How Long do office chairs last? (With 15 Examples)

A few months back, I was doing research on the longevity of different types of office chairs. I have collected lots of interesting data related to that. I wanted to get more realistic and accurate data, so I surveyed a lot of people and asked them how long their office chair lasted. This is what I have found!

How Long do office chairs last? On average, office chairs lasts for around four years, considering the fact that an average person with a desk job spends six hours on his office chair per day. With the increase or decrease of usage time & brand, the lifespan might vary from two years to even ten years and beyond.

To make things more interesting, I have also collected data on how long manufacturers think their office chair would last. Combining all these data to the experience of the consumers who have actually used office chairs and know exactly how long their office chair lasted, I came up with a few interesting numbers on the lifespan of office chairs. To know more about this topic, keep reading!

How long should an office chair last VS How long Office chairs actually last!

Buying an office chair is like an investment. So you should know how long you can use this chair before actually making the buying decision. So for that, you need to look into two things.

Firstly, look into how long should an office chair last? Then look into how long actually that office chair lasts? The term “How long an office chair should last” will answer the minimum hassle-free lifespan of the chair. 

Whereas, “How long Office chairs actually last” represents the experience of the consumers of how long they could use their office chairs in the past. There is a fine difference between the two. Let’s check them below, shall we?

How long should office chairs last?

The question can be answered by looking at the warranty that the manufacturers provide. A warranty is a type of guarantee that a manufacturer or similar party makes regarding the condition of its product. 

It also refers to the terms and situations in which repairs or exchanges will be made in the event that the product does not function as originally described or intended. The number of years in warranty represents the minimum lifespan that the producers think the chair will serve you without any hassle or problems.

In other words, You can say the expected life of your office chair that the manufacturer of your chair guarantees. Let’s look into several office chairs and their warranties to calculate that an office chair should last.

#Office chairWarranty
1.Ergo Chair 22 Years
2.Herman Miller Aeron12 Years
3.Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair1 Years
4.Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair5 Years
5.Tribesigns T185 Years
6.KREMS Leather Chair1 Years
7.Amazonbasics Leather Chair1 Years
8.SIDIZ T501 Years
9.ZURI Genuine Leather Chair 1 Years
10.FurMax Task Chair6 months
11.Staple Hyken Task chair7 Years
12.B2C2B Fabric Chair3 Years
13.OFM fabric Chair2 Years
14.IKEA Markus10 Years
15.X-Chair5 Years

Instead of taking the simple mathematical average, I took a weighted average of these chairs’ warranties, putting more weights on the numbers that seemed more reasonable using my own judgments, and the average is 3.9 years (4 years approx). 

So we can say, on average, according to the manufacturer, your office chair should last around four if you buy an average chair from a moderately reputable brand. This value can also be termed as the expected life of an office chair on an average.

How long Office chairs actually last?

Now let’s see the real-life scenario. For this part, we did a survey asking people who have experience with office chairs the question, How long office chairs actually last? The number might amaze you. Let’s look at the graph below:

Forms response chart. Question title: How Long do office chairs last?. Number of responses: 70 responses.

As you look into the illustration, the majority of people said that a standard office chair lasts for around 4 years. This number coincides with the number obtained from the average warranties of the chairs that I have taken as samples for my calculation previously. 

So according to manufacturers and the experience of consumers, office chairs last for around four years. This is what I found with the research that I have done.

Therefore, we can justify that the warranty that manufacturers provide is more or less the expected lifespan for standard office chairs. 

Now let’s look at the longevity of office chairs of several renowned brands:

How long do Herman Miller chairs last?

I am sure that you are well aware of the reputation of Herman Miller chairs. They provide the most durable and comfortable office chairs in the market.

So, let’s look at the warranties of few Herman Miller Chairs to get an idea on the lifespan of these chairs.

#Office Chair NameWarranty
1.Aeron Chair12 Years
2.Embody Chair12 years
3.Sayl Chair12 Years
4.Mirra 212 Years

So as the warranty suggests, the manufacturers of Herman Miller chairs are confident that their chairs last more than 12 years. This is really cool. However, if you look at the price, all of these chairs are very costly. This will be a turn off for most people. But if you have the capacity for making a long term investment of 1000+ bucks for an office chair, you can consider investing in one.

