How Long Do Office Chairs Last? (With Survey)

Nowadays office chair durability has become a very important thing as more and more people are leaning towards desk jobs.

Previously, we could use office chairs for decades but now the durability of most office chairs is questionable.

While doing research on the lifespan of office chairs, I did a survey on Reddit, asking people about the durability of their office chairs and which chair they use. Let’s see what I have found!

Generally, most office chairs from reputable brands last more than 5 years. But cheap office chairs won’t last for even 2 years. Whereas, flagship office chairs from Herman Miller or Steelcase lasts more than 10 years easily.

More than 85 people participated in the poll where they were asked about the lifespan of an office chair.

Let’s see what general people think:

how long do office chair usually last - vote

As you can see, the majority of people say office chairs last for 5 or more years. Although the sample size of this survey is not too big, I think it provides a vital insight on office chair lifespan and durability.

In this article, I’m going to explain office chairs durability, how often you should replace an office chair, and tips to expand the lifespan of your chair. I will also analyze the results of the survey. So, keep reading!

How Often Should I Replace My Office Chair?

According to our research, on average you need to replace your chair every five years or so. Depending on the type of chair and build quality your chair is going to last for more than five years. 

If you have a chair from a reputable brand such as Herman Miller or Steelcase then you don’t need to change your chair for a decade as they offer 12 years of warranty.

If anything goes wrong down the road you can just get the replacement part of the chair when a part gets damaged.

On the other hand, a cheap office chair offers a lot of ergonomic features but doesn’t last even two years properly, it starts to wobble and makes cracking sounds while using it.

So, if you are using a cheap office chair it might need to be replaced within 2 years.

How Do You Choose The Right Office Chair?

Office chairs come in different shapes and sizes and it’s overwhelming to choose the right office chair on a budget. 

So, we are going to lay out some points for you which you can check while purchasing a new office chair.

Things like price, warranty, and brand can help you determine whether a chair will last long or not.

To choose the right office chair which will be used for a long time, you will have to look at the following things:


Price is an important factor while choosing an office chair. You will often see office chairs come with less than $50 and premium office chairs sometimes cost up to $2000. 

If you want a chair that is going to last longer, you would need to purchase the chair from a reputable brand such as Steelcase or Herman Miller.

Steelcase Series 1 is an entry-level Steelcase chair that comes with 12 years of warranty. On the other hand, Sayl is an entry-level chair from Herman Miller that offers 12 years of warranty.

These chairs cost around $400 to $1000. If you want a chair that is going to last more than five years, even ten years; you would need to spend on a reputable brand of the chair.

Ergonomic Features:

Modern office chairs offer a ton of ergonomic features to improve our work productivity as well as improve our health while sitting for long hours at a desk.

Many mid-range office chairs offer great ergonomic features that seem tempting but after using those chairs for a year or two, you might start to see that a few ergonomic features don’t work properly due to the poor material.

These ergonomic features might not work properly for some people. So, you should always check the ergonomic features before choosing a chair.

Build Quality:

The lifespan of an office chair largely depends on the build quality. If you have a chair with poor build quality. Then it won’t last for a long time.

Remember the survey we did on office chair lifespan?

Take a look at how long office chairs usually last:

As you can see most people say, their office chair lasts for 5 or more years. But there are few exceptions. Around 7% of people reported that their office chair doesn’t last for even a year!

I bet those office chairs have poor build quality. If your office chair has decent build quality, you will be able to use that chair for 5 or more years without any trouble.

To choose the right office chair, you will have to make sure the chair has decent build quality. Read online reviews and see what people say about the build quality of a particular chair you have in mind.

You can also, ask people on Reddit and other forums and collect insight on build quality.


People often find that cheap office chair offers low-quality material that doesn’t last for a few years. This poor material starts to crack or wobble if you put pressure on the chair.

So, it’s wise to choose a chair with good material and better build quality. For example, mesh and fabric office chair offers good longevity whereas cheap leather chair starts to crack in a few years.

Mesh and fabric both types of office chairs last for a long time. Reputable office chair manufacturers use both materials for their chairs. 


Chair brand says a lot about build quality and how long it’s going to last while choosing the right chair.

Here is the list of the brands that offer good build quality thus last for a long time

  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase
  • Haworth
  • Hon
  • Neuhaus

You will often find a lot of brands while buying a chair, but these brands that I mentioned often come out to the top on longevity. 


Warranty is a perfect indication of the lifespan of an office chair. I have seen office chairs that have 10 to 12 years of warranty that easily lasts for 10-20 years easily.

Whereas, most office chairs with a 1-year warranty or less can’t be used for even 2 years. SO, when you are going to choose the right chair for yourself, you have to look at the warranty.

If you want your office chair to last for more than 10 years, then go for office chairs like Herman miller Aeron or any Steelcase chair that provides 10 or more years of warranty.

I hope you got my point.

Let me show you some examples of office chairs and their warranties to make things easily understandable.

#Office chairWarranty
1.Ergo Chair 22 Years
2.Herman Miller Aeron12 Years
3.Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair1 Years
4.Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair5 Years
5.Tribesigns T185 Years
6.KREMS Leather Chair1 Years
7.Amazonbasics Leather Chair1 Years
8.SIDIZ T501 Years
9.ZURI Genuine Leather Chair 1 Years
10.FurMax Task Chair6 months
11.Staple Hyken Task chair7 Years
12.B2C2B Fabric Chair3 Years
13.OFM fabric Chair2 Years
14.IKEA Markus10 Years
15.X-Chair5 Years

These are some of the most popular office chairs in the market right now. If you observe closely and do some research on several office chairs, you might notice that, on average, most good office chairs have at least 5 years of warranty.

Also, in my survey, most people said, office chair lasts for 5 years or more. If I say, the lifespan of an office chair depends on the warranty, that won’t be entirely wrong.

So, to choose the right office chair, you must look at the warranty details carefully as it shows the confidence of the manufacturer on their product.

Related Questions:

How long do cheap office chairs last?

Cheap office chairs usually last for six months to three years. However, it starts to show issues after a few months. Not all the cheap office chairs are bad but most of them don’t last properly for a couple of years.

How long should you keep a chair for?

You can keep a chair from five years to ten years, sometimes even more than ten years. Depending on the chair you use, usually, a chair lasts more than five years.

Why do office chairs stop working?

Office chairs stop working for the following reasons:

  • Cheap material
  • Gas cylinder issue
  • Issues with chair tilt mechanism
  • Poor build quality

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