Herman Miller Aeron Vs. Sayl: Which One Is Better?

Herman Miller Office Chairs are manufactured with top-notch materials, which is why they have amazing build quality. The real debate starts when it comes to choosing between two Herman Miller Chairs. For example, which one is good between Herman Miller Aeron and Sayl Chair.

What Is The Difference Between Herman Miller Aeron And Sayl Chair? The main difference between Herman Miller Aeron and Sayl is in appearance. The design and looks of the Sayl are a bit uncommon, while the Aeron chair looks more mainstream. Also, Aeron chairs are usually more comfortable and expensive than Sayl chairs.

This article is to help you provide all the information regarding Herman Miller Aeron and Sayl Chairs. All the provided information will help you decide which one is better for you, between Herman Miller Aeron and Sayl Chairs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Keep on reading. 

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the most admired and well-recognized ergonomic Chair for the office. It has all USA premium quality materials, so it is one of the expensive chairs you will find in the market. 

Aeron Chairs come in three sizes; Size A, Size B & Size C, which makes them suitable for users. That is, you can check the dimensions before purchasing the Chair to get the appropriate Chair for you.  

Aeron Chairs are rich in ergonomic features, making them comfortable for the user to sit in for a long period of time. 

Along with height adjustments, it has thick Adjustable PostureFit SL pads for lumbar support, appropriate neck support and ensures a comfortable sitting position. 

The innovative design & support for a range of postures enables people of any size to sit comfortably. The plastic part of the Chair is manufactured using the diverted plastic waste from the ocean. 

The seat made of mesh material also makes the seat breathable and cool. The Aeron Chairs come with a 12-years warranty. Moreover, the Chair is delivered fully assembled at your footstep.   

For a better understanding, let us move forward and go through all the benefits the Herman Miller Aeron Chair has to offer, along with its drawbacks.

Pros Of Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron is one of the greatest creations of Herman Millers and can defeat most other Office Chairs. Let me tell you what are the pros of Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. 

  1. Enhanced Back Support: Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair ensures the users’ ideal sit with its pioneering Pellicle suspension material and the patented PostureFit SL back support. 
  2. Adjustable Lumbar Support: The adjustable PostureFit SL pads not only stabilize the base of the spine but also provide adequate lumbar support. 
  3. Offers Better Ergonomic: It is a good example of a human-centered Chair and offers the best technologically advanced features for better posture. 
  4. Offers Breathable Fabric: It comes in breathable fabric, which keeps you cool and comfortable, even in warm weather.
  5. Smooth Recline: The recline is satisfactorily smooth and balanced with the amazing Harmonic Tilt Supports. 
  6. Made out of Recycled Material: The best part of Aeron Chairs is that they are made of recycled plastic waste from the ocean. Moreover, 91% of the Aeron Chair is made using recycled material.
  7. Fully Adjustable Armrest: The armrest can be adjusted by height, depth, and angle. 
  8. Well-padded Arm Caps: The arm pads are also well-padded and give a soft and comfortable surface to rest your arms.
  9. Pre-assembled: You are delivered the Aeron Chair completely assembled at your footstep. 
  10. Great After-Sale Service: Sometimes, the Chairs can be found defective, or the parts might also be faulty; in such cases, the company will take full responsibility for replacing them.
  11. 30 Day Refund Policy: Then again, when you are unhappy with the Chair, you will have the 30-days refund option open for replacing it. 

Drawbacks Of Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Some of the drawbacks of using Herman Miller Aeron Chair includes;

  1. Although the armrest comes with height, depth, and angle adjustments, the width adjustment is missing in Aeron Chairs.
  2. Unlike most other latest office chairs, the seat depth adjustments are missing in Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.
  3. Compared to other Herman Miller Office Chairs, Aeron can be a bit expensive and can cost you up to $2000.
  4. Another downfall of Herman Miller Chairs is that many users claim the Chair’s frame can be uncomfortable for reclining because of the plastic frame. 

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Chairs are extremely stylish, offer responsive support, and the ,Chair is 90% recycled after the end of use.

The ventilated elastomer back completely flexes your body and keeps the natural air circulation. Just by locking the seat into the base, you can assemble the Chair; no additional tools are required. 

The Herman Miller Sayl Chair has a different appearance from any other regular office chair. Moreover, provide your office with a stylish yet sophisticated look. Nonetheless, many find it uncomfortable to sit in. 