How long do IKEA chairs Last?

IKEA is also a well-reputed furniture manufacturer. I am sure that you are well aware of the reputation of IKEA furniture as well. Almost everybody on this planet earth knows about IKEA. Their IKEA Markus is probably the most popular office chair so far.

So, let’s look at the warranties of a few IKEA office Chairs to get an idea of the lifespan of these chairs as well.

#Office Chair NameWarranty
1.IKEA Markus10 years
3.IKEA FLINTAN10 years
5.IKEA ODGER5 years

So, Most of the office chairs as shown in the table above have 10 years of warranty. Only the IKEA ODGER has 5 years of warranty. So, we can come to the conclusion that most of the IKEA chairs will last for 5-10 years for sure.

How long do Steelcase chairs last?

Like IKEA and Herman Miller, Steelcase is another great manufacturer of office chairs. These chairs are well known for their durability and great resale value. 

So, let’s look at the warranties of few Herman Miller Chairs to get an idea of the lifespan of these chairs as well.

#Office Chair NameWarranty
1.Steelcase Gesture12 years
2.Steelcase Think Chair10 years
3.Steelcase Leap Chair12 years
4.Steelcase Amia12 Years

So as the warranty suggests, these Steelcase chairs last more than 10 years. I was amazed by the Amia chair. This chair has a lifetime warranty for the frame and 12 years of warranty for it’s parts, which is crazy. 

However, these chairs are very expensive, and most of the people with average income won’t consider buying them. But the 2nd hand market for steelcase chairs is very popular. 

If you want a good steelcase chair at a lower price, you can buy a second hand Steelcase for 200-400 bucks depending on the model and years used.

Related Questions:

How Long Do Mesh Office Chairs Last?

Usually, a standard mesh office chair lasts for five to ten years if you buy a decent quality mesh chair from a good brand. But there are cheap mesh chairs that last less than 1-2 years. The longevity of any office chair actually depends on the amount of time that you spent daily on your office chair and some other variables as well.

Actually, mesh office chairs come at several brands and price, the build quality of these chairs different as well as their size and design. You will find some most durable mesh office chairs from brands like Herman Miller. 

Take Aeron chair from Herman Miller as an example. It has 12 years of warranty, and according to some people, it lasts even longer than that. However, the price is also very high. 

On the other hand, there are some low-quality mesh chairs. You will find a few under 50 bucks and with 6 months warranty. These chairs will wear and tear out in less than a year. 

So if you are in the market for mesh chairs, you want to buy a mesh chair that will last for several years, then avoid cheap chairs from unknown brands. you should look into several factors related to durability like price range, build quality, and brands. [Source]

How long should you keep office chairs? 

There is no particular number of years up to which you should keep your chair. As long as you are comfortable using your office chair without compromising anything, keep it. If you feel like it is not as comfortable as it used to be and you are having physical issues, then change your office immediately. 

In a nutshell, keep your office chair as long as you feel comfortable, your productivity is not compromised & most importantly, your chair is not damaged.

Other Things to Know:

  • Office chairs originated more than two centuries ago.
  • An average person with a desk job spends more than 40 hours per week sitting.
  • Per year cost of Herman Miller/Steelcase chairs is actually less than 200-300 dollar chairs because of their extended lifespan.


There you go! As per the manufacturers and the consumers, on average, office chairs last for around four years. Of course, the high-end office chairs from reputable brands last longer than 10 years, and there are also cheap office chairs that will last for less than a year. 

As you can see, there is a strong relationship between the price and durability of an office chair. For most people, I would suggest office chairs that are kind of in the middle, both in terms of durability and price. I think the sweet spot is around 300 bucks where you get the most value for your money.

Thanks for reading. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have a minute, check this article out: Best Office Chair for Zoom Meetings: A Detailed Guide with Pricing

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