Do Office Chairs Have a Weight Limit? (With 15 Real Examples)

When deciding whether an office chair is right for you, you’ve taken into account things such as budget, brand, and ergonomic features. Do office chairs have a weight limit? Do you need to take your weight into account as well? If yes, what’s the weight limit of an office chair?

Office chairs do have weight limits, and any standard office chair has a weight limit of 250-300 pounds. There are a few bad-quality office chairs in the market with 150-200 pounds maximum weight capacity. On the other hand, few heavyweight office chairs have a weight limit all the way up to 500 pounds. 

In this article, I’ll answer all your most burning queries about office chair weight limits that you might be too embarrassed to ask people. I’ll also discuss what happens when you exceed the weight limit of a chair with some real examples, so make sure you keep reading!

What Does Weight Limit Mean?

According to Collins dictionarythe weight limit of anything is the permitted weight. The word is actually self-explanatory. But some people don’t care about the weight limit.

For Example: If an office chair has a weight limit of 250 pounds, this means people who weigh 250 pounds or less can sit on this particular chair as this chair has the capacity of 250 pounds only. If a person weighs 300 pounds, he/she should not use that chair for safety reasons.

What does the Weight Capacity on a Chair Mean?

If you have searched for an office chair online, you must have seen the weight capacity written on pages of every office chair.

The weight capacity of a chair means the chair has the capacity to function properly without getting damaged throughout its entire lifespan while carrying this specific limit of weight. 

Usually, chairs are tested extremely with different weights on them, and it is found to be the maximum weight the chair can hold while retaining its longevity, and it is not deformed by any means.

I have seen at many office chair stores where sellers don’t tell you about the weight capacity. Don’t buy chairs from such stores.  

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Dynamic Vs. Static Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity that is mentioned by the manufacturer is the dynamic weight capacity. It is the amount of weight a chair can hold when it is in motion, or it is moved around.

There is another type of weight capacity which is known as static weight capacity. It is actually higher in number as when a chair is kept still without any motion or disturbance; it would naturally be able to hold more weight.

The static weight of a chair can be as high as 1000 pounds, while dynamic weight capacity being around 200-300 pounds only.

So, in this article, the weight capacity or limit that we talked about or will be talking about in the future is going to be dynamic weight capacity. I am telling you this so that you don’t get confused. 

Do Weight Limits on Office Chairs Matter?

Crossing the weight capacity can severely damage the chair and reduce its lifespan. Also, it increases the chances of the user of the chair getting hurt.

I think it won’t matter much if you weigh 10-25 pounds more than the weight capacity in the short run.

Like, if you are a big guy and you went to a restaurant, and you sat for 20 minutes to finish your food. It won’t hurt the chair. But if you sit for 6-8 hours daily on a chair and your weight is more than the limit, it will matter for sure.

If you want to learn more on this, check out this article on our site: Do Weight Limits on Chairs Matter?

There is one more thing. According to a study, most office chairs are built or designed for the current population who weigh around 110 kg or 242.5 lbs as the load-carrying limit.

In other words, most office chairs are built so that they can hold up to 110 kg or 242.5 lbs, as the majority of the population will weigh less than this weight.

There is a 90% chance (approx) that you weigh less than 110 kg or 242.5 pounds. That suggests that most people won’t have to care about the weight limit, and to them, the weight limit actually won’t matter, which is obvious.

I did a survey and found that 86% of people won’t even look at the weight limit before buying an office chair. [Source]

However, if you are a big guy like me, you should definitely check for the weight capacity.

If weight capacity did not matter at all, different brands would not bother to make big and tall office chairs with great build quality so that they can hold more weight.

So, if you are a big guy like me, I would suggest you read this article: Best Office Chairs For Heavy People: A Detailed Guide with Pricing.

Searching for office chairs that have extended weight capacity is actually hard. So, if you are looking for such chairs, this article would definitely help, just because weight limit matters to people like us.

What Happens if You Exceed the Weight Limit on a Chair?

When the weight limit on a chair is exceeded, it damages the chair in many ways, reduces its longevity, and it might cause accidents in extreme cases.

So far, I think you have already understood that I don’t recommend anyone to exceed the weight limit.

If you are using the chair for a short period, exceeding the weight limit won’t be much of a problem (like the chairs in a library or restaurant).

However, if you use a chair for long hours and you weigh more than the capacity of the chair, don’t use it for long hours of sitting.

Let’s say, if you use it for six hours daily, you might experience that the base is damaged within 1-2 months, the wheel movement will get impaired, and the backrest and the reclining functionality will be damaged very soon. Even the pneumatic gas cylinder will lose its ability to regulate height.

I have used an office chair with a low weight capacity, and to be honest, I am a big guy myself.

Within a few hours, the height adjustment system got impaired. I damaged the back of the chair within a few days, and the chair was beyond repair.

I almost fell from the chair once, but nothing serious happened. After that, I am more concerned about the weight limit myself.

How Strict are Weight Limits on Chairs?

The weight limits on chairs are not extremely strict; also, they are not very lenient either.

With that being said, if one exceeds the weight capacity by 10-15 pounds, the integrity of the materials of the chair will not fail immediately. But it will reduce the lifespan dramatically. If you are lucky, it might break after a long time.

We can say it is somewhat like the expiration date of food. Manufacturers of chairs set the weight capacity a few pounds lower than the actual one to prevent accidents.

On the other hand, if the weight limit is exceeded by 50-100 pounds, it might cause total failure because of the load. In extreme cases like this, the user might get hurt. 

Real Office Chair Weight Limit Examples

I have made a comprehensive list of the most popular office chairs and the respective user weight limits for each. This information should come in handy if you are looking for an office chair.

  • BestOffice Big and Tall Office Chair: 500 pounds
  • SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair: 275 lbs
  • Smugdesk Office Chair: 300lbs
  • XUER Ergonomics Office Chair: 330 pounds
  • Nouhaus Ergo3D ergonomic chair: 275 pounds
  • Serta Ashland Home Office Chair: 250 lbs
  • Herman Miller Aeron: 275 lbs
  • Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair: 225 lbs
  • AmazonBasics Classic Mid-Back Office Chair: 275 pounds
  • Staple Hyken Task Chair: 275 lbs
  • SIDIZ T50 Office Chair: 250 lbs
  • ErgoChair 2: 350 lbs
  • AmazonBasics Upholstered Office Chair: 250 pounds
  • Ergousit chair: 260 lbs
  • OFM ESS Collection Leather Chair: 275 pounds

So, What is the Best Office Chair for an Overweight Person?

From my experience, I would say Serta or KBEST Big and Tall Office chairs are the best office chairs for an overweight person right now. These chairs have 350 and 400 pounds of weight limits, respectively.

There is also another good office chair from BestOption, it has 500 pounds of weight capacity

All these chairs are extremely well built, and that’s why they can hold that much weight. Also, the pricing of these chairs is reasonable. Check out the reviews of these chairs on our site by clicking here.

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