Do Weight Limits on Chairs Matter?

You might have noticed every chair comes with a number that expresses the weight limit or maximum weight capacity of that chair. Most people do not need to worry about the weight limits of a chair. But the weight limit of a chair can be a serious issue for some people. Have you ever wondered if weight limits on a chair actually matter? I did some digging on this, and let’s see what I have found!

Do Weight Limits on Chairs Matter? Yes. The weight limits on chairs do matter. If the weight limit of a chair is crossed, the lifespan of that chair reduces massively, and there is also the possibility of the user of that chair getting harmed.

I have conducted a survey and found that almost 86% of people don’t worry about weight limits. But the rest of the people do. If you want to know why they care about weight limits, keep reading this article as I will try to mention every detail that you will need to know regarding the weight limits of a chair.

What does the Weight Limit of a Chair Mean?

In the case of a chair, weight capacity or weight limit is the maximum amount of weight that the chair can hold.

In other words, weight capacity is the upper limit in terms of the weight of the user of a chair that the chair can sustain in the long run. The weight capacity is usually represented in pounds or kilograms.

For instance, if the weight capacity of a chair is 250 pounds or 113 kg, it suggests that that chair can handle a person below 250 pounds or 113 kg while maintaining its usual condition and lifespan.

Do People Pay Attention to the Weight Limits of a Chair?

I have done a small survey where I have asked people if they care about the weight limits of the chair. Let’s see the result, and then we will discuss further on this.

Around 86% of the respondents’ said they do not care about the weight limits of a chair. But the rest 14% of people actually care about the weight limits, and they check the weight limits before buying a chair.

When I asked that 86% of people why they don’t care about weight limits! Most of them replied that they are not obese people so, why do they need to worry about weight limits?

I don’t know how reasonable that might sound. But they might have actually had a point. I have looked into some studies, and according to a study of 2016, the percentage of obese population in the world is about 13% (Overall 11 percent men and 15% women were obese in the world). [Source]

Also, in my survey, only 14% of people agreed that they care about weight limits which is almost equal to the percentage of overweight people in the world as per above mentioned study.

I can not claim that they were concerned about weight limits just because they were obese as I haven’t asked them their weight, and I did the interview online (I don’t know most of them in person).

Maybe some of them were just very tall, and that’s why they were concerned about the weight limits as tall people would naturally carry more weights than an average person.

We can not draw a definite conclusion from this study, but the study supports the fact that most chairs in the market are built keeping the average person’s weight in mind. Maybe that’s why most people do not need to worry about the weight limits of a chair.

However, we all can agree to the fact that most people do not pay attention to the weight limits of a chair.

I think, its okay not to think about weight limit if you are not a very big guy. But if you are a big guy like me then getting a heavy weight office chair is usually a good idea. You should definitely check out our complete guide on choosing the best office chair for heavy people.

Why do People Need to Pay attention to the Weight Limits?

As I have noted earlier, usually most chairs are built considering the weight of an average person. But an average weight limit does not represent the whole population.

People who are big and tall are the ones who face trouble because of the weight limits. I don’t know about every chair, but the good and branded chairs are usually tested how much weight they can carry before launching in the market.

 Some professional office chair manufacturers even mention the static and dynamic weight limits of their chairs. In the case of rolling chairs, the dynamic weight limit is the one that we should care about.

There are several reasons for which you must pay attention to the weight limits of a chair. I will mention the most important ones. If you overload a chair beyond its capacity then, the chair will not be able to last long. A chair might break if the weight limit is crossed.

Again, if a chair breaks suddenly when someone is sitting on it, it might cause severe damage to the user of the chair.

For these reasons, you must follow the weight limits before you buy a chair. Make sure to buy a chair that has a higher weight capacity.

Also, you must choose a chair of right size for better sitting experience. if the chair your are sitting on is too big or too small, it can cause issues.

To learn more about choosing the right size chair for yourself, check out the article we wrote about What Size Office Chair Do I Need? (Explained)

How Strict are Chair Weight Limits?

The weight limits are very strict in most of the chairs. While doing my research on weight capacity, I found a forum in which some people said their weight was just over 10-15 pounds from the weight limit of their gaming chairs.

Their chairs wear out within a few months. That suggests that weight limits can be very strict. I would suggest you stay on the safe side.

If you weigh 150 pounds, do not buy a chair below 200 pounds of the weight limit. That is because chairs with more weight capacity are the ones with the better build quality and will last longer.

How much Weight Should a Chair Hold?

A chair should be able to hold around 250 to 350 pounds. That way, the chair will be fine for more than 90% of people. But big and tall chairs should be able to hold 400 to 500 pounds for the safety and comfort of all the big and tall guys out there.

Here is a list of popular chairs and their weight capacities to give you a better idea of weight capacity of what’s out there in the market:

  • Clatina Big and Tall office chair: 400 lbs
  • Serta Ashland Home Office Chair: 250 lbs
  • OFM Fabric Chair: 250 lbs
  • Serta Hannah Soft Fabric Office Chair: 250 lbs
  • Tribesigns T18: 300 lbs
  • SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair: 275 lbs
  • Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair: 225 lbs
  • Herman Miller Aeron: 275 lbs
  • ErgoChair 2: 350 lbs
  • Zuri Furniture Gates Genuine Leather: 395 lbs
  • Home Office Task Chair: 250 lbs
  • AmazonBasics Classic Leather Chair: 275 lbs
  • CLATINA Ergonomic Mesh Executive Chair: 275 lbs
  • Perot Genuine Leather Office Chair: 395 lbs
  • Staple Hyken Task Chair: 275 lbs
  • AmazonBasics Leather Chair: 275 lbs
  • Ergousit chair: 260 lbs
  • Flash Furniture Chair: 280 lbs
  • SIDIZ T50 Office Chair: 250 lbs

I have written an entire article about Office Chair Weight Capacity. I will link to that article below. Do check that out.

Final Thoughts:

For me, the weight limit really matters. Although most people don’t care about the weight limits of a chair, I think they should as the weight limit says a lot about a chair, its build quality, and much more.

I hope this article was really helpful. Before you go! check out my article on, How Much Weight Can an Office Chair Hold? (With 27 Examples)

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