Herman Miller Aeron Vs. Steelcase Leap: Which One Is Better?

The rivals Herman Miller and Steelcase are the top two brands in the chair industry. They will never disappoint you with the features. But which one will win if they run in the same race?

Taking the top chairs from each brand, Aeron from Herman Miller, and Leap from Steelcase, let us see which one is better. So, What are the differences between Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap?

The difference between Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap is that Leap is cheaper and comes with seat depth adjustment and 4D armrests. Aeron does not have seat depth adjustments and a headrest. You will find Aeron in three different sizes, but the Leap has one particular size that suits a range of users.

This article is to help you understand the differences between Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap so that when you need to choose one between them, you can get an overall idea. However, before that, I will be discussing both the chairs separately. 

Herman Miller Aeron 

Herman Miller Aeron is the first ergonomic chair to leave such a big impact with its admirable design and great ergonomic features. Although the chair is built of premium quality USA materials, Aeron is used by people worldwide.

The chairs come in three different sizes, making the chair suitable for a range of users. Aeron’s innovative design and range of support are remarkable; as a result, the chair is displayed in the Museum of Modern Art situated in New York.

Aeron is a perfect chair when you need to sit for a longer period of time. The chair is rich in effective ergonomic features such as adjustable PostureFit SL lumbar support and proper upper body support. 

Many experts claim Herman Miller Aeron to be the best ergonomic office chair. But before coming to a conclusion, we should gather complete information as the preference might differ.

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Pros Of Herman Miller Aeron 

To begin with, let me provide you all the advantages you will be getting by using Herman Miller Aeron Chair;

  1. With the pioneering Pellicle suspension materials and with the help of PostureFit SL back support, the Herman Miller Aeron chair ensures every user is sitting in their ideal posture. 
  2. The PostureFit SL will help to support your back so that both your upper and lower back stay in the upright position. 
  3. It has got the best technology and advanced features which will make you fall in love with the chair. 
  4. The chair comes with three tilt limiters; upright, mid-recline, and full-recline.
  5. The chair is built with breathable fabric, which maintains the airflow and keeps you cool.
  6. The Harmonic Tilt Support gives you the privilege to enjoy a balanced and smooth recline. 
  7. The seat angle adjustment changes 5-degree forward from seat angle to neutral.
  8. Well above 90% of the Aeron chair is built with recyclable materials.
  9. The 3D armrests are well-padded and can be adjusted by height and depth. You can also adjust the angle by pivoting it. 
  10. The chair will be delivered fully assembled; that is, you do not have to worry about the assembling process.
  11. If you deliver a faulty chair, the company takes responsibility and replaces the required parts free of cost.
  12. The chair comes in three different sizes; Size A, Size B, and Size C, and each has unmatched specifications. 

Cons Of Herman Miller Aeron 

Now moving on to the drawbacks of Herman Miller Aeron, I have listed down the cons of Herman Miller Aeron;

  1. The Aeron chair can cost you around $1795, which is way higher than other ergonomic chairs in the market.
  2. When the advanced features are added, the price goes much higher and becomes unaffordable. 
  3. The armrest’s width adjustment is missing in the Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.
  4. The seat depth adjustments are also missing in the Aeron chair. 
  5. The semi-contoured seat can make the chair uncomfortable for obese people
  6. The chair does not have any headrest, and customers usually do not prefer an ergonomic chair without the headrest. 
  7. The Plastic frame of the chair can become uncomfortable while reclining.

Steelcase Leap

When someone asks about a flagship quality ergonomic chair that comes at a very reasonable price, Steelcase Leap will be the first option that will come to my mind. The Steelcase Leap has sturdy construction and will last for a long period of time. 

The Steelcase Leap comes with many ergonomic features, including proper lumbar support, seat adjustments, armrest adjustments, and proper headrest. 

Steelcase Leap has a great range of tilting features with five different lock positions. 

Pros Of Steelcase Leap

Let me tell you all the benefits you will be enjoying from Steelcase Leap chair;

  1. The LiveBack Technology present in the Steelcase Leap chair makes sure you are sitting in your upright position.
  2. Even when you recline with the backrest, the LiveBack Technology ensures you are sitting in your optimum posture.
  3. The chair’s adjustments make sure the chair is suitable for a range of users. It will not matter if you are a short or tall person; you will be able to adjust the chair as per your need.
  4. The chair’s seat cushions contain air pockets which make sure the seat shapes according to your body shape.
  5. The flexible edges of the seat do a great job when it comes to releasing the pressure points from the thighs.
  6. The recline feature of the Steelcase Leap is amazing because it blends well with every body shape and perfectly contours your body.
  7. The recline feature has five different tilt lock positions.
  8. The armrests of Steelcase Leap can be adjusted 4-ways, height, width, depth, and angle. 
  9. The seat pad of the Steelcase Leap can be moved back and forth, which provides you the privilege of adjusting it when needed. 
  10. The headrest of the chair is also adjustable; you can move it up & down and side by side.
  11. The Headrest of the chair is detachable; that is, when not needed, you can remove the headrest. 

Cons Of Steelcase Leap

The disadvantages of using Steelcase Leap chair include;

  1. Steelcase Leap can cost you around $824, which can be unaffordable to many. But considering a flagship office chair, the pricing is good. 
  2. The backseat height adjustment is missing. 
  3. The seat padding might seem minimal to many people. 
  4. The Headrest of the chair will cost you some extra bucks. 

