Does Herman Miller Offer Free Shipping?

One of the luxurious brands Herman Miller surely offers the best quality products, but you cannot deny the fact that they can be unaffordable to many. This is one of the reasons buyers wait for the sale to buy their needed Herman Miller products. Buyers also search for a free shipping facility. But, Does Herman Miller Offer Free Shipping?

Herman Miller offers free shipping on the purchased product if the ordered products are smaller & under a few other conditions. It is FedEx that delivers the smaller products at free of cost.

In this article, you will find various information regarding the Herman Miller Shipping and Delivery facility. Further, you will get to know more about Herman Miller, the discounts, and current active promo codes.  

Can I Get Free Shipping On Herman Miller Products?

There are times when you can skip paying the shipping cost and enable the free shipping facility. Well, you cannot enjoy it whenever you want. You need to meet some conditions.

You can only get free shipping from Herman Miller only when they offer free shipping, or you purchased it smaller and cost more than $100. FedEx handles the order for smaller products and ships the product at free of cost.

Other than these, you will not be able to enjoy free shipping from Herman Miller. 

What Is The Shipping And Delivery Process Of Herman Miller?

Depending on the type of ordered products, the shipping method can be different. There are three different ways of shipping Herman Miller Products. 

The smaller products are delivered through FedEx, some products are shipped through Threshold delivery, and the rest are shipped through full service In-Home delivery. 

Places where Herman Miller delivers their products:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Puerto Rico

Places where Herman Miller products are not delivered:

  • Hotels
  • P.O. boxes or Army Post Office
  • Fleet Post Office (FPO)
  • Diplomatic Post Office (DPO)

Sometimes the items are shipped using multiple methods. FedEx charges shipping fees for products that cost more than $100 and the products which need to be delivered outside the contiguous United States. 

You can select the delivery options during the order placement. You can visually see the available delivery methods in the cart before confirming the order. 

Things you need to know about the delivery methods of Herman Miller:

FedExThresholdIn-HomeIn-Home (Time Specific)
Delivered ItemsSmaller PurchasesFurniture & larger parcelsFurnitureFurniture
Delivery time (from Shipment date)3 to 10 business day1 to 3 weeks (within the contiguous US)4 Hours Delivery Window4 Hours Delivery Window2 Hours Delivery Window
ServiceAssembly, Placement in your chosen room, and removal of packagingAssembly, Placement in your chosen room, and removal of packaging

How Much Is The Shipping Cost of Herman Miller Products?

You can enjoy free shipping under two conditions; one when the product is small, and the product costs more than $100 via FedEx. But other than that, you will have to pay a fixed charge determined by the company itself. 

Let me provide you with a table to know the delivery fee of the Herman Miller products within the contiguous United States;

Shipping Method Rate Max Charge, regardless of order size
FedExFree on orders of $100 or more.
Orders under 100 bucks ship for a minimum price of $9.50.
Dining furniture usually ships for a fixed rate fee of $49 per piece.
Threshold Delivery 12 percent of order value$349
Home Delivery, Local (less than 50 miles) $349/trip$349
In-Home Delivery, Regional (within 50 to 100 miles) $399/trip$399
Home Delivery, National (above 100 miles) $499/trip$499
Home Delivery, Time-Specific, Local (below 50 miles) $449/trip$449
Home Delivery, Time-Specific, Regional (50 – 100 miles) $499/trip$499
Home Delivery, Time-Specific, National (above 100 miles) $599/trip$599

There can be some exceptions relating to the location of delivery. For example, if the location is an island, there will be an additional $150 charge for In-Home and Threshold delivery. 

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Related Questions

Does Herman Miller Ever Have Discounts?

Undoubtedly, you can find Herman Miller chairs on sale. On average, Herman Miller chairs can be purchased with 15% to 40% sale on various occasions. The Herman Miller products are sold on sale on a seasonal or holiday basis. 

You can find these luxury products at discounts on various online platforms, which include Amazon. To be honest, there is no specific time of the year, but you can check the price on an occasional basis to buy them at a discounted price. 

You can also sign up for the Herman Miller newsletter to get email advertisements for the products on sales or discounts. The biggest sales are mostly available from August to November.

How Can You Tell If A Herman Miller Chair Is Authentic?

In order to find out the authenticity of the Herman Miller chair, you need to find the label attached to it (mostly on the underside of the seat).

All the chairs come with a certificate of authenticity. Remember that the product label and the certificate will also have Herman Miller’s original logo on them. 

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Does Herman Miller Ship Assemble?

Almost all the Herman Miller Products are delivered fully assembled. However, some products are delivered after minimum assembly. However, you can always find the assembly instruction with the product. 

Do not forget that In-home delivery gives you the opportunity to place the product in your room of choice, assembly, and removal of packaging.

Does Herman Miller Pay Return Shipping?

No, the shipping and delivery fees are not refundable in most cases. But if there are any defects or transit damage, then you might get your shipping and delivery fee back. 

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