Herman Miller Aeron Vs. Celle: Which One Is Better?

Herman Miller has been in the market for more than a decade, and their best creation is the Aeron Chair. However, some of the recent Office Chairs additions are also receiving many good reviews. 

For example, nowadays, the Herman Miller Celle is receiving lots of positive feedback, but does it outweigh the benefit of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair?

What is the difference between Herman Miller Aeron and Herman Miller Celle?

The main difference between Herman Miller Aeron and Celle is that Celle can better hold your natural posture than the Aeron even when you move with its Cellular Suspension Seat, and Celle is available in more vibrant colors. However, the seat of Aeron is more comfortable than the Celle. Other than that, almost all the features are almost similar

This article will provide you with an overview of Herman Miller Aeron and Celle Chairs so that you have overall information for choosing the best one for you. 

Before coming to a conclusion, I recommend you to read the whole article and then decide. 

Let’s get started. 

Herman Miller Aeron 

The amazing chair, Herman Miller Aeron, is the best chair manufactured by the company, which is even displayed in the Museum of Modern Art situated in New York.

Surely the advanced features and the design makes the chair stand out from other office chairs. What is more amazing is that the Herman Miller Chairs are manufactured using USA premium quality materials, which is why the build quality is even more developed.

The Aeron Chair carries numerous ergonomic features and provides the comfort you really want. It contours your posture and ensures you are in your natural posture. 

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair comes in three different sizes so that you can find the perfect chair for you, as per your height and required weight capacity. 

Not only Herman Miller Aeron, but also maximum office chairs manufactured by Herman Miller are made using recyclable materials. 

Yes, Herman Miller Aeron is better than most other Office Chairs and carries numerous benefits for the users; however, at the same time, you might face some drawbacks of using the chair.

Let me tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of using the Herman Miller Aeron Chair as your office chair.

Pros of Herman Miller Aeron:

  1. Uses Recycled Material: The chair is built using recycled plastic material and breathable mesh materials.
  2. Smooth Reclining: The Harmonic Tilt Support makes the reclining smooth and balanced; you will fully enjoy the recline feature.
  3. Fully Adjustable Armrest: The well-padded armrests can be adjusted by height, depth, and angle.
  4. Enhanced Lumbar Support: Aeron Chair enables your ideal sitting posture with its patented adjustable PostureFit SL Lumbar support. The well-padded Lumbar support stabilizes your spine base and reduces back pain.
  5. Offers Different Sizes: Herman Miller Aeron offers three different sizes for different types of users so that everyone can use this chair.
  6. Pre-assembled: You will not face any troubles with assembling the chair, and the chair is delivered fully assembled.
  7. Excellent After-Sale Service: The company takes complete responsibility if any faulty products or chair components are delivered.
  8. 12-Year-Warranty: The Aeron Chairs come with a 12-year manufacturing warranty.

Cons of Herman Miller Aeron:

  1. The Aeron Chair is costly and unaffordable to many.
  2. The price of the chair gets higher with the added features.
  3. The armrests do not have any width adjustments. 
  4. The seat depth is fixed; that is, you cannot adjust the seat depth in Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.
  5. The plastic frame of the Chair can seem uncomfortable to many.
  6. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair does not come with a headrest, which can be a reason for many people to feel comfortable. 
  7. The seat of Aeron is semi-contoured, which can be uncomfortable for obese people.

To summarize the above lists, Herman Miller Aeron chair is the most admired product of the company and has been rewarded with many awards. 

Overall, 91% of the chair is built using recycled materials. The plastic used in manufacturing the Chair is recycled plastic from the ocean. 

The Aeron chair provides the perfect lumbar support and holds the natural posture by stabilizing your spine. The recline function is also smooth and can be adjusted effortlessly. 

The armrests are perfectly padded and can be adjusted height-wise, depth-wise, and the armrests’ angle can be changed. However, the width of the chair is not adjustable. 

