Do Office Chairs Ruin Hardwood Floors? (Yes, & Here’s How)

Even a scratch or gouge on your favorite hardwood floor can poke you all the time, especially if you have OCD like me. Well, yeah, I also get bothered by just a simple scratch on my hardwood floors. So, it’s a very common question to ask if an office chair can ruin your hardwood floor or not. Let’s find out!

Do office chairs ruin hardwood floors? Office chairs leave scratch marks and sometimes totally damage the hardwood floors. The office chair with wheels is more prone to affect your hardwood floors. However, you can always keep your hardwood floors protected by taking a few precautionary steps.

If you are concerned that your office chairs will cause damage to your newly furnished hardwood floors. Let me tell you; you have come to the right place. 

In this article, I will mention why your hardwood floors get damaged and briefly explain a few techniques to keep them uptight. 

How Do Office Chairs Ruin Hardwood Floors?

What will ruin hardwood floors? Well, there are a plethora of factors that can cause little or sometimes huge damage to your hardwood floors. Let me mention a few reasons,  

  • Office chair leaves scuff marks from excessive wear and tear on your hardwood floors.
  • The particular area of the floor where the chair’s legs are placed can appear to be worn out over time. 
  • If the hardwood floors have oak or maple flooring then the chance of getting damaged is higher compared to the one with hickory or mahogany. 
  • The chair’s caster wheels can also damage the hardwood floors; continuous rolling on the hardwood floor can leave long-lasting marks.
  • Dust and hard materials can also leave stubborn marks on the hardwood floors.
  • Screeching chair’s legs with or without wheels against the hardwood floor can ruin the hardwood floors. 
  • Being unhygienic and leaving dirt or crumbs could scratch your hardwood floors.
  • Using old and torn carpets can damage the hardwood floor rather than protecting it.  

How To Protect Hardwood Floors From The Office Chairs?

You can have high-quality office equipment, including office chairs, and you might use first-class woods for your office hardwood floors, but you might end up having a hardwood floor looking just like an overused chopping board. 

Primary solutions to protect your hardwood floor from being damaged by office chairs are listed below,

Protect Hardwood Floors From Office Chairs – Primary Solutions

1. Change the wheels of the chairs

Many people claim one of the main reasons is the wheels of your office chair which could destroy your hardwood floors. This can be true. Some of the wheels are not good for most types of floorings. 

As a result, you can easily change your chair caster wheels and attach a roller-blade style wheel that will not leave marks and scratches. Nowadays, manufacturing companies are coming up with innovative wheels that will guarantee the safety of your hard floors.

If you are considering buying a set of new wheels, I will highly recommend you to check out checking out Oasis Rollerblade-Style Wheels. It’s an inexpensive caster wheel, costing only 36 bucks. You can check it on Amazon by clicking here.

Compared to the traditional office chair wheels, the Rollerblade-Style Wheel covers less surface area and uses more durable polyurethane material, which helps to protect the hard floors.

2. Place a Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

Another common solution to this problem is using a chair mat under the chair to protect the hardwood floors.

You can choose a perfect carpet or other chair mats to protect the floors. For further information, we have a dedicated article that discusses the chair mat; you can read my article, Are Chair Mats Necessary?

You can check out the chair mat by SHAREWIN. It is a classy black color chair mat, non-toxic, and easy to clean. It grips the floor perfectly and doesn’t allow the chair mat to move or ruin the hardwood floors.

I love the fact that it comes with a few colors that you can choose for your hardwood floors. This chair mat cost only 30 bucks; you can check it out by clicking here

3. Get a New Office Chair

Another most common way to protect your office chair is to change the office chair and buy a new one that will not ruin the hardwood floor. 

Chair manufacturing companies nowadays care for their customers and want to produce chairs with great caster wheels that will resist the chairs from affecting the hardwood floors. 

You can check Nouhaus Ergo3D chair that ships with rollerblade caster wheels that will offer the best protection for any floor.

Protect Hardwood Floors From Office Chairs – Advanced Solutions

Many people suggest the primary solutions, which are expensive and sometimes can be ineffective compared to the advanced solutions. 

Let me tell you some of the advanced by inexpensive solutions,

1. Clean the Floor Regularly

Keeping your working zone uncleaned can cause damage to your hardwood floors. As many hard particles and debris can get stacked in between the chair’s leg and the hardwood floors. This can leave starch at first but can cause huge damage to the floor in the long run.

2. Lift Your Chair When Required

Never screech the chair’s leg or wheels on the hardwood floors; rather lift the chair when required. When you are planning to move the chair, just pick it up and move to a new location.

3. Use Silicon or Other Chair Leg Protectors

There are many chair’s leg protectors available in the market. They are made of soft materials which protect the chair leg from scratch or dent the hard floors.

Chair leg protector can help you to protect the furniture from scratches and noise. It also gives your chair a soft movement. Check out this product just by clicking here.

4. Apply a Polyurethane Wood Finish

If you see that the chair has left very noticeable marks on your hardwood floors, you can always refinish it. You can apply polyurethane (both oil or water-based) to revive its shine.

After that, you can use a rug or chair mat to protect it further.

5. Use tap-on Pads to Protect Your Furniture

Tap-on pads are very cheap and effective when it comes to protecting both the furniture and the floors. It will not scratch the floor as the chair leg will not be able to harm the floor.

6. Place an Area Rug Underneath 

Placing a rug underneath your chair’s wheel will protect the hardwood from the wheel’s movements. It not only protects a huge area of the floor but also makes your office more professional.

Remember to clean it regularly to also lift it up and clean the area underneath it.

7. Place Cardboard Underneath Rolling Chair

Installing cardboard is inexpensive, but you can’t use them in the long run. But it will serve as a temporary solution.

8. Cover Your Hard Casters with Duct Tape or Soft Cloths

Rigid casters can leave unwanted marks on your hardwood floors. You can use a soft cloth or duct tape around the wheels. It will resist the wheels from scraping. 

Duct tape also resists the chair from frequent moving and swiveling against your floors. You might wonder how to protect hardwood floors from casters? Well, this is an inexpensive and temporary way to protect hardwood floors from casters.

9. Frequently Examine Your Office Chair’s Casters and Wheels

Regular checking of your office chair’s casters and wheels ensures that there remains no dirt attached to it. Then again, you will be aware that the caster and wheels get damaged, as they can further scratch the hardwood floors.

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