Do Pro Gamers and Esports Players Use Armrests? (With 8 Real Examples)

For a long time, I have been following many pro gamers online and especially on youtube. I am a die hard fan of esports player N0tail (Johan Sundstein). A question was bugging me if all pro gamers use armrests or not. I did some digging and found some interesting data on this topic.

Do Pro Gamers Use Armrests? The answer is a resounding yes. Most pro gamers and professional esports players use armrests. They use professional gaming chairs for playing games, and almost all of their chairs have adjustable armrests. 

In this article, I will show you which gaming chairs my top 8 favorite gamers and esports players personally use. I will also tell you if their chair has armrests. So if you want to learn about the top pro players in the world and why they use armrests, keep reading.

Pro Gamers and Their Gaming Chairs (Let’s Check if Armrests Present or Not!)

I have done some digging and found which gaming chairs the top pro gamers use these days. If their chairs have armrests, it is obvious that pro gamers use armrests. So, let’s check the table below:

Pro GamersGaming Chair UsedArmrests Status
1. N0tail (Johan Sundstein)Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Gaming ChairPresent
2. pewdiepieClutch Chairz Throttle Series (Pewdiepie Edition)Present
3. DanTDMGT Omega EVO XLPresent
4. MarkiplierIKEA MARKUSPresent
5. PuppeyTeam Secret x Secretlab gaming chairPresent
6. TfueMaxnomic Commander SPresent
7. jacksepticeyeDXRacer Sentinel Series Gaming ChairPresent
8. ShroudMaxnomic Cloud9 ProPresent

1. N0tail (Johan Sundstein)

Johan Sundstein is a professional Dota 2 Player. He was born and raised in Denmark. Everyone knows him by the name N0tail. He has won many significant championships so far. He has made 6.97 million dollars so far by playing games. This guy is a legend. You can check out his youtube channel here.

He uses a gaming chair from Secretlab. The exact model is most probably the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022. Most importantly, this chair has armrests, and he uses those armrests while gaming. In one of these videos, he mentions the armrests as well.

The price of this chair is $449.

2. Pewdiepie

Who doesn’t know this guy? I have been following him on youtube for a long time now.

Right now, he has 110M subscribers. I love his Minecraft gameplay.

If you are into Minecraft, I am sure you already follow this guy. But if you don’t, check out his youtube channel here.

This guy uses his own version of the Clutch Chairz Throttle Series gaming chair. The Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Pewdiepie edition costs around 440 bucks. This is a great gaming chair. And yeah, this chair also has armrests. These armrests are height adjustable.

3. DanTDM (Daniel Robert Middleton)

Daniel Robert Middleton is an English gamer and YouTuber. He goes by the name, DanTDM. He has around 25 million subscribers on youtube right now. You can follow this guy on youtube, and I am sure you will fall in love with his video game commentaries.

Currently, he uses the GT Omega EVO XL gaming chair, which has armrests. So, he also uses armrests, and he is definitely one of the famous pro gamers in the world right now. You can get this chair right now with only 300 bucks.

 4. Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach)

Mark Edward Fischbach, also known as Markiplier in the gaming community, is a famous pro gamer. He probably lives in California.

He is also a Youtuber (Over 29 Million Followers) and podcast host. He uses IKEA Markus. This is not a fancy-looking gaming chair, but it has armrests. He uses armrests as well.

5. Puppey (Clement Ivanov)

Clement Ivanov (Puppey) is a professional gamer. He plays Dota 2 for Team Secret, which he founded. Puppey won 1 million dollars for winning the international Dota 2 Championship in 2011.

He uses a Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series gaming chair branded after his team. This chair has adjustable armrests. The price of this chair is around 450 bucks right now.

6. Tfue (Turner Tenney)

Turner Tenney (Known as Tfue) is an American professional esports player. I am sure that every hardcore Fortnite player knows this legend.

He was born in 1998. He is only 23 years old right now. He has over 12 million subscribers on youtube, and he has uploaded almost 700 videos so far. I have also followed him on youtube for a while now.

While playing Fortnite, he is seen using the Maxnomic Commander S gaming chair. Depending on where you buy this chair, it can cost you above 400 USD.

This chair has armrests, and he uses these armrests while playing games and even while competing.

7. Jacksepticeye (Seán William McLoughlin)

Seán William McLoughlin, Or aka Jacksepticeye, is a very popular Irish Youtuber and a gamer. He streams various games on youtube, and millions of people watch him play.

If you are wondering what chair he uses, it is a DXRacer Sentinel Series Gaming Chair. For your kind information, this chair also has armrests.

He uses them to rest his elbows while playing games like other pro gamers. This exact model is probably discontinued right now. I could not find any brand new version of this chair anywhere.

8. Shroud (Michael Grzesiek)

Michael Grzesiek or Shroud is a Canadian pro gamer. He used to play Counter-Strike professionally. He is also a Youtuber, and he has 6.82 subscribers right now. 

He uses the gaming chair called Maxnomic Cloud9 Pro. This is a gorgeous-looking gaming chair, and it also has armrests. This chair costs around 270 USD.

So, Do Pros Use Armrests?

Yes, Pros use armrests. I have been following pro gamers for a while now and Most of them, if not all, use armrests.

I am really surprised to learn that all the pro gamers I have been following so far use armrests while gaming, and I did not notice this earlier until I asked myself a question one day, do pro gamers use armrests? I did some research and digging online and found this by myself.

However, Don’t ever think that using armrests made them a pro. It’s definitely their hard work. But I guess having armrests has helped them for sure. A pro gamer plays games all day. If they don’t use armrests, their elbow muscles will become fatigued and won’t perform at their full potential.

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Is it better to Play Games with Armrests?

Of course, it is better to play games with armrests. Gaming for a long time while sitting in front of your computer using a keyboard and mouse for a long time can make your elbow muscles ache if your chair doesn’t have armrests.

That’s why it is always better to play games using a chair that has armrests.

Should you Rest your Elbow while Gaming?

Yes, your elbow should rest on the arms of the chair while gaming. Otherwise, you might hurt your elbow muscles.

How do you rest your arms while gaming?

If you want to rest your arms properly while gaming, you have to get a chair with adjustable armrests. You have to adjust the arms to an optimal height and keep your arms on them while playing games using your keyboard and mouse.

Final Thoughts:

I Have randomly chosen some pro gamers that I follow on YouTube. I was surprised to know that all of them use armrests.

There might be other pro gamers or professional esports players who don’t use armrests, but I am sure their number will be very few.

I hope that answers your questions. It took me a couple of hours to gather all the data on their chairs and if they use armrests or not. I hope you find this article helpful. I would really appreciate it if you read some of my articles below.

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