The Harmonic Tilt support is also present in the Herman Miller Sayl chair, enabling a smooth & balanced recline. The Chair comes with a 12-years manufacturing warranty. 

Pros Of Herman Miller Sayl Chair

All the benefits that a Herman Miller Sayl Chair can offer are listed below;

  1. Mesh-back: The backrest comes with a rubberized mesh; most people love its appearance of it.
  2. Good Lumbar Support: The Y-shaped backrest offers great lumbar support, and you can move it to adjust it up to your preferences.
  3. Fully Adjustable Armrests: The armrest is completely adjustable; it goes up & down, angles it towards you, and pushes it outside. Lastly, you can raise or lower the height of the armrest.
  4. Seat Depth Adjustable: Unlike Herman Miller Aeron, Sayl Chairs come with depth & height-adjustable seat pan. 
  5. Recline Tension Adjustment: There is a knob to adjust the tension and a tilt limiter to adjust the angle of the recline mechanism.
  6. Easy Assembly: Assembling the delivered Herman Miller Sayl chair is a simple task to accomplish.

Drawbacks Of Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Now moving toward the drawback, it can be said that the Herman Miller Sayl has a few cons, which can be the reasons for many people to dislike the Chair.

The cons of Herman Miller Sayl Chair include:

  1. The Chair Might look stylish, but when it comes to overall comfort, it is not fit for a long sitting position.
  2. Taller people might find it difficult to sit in Herman Miller Sayl because of its short backrest.
  3. The rubberized backrest can make the Chair uncomfortable to sit in for some people.
  4. Many users claimed that after a certain period of use, the seat cushion padding and the padding of its armrest could begin to come off.
  5. The Chair comes in two pieces in the packaging, and you need to adjust it. 
  6. This is an expensive chair, and you might want to skip buying it because it does not add up the value as per your expectations.

Comparison Between Herman Miller Aeron And Herman Miller Sayl

Now that you know all about Herman Miller Aeron and Sayl Chairs let us compare them side by side. 

Ergonomic Features

Herman Miller Aeron has numerous ergonomic features, which are rarely beatable by any other Office Chair. You can choose from three different chairs sizes: Size A, Size B, and Size C. 

The PostureFit SL back support is one of the amazing things about the Chair. It enables you with advanced features to support your posture actively. Moreover, it also plays a great role in reducing muscle fatigue and minimizing the circulation-restricting pressure points. 

On the other hand, Herman Miller Sayl Chairs do not offer any adjacent lumbar support; however, you can always look for additional options. 

In addition to that, the excellent adjustable armrest is also unbeatable when compared to Herman Miller Sayl. The armrests in Sayl can only be moved upward and downward, and the arm pads are not well padded. 

Although you can find an extra headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair, there is no headrest available for Herman Miller Sayl. 

Both the chairs come with three recline positions and a tilt limiter. The height recommendation for Herman Miller Sayl covers all the ranges of height recommendation for Aeron Chairs. To be more clear, check the table provided below;

Herman Miller AeronHerman Miller Sayl
Small (Size A)Medium (Size B)Large (Size C)
5’10†and under5’10†– 6’5â€5’10†– 6’5â€4’11†– 6’2â€

That is, if you need a chair fit for people with different heights, then you might want to skip Aeron and go for Herman Miller Sayl Chairs. 

Winner – In terms of Ergonomic Features, Herman Miller Aeron surely beats Herman Miller Sayl. 

Design & Comfort

To be honest, I truly love how beautiful the Herman Miller Sayl looks. The authentic, sophisticated look makes the Chair want in your office environment.

Nonetheless, the Herman Miller Sayl Chair can be uncomfortable to sit in when it comes to comfort. If you need a chair that will add up to the look and be comfortable sitting in for a longer period of time, you should definitely go for Herman Miller Aeron Chair. 

The Sayl Chair of Herman Miller has a 3D intelligent back that ensures stability and makes it comfortable to move. 

Herman Miller Sayl’s posture fit helps to retain the natural shape of your spine, but the unframed back support makes it uncomfortable to sit in for an extended period of time. Moreover, the armrest also seemed uncomfortable to me.

In contrast, Herman Miller Aeron comes with great lumbar support and helps to prevent back pain. It further ensures stability and good posture for a longer period. 

Winner – The clear winner in this category is Herman Miller Aeron Chair. 

Build Quality & Durability

Nothing beats the build quality of Herman Miller Chairs, can it be Aeron, Sayl, or other kinds, which is why choosing between two Herman Miller Chairs is tough to pick one in terms of build quality. 

