How Long Does a Leather Chair last?

I love leather chairs. People say that a good leather chair can last forever if you can take care of it in a proper way. Leather chairs are getting popular day by day because of their durability and, most importantly, the way they feel. You will see that most of the top executives in any office use big and tall leather chairs to show their class as leather chairs are considered to be premium chairs. However, there are different types of leather in the market for which the longevity of the leather chairs vary immensely.

Generally, a leather chair lasts for ten to twenty years if you buy a good quality leather chair from reputable brands. Some leather chairs can last for a lifetime. Of Course, these chairs are expensive ones. However, there are cheap leather chairs in the market that last around 1-2 years. The longevity of a leather office chair actually depends on the quality of leather, the build quality of the chair (quality of the frame), the way you take care, and also the amount of time that you spend daily on the leather chair.

You might get confused as I have mentioned 10-15 years, and then I said 1-2 years of longevity for leather chairs. In this article, I will discuss the factors for which the durability varies that much so that before you buy a leather chair, you can have a better understanding of the durability of different leather chairs and what to expect from your leather chairs.

Leather Chair Longevity:

If your chair leather upholstery is made of good quality leather-like top grain leather and the other things such as padding, cushion, and the frame is also of great quality, then your leather chair can last for a lifetime.

However, there are different grades and types of leather, and their quality is also different. For this reason, the longevity of leather chairs vary.

As I have mentioned earlier, the durability of a leather chair does not only depend on the quality and type of leather used but also the build quality, which includes the quality of the frame, padding and cushion as well. But let’s focus on the leather material first as this is our main concern.

Different Types of Leather Chairs based on Leather Material and Their Longevity:

If you have ever been shopping for leather chairs you might have heard about different types of leather. The most common ones in the market right now are Bonded Leather, Faux Leather & Top Grain Leather. These leathers have a lot of Differences in terms of quality, durability, and price.

Bonded Leather Chair:

As bonded leather is cheaper most of the budget leather chairs are made using this type of leather. Bonded leather is also called blended or reconstituted leather. You can expect any chair made of bonded leather upholstery will start developing cracks and peels just after using 2-3 years.

Bonded leather contains 10-20% animal hide, and the rest are synthetic materials. This leather is hard to clean, and among all the different types of leather that I have mentioned, it has the least longevity.

However, bonded leather is the most popular type of leather because the chairs made of bonded leather are cheaper in general in comparison to other leather chairs.

Faux Leather Chair:

Faux leather is completely artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer. Chairs made of faux leather do not contain any animal hide.

This type of leather is also called vegan leather. The upholstery made of faux leather of any chair lasts for around three to five years. Depending on usage within this time, this leather starts peeling off.

The best advantage of buying chairs made of faux leather is that faux leather made chairs are comparatively easier to clean and maintain than both bonded and top-grain leather chairs.

Top-Grain Leather Chair:

The upholstery material of these chairs is made of real leather. Top grain leather is also known as genuine leather or full-grain leather. Genuine leather is made from animal skin hide. The tale that we often hear about leather chairs lasting for a lifetime is about these chairs.

Top grain leather does not crack or peel easily. Chairs made of this kind of leather are usually costly. These chairs can be expected to last for anywhere between 10-20 years if the overall build quality of the frame is solid.

So you might be wondering why people say leather chairs can last for a lifetime? This is because there is evidence that if genuine leather chairs are taken care of properly they can last for more than 20 years.

How Long Should a Leather Chair Last?

As I have noted earlier, how long a leather chair should last depends on a lot of aspects like quality of leather, frame, padding, cushion, and usage duration as well.

Assuming an average person would spend 6 hours per day on his leather chair, a leather chair made of bonded leather should last for 2-3 years, leather chairs made of faux leather should last for 3-5 years, and chairs made of genuine leather should last for around 10-20 years. 

Does Leather Chair Last Longer than Fabric?

The answer again depends on the quality of leather. If we are comparing the longevity of genuine leather chairs and Fabric chairs considering the build quality and usage constant, obviously, a chair made of genuine leather can last 5-10x more times than any fabric chair.

But if the quality of the fabric is good, then the fabric chair usually lasts longer than bonded & Faux leather chairs for sure.

We recently interviewed several people online, and this is what they say:

  • Leather Chairs last for 12 years (approx) on average.
  • Fabric chairs last for seven years (approx) on average.

I took the average of the numbers, and as you can see, the numbers suggests. According to people, leather chairs last longer than fabric chairs on average.

How often do you Treat Leather Furniture to Increase Longevity?

Leather Furniture should be cleaned and conditioned leather every 6-12 months. If leather furniture is treated and taken care of properly, they can last for more than 20 years. But most people do not know how to take care of their leather furniture properly. 

How to Maintain Your Leather Chair to Make it Last Longer?

Firstly, you need to understand that leather chairs are not for rough use. These chairs need very proper maintenance to boost their longevity. If you want to take care and maintain your leather Chair properly and get the most out of it, then follow the tips below: 

  • Read the user instruction manual properly: Every chair comes with a user manual. Pay attention to the instructions and tips given by the manufacturer. The user manual will help you with the knowledge to maintain your leather chair properly.
  • Clean the dust regularly: To maintain your leather chair properly, you have to make sure you dust it off thoroughly every day. 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner: If you have a vacuum cleaner, then you should use it to clean dust. You can also use a soft cloth to clean your leather chair if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.
  • Use quality stain remover: You can use a good quality leather stain remover to clean unwanted stains from your chair. I have found a cheap one on amazon. You can check it out here.
  • Clean with room temperature water: You can use the water at room temperature to clean your leather office chair. Make sure you do not use hot or cold water to clean your leather chair. Also, make sure you clean it thoroughly.

Related Questions:

Are leather chairs worth it?

Good quality leather chairs are always worth buying. As leather chairs last longer than other types of chairs, they are considered as the best value for money.

The initial cost of buying a good leather chair is always high. But due to their premiums and longevity, leather chairs are definitely worth it.

What are the disadvantages of leather chairs?

Leather chairs have the following disadvantages:

  • Genuine Leather Chairs are costly. 
  • Leather chairs are more sensitive to fluctuations in temperature; it can feel warmer during summer and chilly during winter.
  • If you buy a bonded or faux leather chair, you will experience cracks and tears on the leather upholstery of your chair, sooner or later.
  • A new leather chair can feel stiff, but it gets softer and more comfortable with time.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! Leather chairs can be very durable if you buy a good quality one from reputable brands. The quality of the leather is not the only thing to consider. The quality of the frame, padding, cushion, and usage also matters in terms of the durability of leather chairs. 

If you buy leather chairs from good brands, the leather quality and build quality of other materials are going to be better. If you don’t play football on your leather chair and take good care of it, then you might be able to use your leather chair for a lifetime.

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