Does IKEA Sell Gaming Chairs? Here’s The Truth!

One of my favorite pro gamers (Markiplier) uses an IKEA Markus chair for gaming. It made me wonder if IKEA sells real gaming chairs or not. As far as I am concerned, Markus is not a gaming chair. So, I did some digging and found a lot of information on IKEA gaming chairs that you must know.

IKEA sells gaming chairs only in some Asian countries. As of now, they don’t sell any gaming chairs in the global market. But IKEA has partnered with Asus ROG, and they are about to launch gaming chairs which they will sell globally.

I have a lot of exciting information to share in this article. If you love the IKEA brand and you want to know about which IKEA chairs are good for right now and about their current and upcoming gaming chairs, keep reading!

IKEA Selling Gaming Chairs!

If you go to the IKEA website and search for gaming chairs, you will probably see this:

IKEA Website

Unless you are from China, they will tell you that IKEA gaming chairs are not available.

Right now, IKEA gaming chairs are available in the market. But you probably can’t buy them as they are available in the China Market Only.

However, I have looked into some of the gaming chairs of IKEA, and I love the simple and minimalistic design of those chairs. These chairs are also super affordable.

Let’s check out the gaming chairs from ikea:

1. HUVUDSPELARE – C¥299.00 or 46 USD

Source: IKEA

The Huvudspelare is an excellent budget gaming chair from Ikea. It costs ¥299 in China, which is equivalent to around $46.

Getting a gaming chair at such a low price is unimaginable in the US market right now.

However, this chair does not have enough adjustable features. But at such a low price you should not expect any.

The chair is very durable like any other IKEA chair.

2. MATCHSPEL – C¥ 15,990 or 155 USD

Source: IKEA

Matchspel is the flagship gaming chair from IKEA. Ikea sells this chair at ¥15,990 in China, which is equivalent to $155 in the USA.

It has some great features like an adjustable headrest, 360 swivel, great casters, height adjustment, and robust lumbar support. It also comes with three years of guarantee.

I think I would buy this gaming chair if it were available in my region. But unfortunately, it’s not.

3. UTESPELARE – C¥699 or 108.47 USD

Source: IKEA

The Utespelare is kind of a mid-range gaming chair from Ikea. The price is very low, but the quality of this chair is very good.

The design of this chair is excellent. It will give you proper support while you are gaming. But unfortunately, it is not available in the US market yet.

So, now you know about the top gaming chair that Ikea sells. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to wait for these chairs to be available in your country?

Here is what I would do! I would go for the IKEA office chairs like the Markus or Järvfjället. These are excellent budget choices over other gaming chairs of the same price range.

One of my favorite pro gamers uses an IKEA chair. His name is Mark Edward Fischbach. He is also known as Markiplier. I am sure if you are into gaming, you must have heard of this guy.

Instead of waiting for IKEA to launch Gaming chairs in the United States, let’s look at the IKEA office chair that can serve as a great gaming chair.

The Best IKEA Chair for Gaming:

IKEA Järvfjället:

Source: IKEA

It is a great office chair with awesome durability and cool ergonomic features. You can check it on Amazon by clicking here.

Features of This Chair:

This office chair has great lumbar support and seat pan adjustment. These features are missing in the IKEA Markus. That’s why this office chair from IKEA is my first choice for gaming.

The seating experience of this chair is awesome. Adjusting the seat pan depth is important if you are a short guy. If you take the seat a little bit backward, it will allow you to sit more comfortably.

The lumbar back support is quite robust and adjustable on this chair. The movable pad back on this chair makes it adjustable to support your lumbar back. It has a simple headrest adjustment, which doesn’t have the Markus.

If you game for long hours, I am sure that your gaming sessions will be delightful for this chair.

It has a simple headrest and seat height adjustment, which are missing in the Markus.

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Why should you Consider This Chair for Gaming?

If you are looking for a pc gaming chair with great durability, this is the chair you can buy. It comes with ten years of warranty. Isn’t that awesome!!

If you are not willing to spend a thousand dollars on a chair, then go for this one. I can assure you that this chair will serve you well for ages.

Popular Questions:

Where Can You Find IKEA Gaming Chairs?

IKEA gaming chairs are available in China and Japan right now. But in the future, they will be launched globally.

We can say, IKEA is a beginner in the gaming industry. But they have partnered with ASUS ROG and applied their expertise to produce the best gaming chairs.

I hope they will be available soon in the US market, and we will surely review gaming chairs from IKEA. But as of now, if you are not from China, you might not be able to buy IKEA gaming chairs for yourself.

Are IKEA Gaming Chairs Worth It?

IKEA gaming chairs are definitely worth it. The prices of the IKEA gaming chairs are very competitive in the Chinese market. If they can keep the prices the same, these chairs will be more than worth it for gaming.

Final Thoughts:

According to some sources, IKEA gaming chairs will be available soon. Some say they will be here this October.

But I don’t think you should wait for IKEA gaming chairs to launch in your country. Just get an IKEA office chair like the Järvfjället.

It is very comfortable, good-looking, and durable. What else do you need from a gaming chair?

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