Herman Miller Sayl Chair comes in a plastic frame and a spongy seat. Yes, it looks great, but most of the users claim it to be uncomfortable. 

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair’s Seat is built using soft, breathable mesh material. In addition to that, the fame is made of the pellicle, which helps to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature of the skin. 

Winner – Undoubtedly, Herman Miller Aeron.

Weight Capacity & Size

Before going into details on the weight capacity and size of Herman Miller Aeron or Herman Miller Sayl Chairs, let me provide you with an overview table of both chairs.

FeaturesHerman Miller Aeron  Herman Miller Sayl
 Sizes:Size ASize BSize C –
Chair’s Dimensions:38.5″ H 26″ W 16″ D41″ H 27″ W 16.75″ D43″ H 28.25″ W 18.5″ D40.75″ H 24.5″ W 26″ D
Chair Height:38.5 inches41 inches43 inches40.75 inches
Chair Width:26 inches27 inches28.25 inches24.5 inches
Chair Depth:16 inches16.75 inches18.5 inches26 inches
Seat Height:14.75-19 inches16-20.5 inches20.5 inches15.5 – 20.5 inches
Recommended Height:5’10†and under5’ – 6’4â€5’ – 6’4â€5’10†– 6’5â€
Chair’s Weight:40 lbs.41 lbs.43 lbs.54 lbs.
Weight Capacity:300 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.

As you can see, Herman Miller Aeron comes in three different sizes, and each has a specific dimension and are appropriate for a particular group of people. Tall people can buy the size C, whereas Size A is for the short people.

Herman Miller Aeron can be the priority when a specific person uses the Chair. If the requirement includes people of various heights who may use the Chair, then Herman Miller Sayl will be the perfect one for you. 

Then again, when it comes to the weight capacity, except for Size A of Aeron, all the chairs, including Sayl, have 350 lbs. weight limit

Winner – I believe in this category; it is a tie situation. You can make a list of your requirements before choosing the appropriate one.  


Herman Miller Chairs are one of the expensive chairs you will ever find. Most Herman Miller Chairs cost either more than $1,000 or, with added features, it can cost even more than $2,000

When it comes to Aeron and Sayl, Aeron is much more expensive than Sayl. Additionally, both Herman Miller Chairs can cost you more with added features. 

If you want to check the price with added features, check the official website. For Herman Miller Sayl, click here. And for Herman Miller Aeron, click here. 

FeaturesHerman Miller Aeron Herman Miller Sayl
Frame BaseBlackFog/ Studio White
ArmFully Adjustable ArmFully Adjustable Arm
Seat DepthNot PresentAdjustable Seat Depth
Back SupportAdjustable PostureFit SLAdjustable Lumbar Support
CasterCarpet CasterCarpet Caster

Or you can also check these chairs on Amazon. Currently, Herman Miller Aeron costs $1,560.00 on Amazon. Check the most updated price of Aeron, by clicking here and the price of Sayl, by clicking here

Winner – In this category, being the less expensive one Herman Miller Sayl is the winner.

Warranty And Return Policy

Herman Miller has been in the market for a century now. It has always been maintaining goodwill not only by manufacturing good quality chairs but also with their after-sell service, warranty, and return policy.

Like most other Herman Miller Chairs, Aeron and Sayl also come with a 12-years manufacture warranty period. It covers any defective components, starting from electrical parts to other parts.  

Winner – It is also a tie in this category, as they both belong to the same company they come with the same warranty & return policy.

Is The Herman Miller Aeron Better Than The Herman Miller Sayl?

Comparing both the Chairs side by side, it is clear that Herman Miller Aeron is unbeatable compared to Herman Miller Sayl. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair’s ergonomic feature is higher and provides more comfort.

Check the table below to get a clear idea of why the Aeron chair is better:

Ergonomic Features10
Design & Comfort10
Build Quality & Durability10
Weight Capacity11

Note: Winner in each category got one point. If it’s a tie, both chairs get 1 point each.

As you can see on the above table, overall the Aeron chair is better than the Sayl in almost every category.

Even though the price of Aeron is a little bit higher than Sayl and the Sayl model adds a different vibe with its appearance, the Aeron is the best between these two.

So, Except for the pricing, the Aeron Chair is unbeatable in every category.

Thanks for reading! If you have a minute, check out my article on, Is a Herman Miller Chair Worth It?

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