Do Rocking Chairs Work on Carpets?

For me, rocking chairs are the most comfortable chairs to spend my lazy weekends while watching F.R.E.N.D.S.; I bet it is the same for you. You might be planning to put a carpet underneath your rocking chair and are worried if the rocking chair will work on your carpet or not!

Do rocking chairs work on carpet? Rocking chairs work perfectly on carpets. However, you can experience the exact opposite scenario if the necessary friction between the bottom of the chair and the carpet is missing. Well, in that case, you can follow some simple measures to minimize the issue. 

In this article, you will learn about various tricks and techniques to make your rocking chair work smoothly on a carpet. So, keep reading!

Is It Really Necessary To Put On A Carpet Underneath A Rocking Chair?

In order to protect your floors, using a carpet underneath your rocking chair is recommended. So if you are wondering, should I use carpet underneath my rocking chair? The answer is YES, you should use a carpet underneath your rocking chair.

If any other measures are not taken, like covering the bottom of your rocking chair or using a rug or flip strip, then you should definitely put on a carpet on your floors. Not only just rocking chairs but any other office chair can ruin your beautiful floors.

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So, Can a Rocking Chair Damage My Carpet?

Rocking chairs can damage your favorite carpet, but they can also be minimized by taking a few preventive measures. Though the damage will not be visible in a year or two, over time, your carpet can be completely ruined.

How Can Rocking Chair Damage The Carpet?

Let me tell you, what damages can a rocking chair initiate?

  • A rocking chair can easily move across the carpet, which can cause harm to the carpet and severe injury to the person sitting on it.
  • The imbalanced rocking motion of the chair can make the rocking chair create pressure on its bottom, which might tear the carpet.
  • If the rocking motion of the rocking chair is not smooth, then the baby rocking on a chair can fall off and harm itself.
  • If a rocking chair is kept adjacent to a wall, then the constant rocking can take off the paint of the wall.
  • Over time, the rocking chair can tear off the carpet and then cause harm to your hardwood floors.

How To Make Rocking Chairs Rock On A Carpet?

Although rocking chairs are very comforting, the carpet underneath them can cause a serious disturbance. Let me tell you three effective solutions to make your rocking chair perfectly rock on your carpet.

1. Attach Non-Skid Rubber Mat

In order to keep the rocking chair rock in one place, you can attach a non-skid rubber mat. It will not only prevent the rocking chair from moving across the room but also safeguard the carpet from being torn out. 

Point to be noted; this technique will also resist the rocking chair sliding from across the room. 

The Process To Apply A Non-Skid Rubber Mat:

  • Carefully flip the chair on its side or on an upside-down position 
  • Measure the base where the chair stays connected to the carpet.
  • Then, cut a piece of non-skid rubber mat for every contact point.
  • Use super glue to attach the mat to the bottom of the chair. 
  • After attaching the mat, don’t turn the rocking chair back to its initial position immediately; give some minutes to harden the glue and the non-skid rubber mat to grip the bottom of the chair perfectly.
  • Then turn the rocking chair and use it.

2. Avoid Putting Too Much Weight On The Rocking Chair

It has become a natural habit to pile up our regular used clothes or put a few heavy things on the chair. However, sometimes you might end up putting too much weight on the chair than it can actually hold. 

These can damage the rocking chairs’ durability, and the bottom of the rocking chair can become rough, damaging the carpet.

I suggest you do not put a lot of pressure on the chair; instead, keep the rocking chair empty when no one is using it. 

3. Avoid Extensive Use Of The Rocking Chair 

People don’t realize that the rocking chair’s continuous use will ruin the beautiful carpet underneath it. 

Although the damage caused by the rocking chair will not be visualized immediately, the carpet will lose its effectiveness, and you won’t be able to use the carpet for a long-time. 

Therefore, I recommend you avoid extensive use of the rocking chair

How Do I Keep My Rocking Chair From Sliding On The Carpet?

You can stop your rocking chair from sliding on the carpet by attaching felt strips underneath your rocking chair. Felt strips work really well, and they will stop your rocking chair from sliding on the carpet by enhancing the friction.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Buy felt strips
  2. Measuring the bottom of the chair
  3. Cut two perfect pieces of the strips
  4. Then glue them to the rockers

Following these steps will increase the friction between the carpet and your rocking chair, and it will stop sliding.

I have found inexpensive, yet good-quality felt strips on Amazon. It costs less than 20 bucks. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

Related Questions 

Is Rocking In A Rocking Chair Considered Exercise?

It may seem obnoxious, but yes, rocking in a rocking chair can carry some health benefits. A rocking chair can offer a surprising source of exercise. 

Rocking in good old-fashioned rocking chairs can stimulate blood circulation, maintain muscle tone, and supply joints for seniors. Since the senior citizens get a little scope for exercise, rocking chairs can be beneficial. 

Rocking chairs also ensure comfortable sleep by reducing insomnia. These chairs perfectly hold your body posture due to their ergonomic features. 

Can I Put A Rocking Chair In The Living Room?

Well, you can put a rocking chair in your living room if the space allows. With the blessing of innovation, manufacturers are designing and producing various rocking chairs to enhance your living room’s atmosphere. 

Nonetheless, if the living room is congested and the available rocking chair doesn’t go with the living room’s atmosphere, I suggest you place the rocking chair somewhere else. Rocking chairs mostly require ample space and look good in an open space area. 

Is It Bad Luck To Rock An Empty Rocking Chair?

Rocking an empty rocking chair won’t bring bad luck upon you; it’s just a superstition that exists among people. Although most people will suggest you don’t believe in superstitions, you will end up meeting a few people in your life who are firm believers of such superstitions.

Just like that, old Irish people tend to believe that empty rocking chairs invite evil spirits to sit. They also think if a rocking chair rocks on its own, then the dark forces have already taken over their power on the rocking chair and will bring death to the family.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! Rocking chairs works just fine on carpet for most people. However, sometimes we notice some issues like sliding on the carpet.

If that’s the case just get some felt strips and attach them under your chair and things will get better in no time. Now, you know how to do it properly as you have read the whole article. I hope you found this article helpful.

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