Herman Miller Vs. Secretlab Chairs: 11 Pros And Cons To Help You Decide

Herman Miller, one of the top Office Chair manufacturing companies, then comes Secretlab, the one that never fails to introduce the most innovative gaming chairs. 

To be honest, choosing between these two is really an impossible task. So, let us begin our logical research and find out which one is better between Herman Miller and Secretlab. 

The best chair for every person can vary compared to their own preferences and needs. I am here to guide you with the essential information about Herman Miller and Secretlab Chairs so that you can make an informative decision.

So, why the wait? Keep on reading, and by the time you finish reading, you will know exactly which one to choose for you and the logical explanation behind it. Happy Reading. 

1. Most History: Herman Miller

Before knowing about the mechanisms of these chairs, let us first discover their origin stories separately. 

Herman Miller

More than a century ago, in 1905, the company was founded. The interesting part is that Herman Miller was known as Star Furniture Company back then. Then after a few years, Mr. Herman Miller bought the company, and since then, it was named Herman Miller. 

The origin story of Herman Miller is a very interesting one; if you are eager to know about its origin story, check out this article.  

Being an American-based company, all the activities were run from Zeeland, Michigan, U.S. Nonetheless, in 2007, the company established a factory in China. Soon after that, it started to acquire the Asian market. 

Although the company has always been in the furniture business, they started introducing Office Chairs in the late 1940s. The best creation of Herman Miller, Aeron Mesh Office Chair, is permanently displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Herman Miller has always been improving, and it has been many years since they have become almost unbeatable.

You will never be disappointed in the Office Chairs nor the Gaming Chairs’ design, ergonomic features, and service. 

The constant research and the eagerness to be the best have always taken the company a few steps forward than other companies. 


Not so long ago, in 2014, Secretlab was founded in Singapore by Alaric Choo and Ian Ang. The band entered the market with gaming chairs.

Being e-sport players themselves, both founders knew the need for a good Gaming Chair. 

Both the founders have longed for an amazing gaming chair that will take on the market soon after its arrival.

Fortunately, they were successful in making award-winning Gaming Chairs. They never compromised to bring the best scientist, engineer, or other specialists.

Currently, the company has secured one of the top positions in the list of top Gaming Chair manufacturing companies.

Moreover, the primer quality designs and innovative Secretlab gaming chairs are dream chairs for many e-sport players.  

Although Heman Miller has gained popularity by producing both office chairs and gaming chairs, Secretlab Gaming chairs are remarkably well-appreciated.

Not only that they produce normal Gaming Chairs, but also various themed Chairs. For example, Pokemon, Game of thorns, Marvel, or other gaming characters-based chairs.   

2. Best Price: Secretlab

Herman Miller

To be honest, the Herman Miller chairs can be costly and unaffordable. I have forbidden myself many times from spending such a great amount of money. 

A Herman Miller Chair that costs less than $1000 is rare. Yes, I agree they are pretty good quality chairs, but sometimes the Herman Miller Chairs can be overpriced. 

Moreover, extra fitting or upgraded components can cost you even more. Many Chairs can cost well above $1500.


The Secretlab Chairs are not as expensive as Herman Miller; instead, the price falls under the average Chair price. You will find good-quality chairs at under the price of $500.

However, when you require an update, you need to pay extra. For instance, you want to add Napa leather to your Chair’s seating, and then you have to spend more money. 

3. Best Innovations: Herman Miller

Both the Chair manufacturing companies are focused on producing the best quality chairs with lots of innovative features.  

Herman Miller

Herman Miller never disappoints, bringing the new innovative features on its existing chairs. They have also introduced many new chairs which brought new features which make the seating arrangement more comfortable.  

They bring the best engineers who have the ability to make the best chairs in the market. They have always tried to bring innovation not only in chair designs but also in its overall mechanism.

They have been producing great Office and Gaming Chairs, then most other office chair brands. 


Secretlab never fails to introduce a good-quality Gaming Chair. Till today the Secretlab chairs are remarkable. These carry extraordinary features which make the seating arrangements more comfortable. 

Latest introductions like Omega, NeueChair, or Titan, all of these have something new to offer to hold your natural posture and ensure maximum comfort. 

However, when compared to Herman Miller, Secretlab still has a long way to grow. Even though they specialize in Gaming Chairs, Herman Miller’s Gaming Chairs have more to offer. 

4. Best Variety: Herman Miller

Herman Miller

Herman Miller has a few popular chairs, which have broken all the records of existing chairs. To state an example, the Herman Miller Aeron and the Embody. 

However, many latest introductions are also receiving good reviews. Herman Miller Embody, Cosm, and Mirra 2 have it on the top.

Other than these, you will also find numerous good-quality Herman Miller Chairs. They are: Celle, Setu, Keyn, Eames, Sayl, Verus, Lino, and Caper. 

My personal favorite is Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair. Although it is an expensive chair, you will never regret buying it. 

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Secretlab has been coming with new models each year since 2018, and each offers something new. Since the first gaming chair, Secretlab Throne V1, Secretlab has been producing various chairs.

Now NeueChair and Omega are the most popular Secretlab chairs. All because of the new features and comfortable seating arrangements. 

5. Best Quality & Materials: Herman Miller + Secretlab 

When it comes to building quality, neither of these chairs compromise. But let us compare them separately.

Herman Miller

Each Chair of Herman Miller has different materials; as a result, the build quality can be different in each of them. Most of the Herman Miller Chairs are built using 8Z Pellicle Suspension material.

