Does Leather Ruin In Rain? (Explained)

We all know leather products can be sensitive and can easily get damaged if not taken care of properly. However, people might give you different theories regarding leather getting damaged due to the arrival of different seasons. But, does leather ruin in the rain? 

When leather comes in touch with rainwater, the leather can get ruined as the oils present in the leather tend to bind with the water molecules and leave the leather all dried out. When the natural oils of the leather get depleted, the leather product will simply lose its quality and get damaged.

In this article, I will let you know everything you need to know about the protection of your leather product from the rain. After explaining the need for protection from rain, I will mention various tips to protect your leather product from water. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let us get started. 

Is Leather Ruined By Water?

To be honest, if there is too much water stored in leather products for a long time, the water can damage the leather. That is, if you keep the water untreated, then the leather can ruin its quality, and sometimes the repairing process can be irreplaceable. 

You might freely enjoy the rain wearing a leather jacket or keep leather furniture in an open space, trust me, and it should be avoided under the rain. Also, if waterfalls accidentally in a leather product, you should remove all the water as early as possible. 

If you wonder what the hurry and feel like little water will not hamper the leather, check out the later portion to know in detail.

What Happens If Rain Gets On Leather?

Rainwater can be the worst enemy of your leather furniture. You might leave the leather furniture in the backyard and forget to take them back when the rain starts to pour. But this should not be done. 

It would help if you kept the leather furniture in a shaded place where the rain would not be able to touch it. Moreover, you also need to cover it with protective coverings, if possible. 

So, What Actually Happens When Rain Water Comes In Contact With Leather? Well, in short, rainwater will eat up all the natural oils of the leather and make the leather dry. The dried leather will then start to crack, and the outer layers will start to fall apart. 

Actually, leather contains oils that keep the layers intact and increase the leather’s durability. Once the water is absorbed by the leather, the oil molecules start to combine with the water molecule. 

After a certain time, the oil will evaporate along with the water molecules, and the leather will get dry. This will make them lose all the stored oils while making them cracked and breakable. 

However, you have got nothing to worry about. I will share the repair technique and water-proofing techniques so that you can take utmost care of your leather products. 

How To Repair Water Damaged Leather?

It is normal to spill water accidentally on your favorite leather product. Well, to be honest, you can completely protect the leather by cleaning it as soon as possible. The whole repair process demands gentle touch and treatment. 

In order to repair the water-damaged leather, you first need to remove all the water using a microfiber cloth. Remember, not a single drop of water should remain.

Then by mixing some soap with lukewarm water, you need to properly clean the water so that no spot remains. Take off all the residue from the surface. Do not let the water get inside the corners or get stacked in the corners. 

After properly air-drying the leather, you need to apply some conditioner so that the leather stays completely hydrated. You can check out my favorite leather conditioner on Amazon by clicking here.

The final step is to let the leather air dry overnight before using it. The next day you will find the leather in good condition, all the water stains will be gone. 

In case you want to know more about it, I would highly recommend you to check our article on How to Repair Water Damaged Leather?

How Can I Water-Proof My Leather Products?

In order to water-proof the leather products, Beeswax can be helpful. However, you will need a few more products which include:

  • Beeswax – (2 ounces)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 Cup)
  • Medium-sized pan  
  • Coldwater 
  • A Container or Glass Jar 
  • Soft Buffing Cloth

Step – 1 Combining The Ingredients

Take the glass jar and pour the desired extra virgin olive oil. After breaking the beeswax into fine small pieces, add them to the jar. 

Step – 2 Heat The Mixture 

Pour the cold water into a container and put it over the stove. Carefully place the jar until the beeswax melts completely into the olive oil.

Step 3 – Final Preparation Of The Mixture

Once the whole beeswax is melted, remove the pan from the stove. Cautiously remove the jar and continuously stir the mixture for 10 to 20 minutes or until it cools down. 

Step 4 – Application

Now it is time to apply the mixture on the leather, but before that, do not forget to spot test first. First, take a small portion for spot testing and apply it to a hidden area. Take the cloth and apply one or two coats in order to make the water-proof protective coating intact. 

Once you feel like it is safe enough to apply on your leather product, only then apply it to the whole leather. You will notice the leather will get a natural glow and maximize the protection from the rain and water. 

Related Questions:

Does Rain Ruin Faux Leather?

Faux Leathers are mostly made of synthetic material, which is mostly water-resistant. Faux Leather or artificial leather has lower permeability, so the water will not be absorbed easily. 

However, when Faux Leathers are kept in constant touch with water. It will surely damage the quality of the leather and decrease its durability.  

Will Rain Ruin A Leather Couch?

A few drops of rain will hardly damage your leather couch. However, when the water stays in constant touch with the leather couch and the water is not cleaned promptly, the leather will eventually damage. 

It will not only crack the leather but will also compromise the leather couch’s appearance. It can also leave a long-term stain on the surface. 

Can You Wear Leather In The Rain?

When there is a little bit of rain, you can wear leather clothing. However, when there is heavy rain, and the clothing will stay in constant touch with water, you should avoid wearing it. 

Since the leather products are porous, the water will get instantly sucked. The natural oils of the leather will get mixed with the water molecules, which can eventually vaporize by making the leather all dry. 

Final Thoughts

Leather Products are sensitive to water. Even though a little bit of rain will not hamper the leather furniture, the leather will surely get damaged when water is not cleaned properly. 

You need to either water-proof the leather product or keep it shaded so that the water cannot get near it. I would highly recommend you clean the water as soon as possible no matter what the amount is.  

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