair with this much width will accommodate your whole family. Also, they cost more than 300 bucks in general as they are bigger in size.

Average pricing for Different Sized Bean Bag Chairs:

SizeAverage Price (USD)
3-4 ft$70-$100
5-7 ft$150-$200
8 ft or above$300+

15 Real Examples of Bean Bag Chairs with Pricing: 

To further illustrate how much bean bag chairs actually cost, here is a list of 15 bean bag chairs from some popular brands and how much each cost.

Bean Bag ChairsPrice (USD)
Amazon Basics Bean Bag Chair with Memory Foam Filled$70
Sofa Sack Soft Bean Bag Chair (Aqua Marine 3′)$69.98
Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair – Extra Large (7.5 feet)$220
ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chair$229
Big Joe Lenox Bean Bag Chair (Large)$122
ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chair (Extra Large)$270
Jaxx Bean Bag Chair (Large)$245
CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Chair (Full Sized)$200
PTXL Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair$127
Posh Creations Bean Bag Chair$72
Lycus Bean Bag Chair$180
WXFXBKJ Bean Bag Chair$97
ACcessories Bean Bag Chair (4ft)$134
Christopher Knight Bean Bag Chair$77
Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair$269

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Is it Cheaper to Buy or Make a Bean Bag Chair?

Of course, it is cheaper to make a bean bag chair if you are willing to put your valuable time and effort into it. If you make a bean bag chair yourself, it will cost you less than half in comparison to buying one from the market.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! The average cost of buying a bean bag chair is around 100-300 dollars. If you buy the small-sized ones, you will probably get good deals on the lower end of the range.

But if you want more oversized bean bag chairs, then it will definitely cost you more. I have brought several real examples, which will help you understand the market pricing a bit better.

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