This is an extremely pricey chair and can cost you a fortune. Moreover, the Herman Miller Aeron chair can be modified with numerous technologically advanced features. Nonetheless, it will increase the price. 

The seat can seem uncomfortable for a few groups of people, but most of them find it comfortable to sit in. 

Like all other Herman Miller Chairs, Aeron comes with a 12-years manufacturing warranty. If you find any defective components in the delivered package, the company will take full responsibility to replace them.

Herman Miller Celle Chair

With the modern design and unique appearance, the Herman Miller Celle looks vibrant as it is available in various colors. Although you will not love the chair at first sight because of the soft padding, you will definitely feel comfortable once you sit on it. 

Herman Miller Celle is suitable for heavy use. The chair does not come with the most comfortable seat padding, but the chair will offer you everything you need.  

The Herman Miller Celle Chair is certified with Indoor Advantage Gold which ensures the Chair is appropriate for indoor use and meets the chemical emission limits. 

The chair’s patented Cellular Suspension back comes with dissimilar 751 polymer cells, which conform to your unique shape and figure. It completely supports your back while ensuring proper airflow. 

Moreover, Passive PostureFit sacral support prevents any sloughing while working and makes sure that your spine remains perfectly aligned. 

Now that you are familiar with the Herman Miller Celle Chair, let me tell you all the chair’s benefits and advantages. 

Pros Of Using Herman Miller Celle

The following part will acknowledge you with the pros or benefits of Herman Miller Celle Chairs. Let us dig in.

  1. Suitable for indoor use: The Chair is suitable for indoor use and maintains the chemical emission boundary for volatile organic compounds.
  2. Comfortable for long-time use: The Herman Miller Celle is suitable for long-time use.
  3. Helps With Posture: The Chair is good for maintaining the appropriate posture and the spine’s alignment. 
  4. Different Color Options: If you like vibrant colors, you can find this chair available in various colors. 
  5. Great Ventilation: The patented Cellular Suspension Seat back is suitable for proper airflow and conforms to your natural body posture.
  6. Easy Adjustments: Adjusting the chair’s tilt with the knob is super easy and within your reach. 
  7. Preassembled: The Herman Miller Celle is delivered fully assembled. That means you do not have to worry about assembling the chair.
  8. Extended Warranty: Similar to other Herman Miller Chairs, Celle comes with a 12-year warranty, and the company takes full responsibility for the defective components. 

Cons Of Using Herman Miller Celle Chair

Now let us talk about the downside of using the Herman Miller Celle Chair.

  1. The Herman Miller Celle Chair price is more than the average price of regular office chairs.
  2. The seat comes with minimum padding, which some users find uncomfortable. 
  3. The armrests are adjustable but do not have the padding like other chairs.

Comparing The Herman Miller Aeron To The Herman Miller Celle

Now that you know what Herman Miller Aeron and Celle have to offer, let move forward and compare them side by side.

General Overview

Before going into details, let us compare them to a basic overview of these chairs. Check out the provided table below to get more understanding.

FeaturesHerman Miller Aeron  Herman Miller Celle
Sizes:Size ASize BSize C Single Size
Chair’s Dimensions:38.5″x26″x16″41″x27″x16.75″43″x28.25″x18.5″39.25″x29.5″x27.25″
Chair Height:38.5 inches41 inches43 inches39.25 inches
Chair Width:26 inches27 inches28.25 inches29.5 inches
Chair Depth:16 inches16.75 inches18.5 inches27.25 inches
Seat Height:14.75â€-19†inches16â€-20.5â€20.5 inches20.25 inches
Recommended User’s Height:Below 5’10â€5’ – 6’4â€5’ – 6’4â€5’11†or lower
Chair’s Weight:40 lbs.41 lbs.43 lbs.45 lbs.
Weight Capacity:300 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.350 lbs.

Ergonomic Features

Herman Miller Chairs come with great adjustment facilities; this is the same for both Aeron and Celle. Both the chairs offer almost the same ergonomic features and adjustments. 

