How Are Chair Mats Measured? (Explained)

There is no doubt that Chair Mats are crucial when it comes to protecting the floor from the Office Chairs. But measuring the flooring area before purchasing the Chair Mat is mandatory. Like, you do not want to use a Chair Mat that is much bigger or smaller than the definite area. 

How Are Chair Mats Measured? In order to measure the Chair Mat, first, measure the distances between each of the corners and identify the width and height of the Chair Mat. When the Chair Mat’s shape changes, the procedure gets tricky. For example, for identifying the dimensions of a round chair mat the diameter of the mat is measured.

This article will help you to purchase a Chair Mat and measure the flooring effectively so that you can buy the Chair Mat at its required size. 

So, let us get started. Happy Reading!

Chair Mat Dimension Calculation:

Having the right chair mat dimension is necessary for different sizes of workspaces. For instance, if you have ample floor space to cover, you might need an oversized Chair Mat, whereas when the floor area is small, you might need to cut the Chair Mat

You will be getting a basic idea of Chair Mat measuring so that you do not have to suffer while measuring the floor. 

Chair Mats are available in various sizes and shapes. Some Chair Mats come with lip and some without lip. Depending on all these factors, the Chair Mats are available in numerous dimensions ranging from 36 inches x 48 inches up to 72 inches x 96 inches. 

If you would like to know the difference between the chair mat with lip and without lip, we have a dedicated article on this topic, you can check our article, here.

Although you can order customized Chair Mats, the various shapes and dimensions can help you get the appropriate chair mat instantly.

How to Measure a Chair Mat?

Well, it is a simple task to accomplish when you measure the basic Chair Mats. As I have noted earlier, you just need to measure the distances between the corners and identify the width and height of the Chair Mat. 

However, things get complicated when the Chair Mat’s shape is complicated, or it has a lip. Although when the chair mat has a lip, you can calculate the lip area separately, just like the original area. 

Do Chair Mat Dimensions Include The Lip?

Well, when different brands include the Chair Mat’s dimension in the product description, it is more likely to include the lip area as well. That is, the lip can kill some of the coverage areas. 

The standard dimension of the lip area is 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep. However, it can vary according to the dimension of the overall Chair Mat. 

Mostly in a rectangular Chair Mat, you will see that the Mat area without the lip is almost square. That is, if the dimension of a Rectangular Chair Mat is 36 inches x 48 inches, the lip area would be 20 inches wide and 10 inches by keeping the 36 inches x 38 inches remaining. 

How To Measure A Round Shaped Chair Mat?

While measuring the round Chair Mats, you need to measure the diameter of the Round Chair Mat for identifying the dimension.

That is, if the diameter of the chair mat is 54 inches, then the dimension of the Round Chair Mat will be 54” x 54”.

How To Measure The Floor Area For A Chair Mat

Measuring the whole floor area for the Chair Mat is a very dedicated yet straightforward process. The secret is to concentrate and follow the instructions appropriately.

Check out the step by step process of measuring the flooring area for the Chair Mat;

Step 1 – Gather Necessary Equipment

As always, you need to gather all the necessary equipment first. Trust me, and you will feel annoyed if you find something is missing in the middle of the procedure. That is why I am listing it down for you so that you can have them ready.

Things you need for the process;

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Scotch Tape or Removeable Color 
  3. Ruler (Big one is preferable)
  4. Note Copy and pen (optional but can be helpful)

Step 2 – Identify The Area You Want The Chair Mat To Cover

The basic tip is that you need to identify what area will be covered by the chairs when you move around and the area where your legs will reach. 

You might love to slide with your Office Chair, just like me. As a result, you need to measure the area you will be used to scroll or glide.

While identifying, you need to make sure you include these areas;

  1. In the area underneath the desk, you will be tucking the chair or keeping your feet.
  2. The sideways movement you might do while rolling the chairs.
  3. In the overall area, you will be sliding and gliding with your rolling chairs. 

I bet you do not want to damage the flooring with your Office Chair’s casters; if so, you can not leave any area where you might slide the chair. 

Step 3 – Identify What Shaped Chair Mat You Want

After identifying the area, now you get to choose the shape of the Chair Mat that you want to place on that particular area. 

Chair Mats are available in various shapes and sizes. You can find them with or without lips. Well, Chair Mat Lip can be beneficial in certain cases. 

Different Chair Mat Shapes

Some of the common shapes of Chair Mats are,

  • Rectangular (with or without lip)
  • Square (with or without lip)
  • Contoured
  • Teardrop or Bulb Shape
  • Round
  • Zigzag and many more

However, you can also order customized Chair Mats, depending on the area. The Shape is totally up to your preferences. 

To be honest, when your floor needs a highly complex area to be covered with the Chair Mat, then customized Chair Mats are the best option. 

Step 4 – Begin To Measure

Now that you are aware of the area and shape of your preferred Chair Mat, you need to start measuring the whole area that the Chair Mat will cover.

How big should my chair mat be? The Chair Mat should be big enough to cover the general area, and you will be traveling with your chair and the area underneath your desk. Keeping the chair mat under the desk for at least 10 inches will do. 

The area that should be included while measuring:

  1. The Size of the Chair you will be using in that particular area.
  2. Make sure to cover the area where you will be gliding with the Chair. 
  3. If you have an area under the desk where you might put your legs or slide with your chairs, measure that area as well.
  4. In case there is a printer or coffee machine nearby, and there are chances to slide to that area, you can also include that area for better protection.  

Now take a measuring tape and start measuring the area. One thing that will help you is to roughly draw the identified area on a piece of paper using a pencil. Then after measuring each side, note that down on the paper. 

Tip – A great thing to do is attach a scotch tape or take a ruler and draw outlines on that area using a removable color. Trust me; it will help you a lot to measure the area appropriately.  

How To Measure The Lip Area Of The Chair Mat? Well, for measuring the Chair Mat Lip area, you do not have to do a deep analysis. On average, taking 10 inches under the desk is more than enough. 

Step 5 – Finishing The Process

Now that you are aware of the whole area make a fresh note and write it down so that there remains no confusion while ordering the new Chair Mat. 

What Chair Mat Size Will Be Right For You?

The Chair Mat size can differ as per your need and preferences. You can buy a standard-sized (36 inches x 48 inches) Chair Mat for a smaller area covering. But as the area gets bigger, big Chair Mats will be required. You can order a customized one when you need an extra-large Chair Mat. 

Check out the list of the top three Office Chair Mat with the dimensions that are appropriate for different types of flooring options;

Recommended Chair MatsType of FlooringDimensions
Floortex Polycarbonate Chair MatLow or Medium Pile Carpet(47″ x 30″) to (118″ X 60″) [9 Different Sizes Available]
Amazon Basics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair MatHigh Pile Carpet47” x 53” (including lip)
SHAREWIN Chair MatHardwood Floor36″x 47″  (without lip)

Related Questions

What Is The Average Size Of A Chair Mat?

The average size of a Chair Mat can vary as the shape changes. Since the rectangle Chair Mat with lip is one of the common ones, its average size is 30-35 inches width by 40-50 inches height.  

Why Do Chair Mats Have A Lip?

Chair Mats usually have lips to provide extra protection for the flooring from getting damaged by rolling office chairs.

The chair mat lip can be defined as an extended area from the edge of a Chair Mat. The chair mat lip goes under the desk to protect that area from being ruined by the chair casters.

The bottom line is, it provides extra protection to the carpet or the floor underneath the chair mat.

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