Detailed Comparison Between Herman Miller Aeron And Steelcase Leap

Now that you know about all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap chairs, let us compare them side by side to get a detailed picture. 

General Overview

By providing a table, let me briefly tell you about the notable specifications;

FeaturesHerman Miller AeronSteelcase Leap
SizesSize ASize BSize C
Chair Height 38.5 inches41 inches43 inches38.5’’ – 43.5’’
Chair Width26 inches27 inches28.25 inches27 inches
Chair Depth16 inches16.75 inches18.5 inches21.75 inches – 24.75 inches
Seat Height15’’ – 19’’ inches16’’ – 20.5’’ 16’’ – 20.5’’15.5’’  – 20.5’’
Frame & BaseMatte, polished, or powder-coated die-cast aluminumMatte, polished, or powder-coated die-cast aluminumMatte, polished, or powder-coated die-cast aluminumPolished aluminum
Seat & Backrest8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspensionSteelcase and Designtex fabric, leather, or vinyl

Ergonomic Features

Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap both the chairs carry a whole bunch of ergonomic features. However, they both carry some missing features in the other one.

Well, nothing to be confused about; let me make it clear with a table.

FeaturesHerman Miller AeronSteelcase Leap
Armrests3D Adjustments4D Adjustments
Seat Pan/ Depth AdjustmentsMissingPresent
Seat Angle AdjustmentsPresentPresent
Backrest Height AdjustmentsMissingMissing
Headrest AdjustmentsMissingDetachable and adjustable headrest
Tilt Lock Positions 3 positions5 positions
Lumbar SupportPostureFit SLLiveBack Technology

As you can see, both the chairs have numerous ergonomic features, but a few features are missing. After proper observation, you will notice that Steelcase Leap seems to have more ergonomic features than Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. 

The armrests of Leap can be adjusted by height, width, depth, and the angle of it can be rotated as per your need. However, the depth adjustments of the Herman Miller Aeron chair’s armrests are missing.

The most interesting feature of Steelcase is the seat depth adjustments. On the other hand, the seat angle of both the chairs can be adjusted.

Both the chairs are available without headrests; nonetheless, the headrest of Steelcase Leap can be brought extra with a few more bucks. 

Leap seat recline can be locked in five different positions, and Aeron has only three lock positions. Both the chairs will give you the optimal lumbar support, but the missing headrest of Aeron does not provide upper back support. 

Build Quality & Durability

Herman Miller and Steelcase chairs are great in build quality and last for years. Aeron and Leap are not any different. 

Herman Miller Aeron is built with more than 90% recycled products, basically, the plastic waste is taken from the ocean. For lumbar support, Pioneering Pellicle suspension materials.

Then again, the base and frame of the Aeron are built with Matte, polished, or powder-coated die-cast aluminum. 

On the other side, in the Steelcase Leap chair, the seat and backrest have Steelcase and Designtex fabric, leather, or vinyl, or you can order the chair with your preferred fabric. Polished aluminum is used for the frame and base. 

Both of these two Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap chairs come with a 12 year of warranty from the companies and offer tremendous durability throughout the years.

If you check on Reddit, eBay, or Amazon; I’m sure you will find a ton of used Aeron or Leap chairs that are even 10 years old and still look great. That’s what type of durability these office chairs offer.

Design & Comfort

You cannot disagree with the fact that both Aeron and Leap belong to the group of most attractive chairs that will suit any workspace. 

The Aeron chair is comfortable, no doubt, but when you sit on the Leap chair, you will feel that the chair has got everything you will ever need to make your sitting arrangement comfortable. 

The air pockets in the seat cushion and the flexible edges of the seat increase the comfort level. The airflow keeps the sweats away from you, and the soft surface keeps you comfy. 

Price & Warranty 

The Herman Miller chairs are usually expensive, the Aeron being the best creation of Herman Miller, cost around $1795 and comes with a 12-year warranty. 

However, the price changes every now and then, so I recommend you check the current price of Aeron on amazon by clicking here

In contrast, Steelcase Leap will cost you around $800. Check the current price on Amazon by clicking here. In addition to that, the chair comes with a 12-years warranty.

Weight Capacity & Size 

Check out the table containing the size and weight-related information;

Features Herman Miller Aeron Steelcase Leap
SizesSize ASize BSize C 
Product Dimensions38.5″ H 26″ W 16″ D41″ H 27″ W 16.75″ D43″ H 28.25″ W 18.5″ D43.5” H x 27” W x 24.75” D
Recommended Height 5’10” and under5’10” – 6’5”5’10” – 6’5”4’9’’ – 6’4’’
Chair’s Weight40 lbs.41 lbs.43 lbs.65 lbs.
Weight Capacity300 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.400 lbs.

Steelcase Leap is surely a heavy chair but comes with the highest weight capacity when compared to Aeron’s three different sizes.

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Is The Herman Miller Aeron Better Compared To The Steelcase Leap?

Undoubtedly, both the chairs are the best creation of their respected companies, and they offer great adjustments and features that ensure great comfort. 

I would say Steelcase Leap being the cheapest, offering great features, and the fact that they truly care for your posture makes the chair standalone. You will have more adjustable features which will particularly suit your preferences. 

However, you might find Aeron better than Leap, depending on your preferences. I would say list down your preferences then choose the appropriate one for you.

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