Nonetheless, the amazing feature of Celle reclining along with you and supporting your back will add a few bonus marks for it. 

In addition to that, you can upgrade Celle’s adjustments, which gives you the privilege to make it all comfortable.

Winner – In this category, Herman Miller Celle is the clear winner.

Design & Comfort

Although both Aeron and Celle look pretty elegant and are suitable for any office environment, the Vibrant color palates of Celle surely lift up the mood and change the overall environment.

In terms of comfort, Aeron has a ismore comfortable seat than Celle. However, both the chairs have received some complaints when it comes to the seat adjustments. 

The Herman Miller Celle received critical reviews for minimum padding in the armrest and seat. However, sitting in a chair does not seem uncomfortable at all.

Then again, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair’s seat can be uncomfortable to many users as well because of having a contoured seat and the missing seat depth arrangement. 


Both chairs are the winner in the Design and Comfort criteria. 

Build Quality & Durability

Herman Miller does not compromise with the build quality. Premium quality Chair materials are used, which make the chairs last longer. 

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is built with breathable soft mesh material, and the frame is made using Pellicle. That is why the chair is comfortable to sit in, even in warm weather. 

When it comes to Herman Miller Celle, the chair has a steel and plastic frame, and the padding is made of foam. Even though the chair is low padded, the foam padding makes it comfortable to sit in. 


In this case, there remains no doubt that both chairs will have the same marks on Build Quality and durability. Therefore, it is a tie. 

Weight Capacity & Size

Before moving into details, check out the weight of the chairs and the weight capacity they can handle.

 Model:Herman Miller Aeron  Herman Miller Celle
 Sizes:Size ASize BSize C Single Size
Chair’s Weight:40 lbs.41 lbs.43 lbs.45 lbs.
Weight Capacity:300 lbs. / 136 kg350 lbs. / 159 kg350 lbs. / 159 kg350 lbs. / 159 kg

As you can see, the Herman Miller Celle has more weight than all three sizes of Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. However, the weight capacity is the same for all the chairs, except the Size A of the Aeron Chair. 

While comparing the size of the chairs, I have noticed that Celle is a bit bigger than Size A of Aeron Chair and a bit smaller than Size B of Aeron Chair. 

Winner: The winner in this category is Herman Miller Aeron.


Undoubtedly, all the Herman Miller Chairs are expensive. Compared to all other Herman Miller Chairs, Celle is comparatively cheaper. Nonetheless, the price will get higher with added features. 

The current price of Celle is $895. You can check the price of Herman Miller Celle on their website; However, you can also check the price on Amazon, clicking here.

Moving on to the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, the price on its official website is $1,795; However, We found a Herman Miller Aeron deal on Amazon. Check it out on Amazon, you can also click here. 


Being a good quality chair and one of the less expensive Herman Miller Office Chairs, I declare Herman Miller Celle the winner of this category.

Warranty And Return Policy

The warranty and return policy of Herman Miller Aeron and Celle are no different. Since both belong to the same company, the policy is also the same for both the chairs. 

All the Herman Miller Office Chairs come with a 12-years warranty period.

Winner: It is definitely a tie. 

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Is The Herman Miller Aeron Better Than The Herman Miller Celle?

Although Herman Miller Aeron has been declared the best creation of the Herman Miller company, some of the latest introductions to the office chair sections are also getting positive feedback. 

Although both Aeron and Celle have been running at the same pace, Celle has been introducing a few new features, which makes it win the race. 

So, if you have a low budget, and want a chair that will completely support your back which will ensure your natural posture is maintained, then you can go for Herman Miller Celle. Trust me; the investment will be worth it. 

Then again, if you want a good quality chair and the budget is not the main concern, you can buy a Herman Miller Aeron Chair.  

Herman Miller Also has a Sayl chair that offers minimal design with good ergonomics. We have an article that discusses between Aeron chair and Sayl Chair, read the article by clicking here.

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