Do Herman Miller Chairs Squeak? (Yes & Here’s How To Fix)

Herman Miller manufactured some of the greatest ergonomic office chairs, which even received a lot of awards. However, when it comes to squeaking, many expensive chairs can start to make noises after a few times of use which can be pretty annoying. 

So, Do Herman Miller Chairs Squeak? After using Herman Miller chairs for a while, some users have noticed that their chair squeaks while shifting around. It mainly occurs due to loosening nuts, screws, or bolts. Sometimes damaged components or stacked crumbs can also cause it.

In this article, I will describe the reasons behind the squeaky sound of Herman Miller chairs and help you to determine the source of the squeaky sound, and explain what actions you should take to solve the issue.

So, let’s get started!

Why Does My Herman Miller Chair Make Squeaky Sound?

In a new chair, you will hardly find it making noises. It is mostly the used chairs that come with such defects to irritate life. That constant sound will not only distract you but also reduce the worker’s productivity.

There can be a few reasons behind the squeaky sound of the Herman Miller Chair, which include;

1. Nuts, Bolts, And Screws Getting Loosen Up

When the Herman Miller Chair is brought, it is normal not to hear any kind of noises because, at that time, all the nuts, bolts, and screws are tightened enough. After using the chair for a certain period, the nuts, bolts, and screws might just start to loosen up. 

These loose nuts and bolts start to rub each other with the chair’s components which initiate the noise. 

You might also experience the sound of loose bolts, nuts, and screws. No, do not be surprised. It happens only if the screws are tightened while assembling the product. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to that. 

Solution: – Always give the chair a thorough check, and if necessary, tighten the nuts, bolts, and screws one more time. 

2. One Of The Components Get Worn Out:

Sometimes, the whole chair stays fine, and it is one or two components that might get worn out and initiate the squeaky sound.

In most cases, due to extensive use, the wheels and the casters might get damaged, and when you move around, the chair might start making a sound. 

Solution – If your Herman Miller chair has the caster issues that are causing the squeaking sound, all you need to do is replace the caster wheels with rollerblade wheels.

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3. Food Crumbs Getting Stacked:

Most of us eat while we work, and it is common to leave some crumbs behind, which others stack inside the chair. These crumbs then start to friction with the chair’s components and make unwanted noises. 

Solution– Always try to keep the chair clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the food crumbs out. 

How Do I Stop My Herman Miller Chair From Squeaking?

There is a whole way of getting rid of the squeaky sound of your Herman Miller Chair. You just need to follow the steps sequentially to get an effective result. 

So, let us proceed with the step by step process of removing the squeaky sound of the Herman Miller Chair;

Step 1 – Identify The Source Of The Sound:

You need to first identify the source of the sound before starting the procedure. The sound can be initiated from the back seat, seat pan, wheels, or other components.

Once you have located the sounds area, you need to identify the reason behind the sound; is it because of the loose screws, the stacked food crumbs, or the damaged components. 

Step 2 – Take The Appropriate Action Depending On The Sound Source:

The further procedure will require different actions depending on the source and reason for the squeaky sound you are experiencing on the Herman Miller Chair. 

Let me provide you with a table so that you can get the overall procedure very effectively.

Reason for the SoundAction to implement
Loosen Screws, Nuts, and BoltsTake a screwdriver and tighten the screws of the chair. You can start with the place where the sound is initiating from. If the sound is still occurring, then try to tighten the other screws as well. Once all the screws are tightened, you will experience the sound is gone.You can also add some lubricant for better results.
Stacked Food CrumbsWhen you see food crumbs are stacked inside the chair, all you need to do is clean the chair immediately. The best way to clean the stacked food is to use a vacuum cleaning. 
Damaged ComponentsWhen the damaged components start to make sound, you need to replace them as soon as possible.If you have a warranty period still available, then you should contact Herman Miller Customer Service and make a request for the replacement. 
Still can’t Find The Problem?If you cannot find the exact problem or even after taking the desired actions, the sound exists, then you should contact Herman Miller Customer Service.
Phone: 888 798 0202

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Related Questions:

Does The Herman Miller Embody Squeak?

Herman Miller’s Embody has received various complaints about being squeaky after continuous use for extended periods. You will see the backrest making a sound or the seat pan. Fortunately, the sound is minimal and can be solved by determining the source.

You need to check the source and locate the origin of the sound and then tighten the screws; it will ensure no sound is passed from the chair. If all the tactics fail, you should not delay and call customer service and request a replacement. 

Does WD40 Stop Squeaking Chairs?

Yes, WD40 specialist lubricant is a common and easy way to reduce or completely diminish the squeaky sound. Once you apply the WD40 lubricant, it will not take long to dry and will not create any kind of a mess. 

It will not have any odor like other oils and will give a water-proof finish. It is safer to use on any kind of material like plastic, rubber, vinyl, and many more. Moreover, it will not leave a single trace of the WD40.

You can check out this special lubricant on Amazon by clicking here.

What Are The Home Remedies I Can Use For Reducing The Squeaky Sound?

Yes, undoubtedly, lubricants are very convenient and easy to apply. But what happens is that you might not get it within your reach. So, let me share some of the alternatives of lubricant that you can use to diminish the squeaky noise. 

Olive oil can be a good alternative and will work like magic to reduce the squeaky sound. You just need to apply a little bit of olive oil over the screw from where the sound is initiating and see the magic all by yourself.

You can also use coconut oil or kitchen spray oil if olive oil is not present. You also can use some petroleum jelly or melted candle wax on the squeaky area.

Final Thoughts:

Squeaky chairs can be irritating and reduce work productivity. Even an expensive chair can also make such unwanted noise. It is common to hear such noises after a few years of using the chair. However, a new chair can also make the sound if the assembling is not done perfectly. 

Nonetheless, just like every problem has its solution, you will also be able to minimize the problem. Just remember to apply the right action at the right time. 

For further assistance, remember Herman Miller comes with a 12 years warranty, so make proper use of that. Seek assistance from them and eradicate the problem immediately. 

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