8Z Pellicle Suspension materials help to maintain your natural posture all day long, making a safe sitting arrangement. The upholstery of Herman Miller Chairs has two types of polyester materials, Sync and Medley. 

Although all the mechanisms of Herman Miller Chairs are smooth and easy to conduct, you might see some of the features missing in these chairs.

For example, Herman Miller Aeron does not come with a headrest. 


Secretlab emphasis on producing good-quality chairs at a reasonable price. They will give you the option to choose the build quality of your Chair. Like you have the option to choose the leather between Napa Leather and Leatherette.

However, naturally, when you use the best materials, the price will go up. Therefore, you can buy a good-quality chair and still spend within your budget.  

That’s what  I like about Secretlab because they do not compromise with the features. They give close attention to the small details of the Chair, which is affordable and comfortable

However, being in the market for so long, Herman Miller Chairs have many patent features which are absent in Secretlab Chairs. Moreover, they are more reliable than Secretlab.

6. Best Designs: Herman Miller + Secretlab

Herman Miller and Secretlab both look professional and suitable for an office or home office environment. They will never disappoint you with their design. 

However, When you closely look at the designs, you will see Herman Miller Chairs are appropriate for the office environment.

Secretlab being Gaming Chairs are suitable for home areas. Trust me, if you have a sibling who is an esports player, buy them a Secretlab Gaming Chair, and see the happy smile on their face. 

7. Most Awards: Herman Miller

Herman Miller

Some of the remarkable awards won by Herman Miller; 

1996Good Design AwardsGold Prize
1999Designs of the DecadeGold Winner
2001FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) AwardsHighest Ergonomic Award In Europe
2006Attendees’ Choice AwardNational Ergonomics Conference and Exposition
2007Best of Innovations’ HonoreeInternational Consumer Electronics
2007The Queen’s AwardEnterprise in International Trade for outstanding achievement.
2021World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021Fast Company’s Annual List
2021First-Ever Smart Space Awards.Most Futuristic Furniture

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Particularly, I have not received any information that indicates that Secretlab won an award for its chairs. Perhaps Secretlab is still a new company to touch the stage of Herman Miller

8. Best Ergonomic Features: Secretlab 

Herman Miller

Herman Miller offers Office Chairs with a lot of ergonomic features and adjustments. However, some of the ergonomic adjustments can still be missing, like headrest or tilt locks.

Some of the permanently missing features in Herman Miller Chairs include 4D armrests.

However, sometimes one or two features can be missing in Herman Miller Chairs, but you will find them more comfortable.


Being Gaming Chairs, Secretlab has more ergonomic features. Since Gaming Chairs require a long time sitting position, it also cares for your natural posture and maximum comfort. 

Secretlab has great recline features and 4D armrests to make it more comfortable. The seat and chair height can be adjusted as per your need.  

9. Best Customer Service & Warranty: Herman Miller

Both of the brands have a good reputation for their overall service. One being more than a century old and another being a new company to set foot in the market, had to maintain a good reputation.

As a result, let us move forward to the Warranty and check the top two Chairs from each one.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller Embody Chair12-years
Herman Miller Aeron12-years

Like these two chairs, most Herman Miller chairs come with a 12-years warranty.


Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.05-years
Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.05-years

As shown, most of the Secretlab chairs come with a 3 to 5 years warranty which is comparatively higher than Herman Miller. 

10. Weight Capacity: Herman Miller

Herman Miller

Check out the table to get an idea about the dimension and weight capacity of the top two Herman Miller chairs;

ProductDimensionWeight Capacity
Herman Miller Embody Chair28″D x 27″W x 38.25″H300 lbs.
Herman Miller Aeron18.5″D x 28.25″W x 43″H350 lbs.


Compared to Herman Miller, Secretlab is broader in size; however, the weight capacity is less. 

Check out the dimensions and weight capacity of the top two Secretlab Chairs; 

ProductDimensionWeight Capacity
Secretlab Omega 2020 Prime 2.032″D x 14.5″W x 27.5″H239 lbs.
Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.032″D x 14.5″W x 27.5″H290 lbs.

11. Best Accessories: Herman Miller + Secretlab 

Both Herman Miller and Secretlab manufacture good quality accessories when it comes to chair accessories. The build quality is up to the mark, and it cares for ergonomic features. 

For example, Secretlab’s lumbar support pillow comes with memory foam and works well to the contoured shape of your back so that the posture stays balanced. The same goes for Herman Miller’s lumbar support 

Final Thoughts:

Before moving on to the final conclusion, let us mark these chairs on all these categories for better understanding.

Since we have compared Herman Miller and Secretlab in 11 different categories. Let us give the winner “1” point and the other “0” in each category

CategoryHerman MillerSecretlab
Most History10
Best Price01
Best Innovations10
Best Variety10
Best Quality & Materials11
Best Designs11
Most Awards10
Best Ergonomic Features01
Best Customer Service & Warranty10
Weight Capacity10
Best Accessories11

Well, as you can see, Herman Miller has topped; there remains no denial that it is way better than Secretlab. 

Even though the price is higher, Herman Miller Chairs are more reliable and trustworthy. However, if you are worried about the price, let me tell you this costly Chair gives a 12-years warranty and will last more than 15 years if proper care is taken.

Therefore, if you see the long-term picture, investing in Herman Miller Chairs will surely be a logical investment. 

If you are still hesitating about purchasing Herman Miller Chairs, read this article on Is a Herman Miller Chair Worth It? (Yes & Here’s Why!)

Nonetheless, if you are unwilling to make a long-term investment and need a good-quality chair at a reasonable price, you should definitely go for Secretlab Chairs.  

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