Do Rocking Chairs Damage Hardwood Floors?

Sitting in a rocking chair while reading the favorite book in the lazy afternoon is an everyday thing. Isn’t it? But are you wondering that rocking chairs can damage your hardwood floors? Keep on reading to learn more about it. 

Do Rocking Chairs Damage Hardwood Floors? Over time, the continuous stroking of the rocking chair can damage the finish of your hardwood floors by scratching and hampering. If required measures are not taken, the hardwood floor might lose its longevity. Additionally, the bottom part of the rocking chair might also get damaged. 

In this article, I will explain various ways your rocking chairs harm your hardwood floors and mention several techniques to minimize these.

Why Is Rocking Chairs Harmful For My Hardwood Floors?

Rocking chairs carry various health benefits and help you sleep for a long-time without initiating any kind of body pain. But, if not proper measures are taken, your hardwood floors might get ruined.

What Are the Benefits A Rocking Chair Carries? 

Rocking chairs are incredibly comfortable to sleep in for long hours. The smoothing effect can hold the babies and foster deep sleep. It also holds your posture perfectly so that you can spend much time in the chair without initiating body pain. 

You always sit in a dynamic position that promotes better blood circulation and helps you enjoy your lounging.

Lists Of Things That Will Ruin Your Hardwood Floors

  • If your rocking chairs are made of wood or steel; you will eventually end up scratching the surface. 
  • Sometimes the damage can be invisible in natural eyes, but the heavy and excessive rocking of the rocking chairs can end up scratching your hardwood floors with time. 
  • Then again, rocking chairs mostly slide in and move across the room. It can be dangerous and cause serious injury to babies. This continuous movement of the rocking chair can also leave unwanted marks on the floors.
  • If the bottom of the rocking chair and the hardwood floor are not cleaned regularly, continuous rubbing along with crumbs or dirt can scratch the hardwood floors.
  • You may use protective sheets or carpets to protect the hardwood floors from the rocking chair, but if you don’t check and clean it time-to-time, it can cause damage to the floors. 
  • Rocking chairs can cause buckling; the hardwood boards expand across their width, lifting them upward by separating from the subfloor. The boards may also show separation at the joints, which makes the floor uneven because of buckling.

How To Protect My Hardwood Floors From Rocking Chairs?

There are numerous ways to safeguard your hardwood floors from rocking chairs not to damage the floor. You can follow any of the provided suggestions, 

1. Place A Chair Mat/Carpet Underneath The Rocking Chair

Placing a chair mat underneath the rocking chair can be an excellent solution for reducing the damage to hardwood floors. The rocking chair demands a particular type of carpet so that there remains no resistance in the flow of rocking.

I recommend you use a mat made of polyvinyl chloride material. It will give the carpet a smooth finish so that you can rock the rocking chair smoothly. 

My personal choice is the chair mat by ALGFree. It comes in a circular shape, and they offer various sizes from which you can choose the suitable one for you. This mat will also resist the rocking chair from slipping and moving across the room. 

It currently costs 62 bucks. It’s a little investment considering your luxurious hardwood floor. Check the current price of the mat just by clicking here. 

2. Put On A Rug To Cover Your Hardwood Floors

Putting a rug can be a better option for you, if you are searching for a cheap alternative. You can find a rug online and buy the perfect shape for you.

However, the smaller sized rug can move and wind up coming out from the runner. That doesn’t mean the longer rugs won’t move. After a specific time, the longer rugs might also start moving.

If you think the rug will be the best option for you, you can check this beautiful rug from Amazon by clicking here

3. Keep The Bottom Of The Rocking Chair And The Hardwood Floor Clean

As you know, small particles or crumbs can scratch the hardwood floor if such particles come under the rocking chair. 

Therefore, it is mandatory to clean the area time-to-time and adequately wipe the bottom of the rocking chair to avoid dirt.

4. Smoothen The Bottom Of The Rocking Chair

After a while, the bottom of the rocking chair might get rough, which can further cause damage to the hardwood floor. 

My suggestion would be to check the chair properly and inspect the bottom very carefully. Suppose you observe an uneven surface, sand the base of the rocking chair with 320-grit. Remember to wipe the rockers with a tack cloth to remove any residue. 

5. Put On Self-Adhesive Felt Strips

Self-adhesive felt strips could be a great saver when it comes to saving the hardwood floors from the rocking chairs. 

In the beginning, you must measure the length of your rockers and cut the adhesive felt strips into two equal measurements. 

Carefully peeling the paper backing from the adhesive side of the felt strips, slowly apply the adhesive felt strips to the rockers.

Then put pressure to ensure the felt strips are attached to the bottom of the rockers. Don’t forget to check the edges and the ends of the felt strips. 

6. Protect The Bottom Of The Rocking Chair With A Cover

The rocking chairs’ runner can be protected with a rocker cover, which might be an affordable and accessible solution. 

These covers will enable you to customize the available designs or make a cover on your own using your creativity. 

However, you cannot use these covers on a ready-made rocking chair; you have to put these on while manufacturing it. 

7. Don’t Put Heavy Things On The Rocking Chair

We tend to pile up our outfits on our chairs or put some heavy pieces of stuff on the chair, which can pressurize the chair and, in turn, pressure the hardwood floors.

I would suggest you keep the chair empty and avoid putting on too much weight than is prescribed. 

8. Reduce The Use Of Rocking Chair

Since sitting on a rocking chair is comfortable and doesn’t initiate body ache, you might want to spend most of your leisure seated on a rocking chair. 

At that time, I would tell you to reduce the rocking chair usage time so that you don’t end up destroying your hardwood floors.

The suggestions might differ if you already have taken protection, like carpet, rug, mat or if a strip or cover is attached to the bottom of the rocking chair. 

Related Questions

How To Keep Your Rocking Chair From Sliding On A Carpet?

A very short and easy method to stop the rocking chair from sliding on a carpet is to attach felt strips to the bottom of the rocking chair. 

Measuring the bottom of the chair, cut two perfect pieces of the strips, then glue them to the rockers. It will provide friction and hold the rocking chair in a particular place.

I have found inexpensive, yet good-quality felt strips on Amazon. It costs less than 20 bucks. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Damaged Hardwood Floor?

Roughly, the repair cost of a hardwood floor is $950 on average and generally falls between the range of $430 to $1500. However, as mentioned earlier, it can vary. Once my acquaintance claimed it cost him $2500 to repair his hardwood floor. 

The repairing cost of hardwood mainly depends on the extent of damage that has occurred and the area of the damaged hardwood floor. 

Check out this list to know more,

Type of DamageAverage Cost per square
Gaps$6 – $18
Unsmooth floors$3 – $59
Scratches$1 – $9
Mold or Mildew$8 – $27
Refinishing$3 – $10
Water Damage$8 – $100
Cupping$0 – $9

What Can You Put on the Bottom of a Rocking Chair?

You can put a chair mat and rug on the bottom of a rocking chair. Also, you can apply the adhesive felt strips to the rockers to protect hardwood floors from damage. 

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