Do Herman Miller Chairs Go On Sale? (Yes & Here’s When)

Herman Miller Chairs ensure the ultimate comfort and help you sit in the proper posture. However, you cannot deny the fact that they fall under luxury products. Not everyone can afford Herman Miller Chairs. Many of us might look for some discounts when it comes to buying the Herman Miller Chairs. 

Do Herman Miller Chairs Go On Sale? Herman Miller Chairs surely go on sales, which can be on average around 15% to 40% on each sale. The sales are usually conducted on a seasonal or holiday basis. However, you will find sales on Herman Miller products every two months. 

In this article, you will get to know about the probability of finding Herman Miller Chairs on sales. I will also mention various occasions you might enjoy lucrative offers on the Herman Miller Chairs. You will also get to know about Herman Miller holiday sales.

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When Do Herman Miller Chairs Go On Sale?

The Herman Miller Chairs are extremely pricey, which might resist customers from buying the chairs. There is a special group of customers who wait for the sales to come up. You will hardly see Herman Miller having no sales within two months. 

So, yeah, if you want to buy Herman Miller Chairs on sale, you can definitely buy these high-end chairs with a long-term warranty at a very reasonable price.

If you are wondering how frequently Herman Miller runs the sales, let me tell you will find Herman Miller Chairs on sale up to 30% to 40% every two months. Moreover, they also offer year-end sales and numerous holidays sales.

Even if you miss the sale on the official website, you can always search for discounts on online platforms like Amazon. However, there is no specific pattern like they can hold the sales any time of the month and keep it for any certain period. 

Hack – In order to get instant notifications, you can sign up for the newsletter of Herman Miller through this link.

Herman Miller also offers seasonal sales, which include fall sales, summer sales, winter sales, spring sales. During the winter (August to November), You will get discounts from 15% to 30% on the products and enjoy the same benefits. 

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How Much Discount Does Herman Miller Provide?

Herman Miller Chairs come with around 15% to 40% discounts on each sales period. However, there are no specific rules regarding the sales policy. 

For instance, currently, the Better Home Office Bundle campaign is providing a 15% sale on each purchase. You can find it on their site.

The best way to get notified is by subscribing to the official newsletter of Herman Miller, through which you can enjoy comparatively better discounts and get notified about the current sales pretty conveniently. 

How Long Is The Herman Miller Holiday Sale?

Herman Miller offers various holiday sales that can last for a certain period that is not constant. The duration of each holiday sale can vary from the other. 

Herman Miller offers Black Friday Sales every year and offers up to 50% discount on their products. The sale will last for around two to three weeks. Even the costliest chairs can be found on sale during Black Friday. 

Herman Miller also provides up to 15% Labor Day sales which can only be available during the Labor Day. During that day they also keep offers like free shipping, small deals & offers.

Here’s a table showing different amounts of discounts by Herman Miller based on the occasion:

OccasionDiscount %
Black Friday Sales50% 
Labor Day sales15%
Winter Sales15% to 30%
Every Two Months30% to 40%
Spring Sales30%

Does Herman Miller Have A Spring Sale?

Spring sales are pretty common for Herman Miller. Every year along with winter sales, they also host spring sales. You will get up to 15% off on the products during the spring sale. 

During the spring sales, you will even find the most prominent chairs in discounts. If you are already signed up for the newsletter of the official Herman Miller Chair, you might get up to 30% off on the products. 

Does Herman Miller Have Free Shipping?

Yes, there are times when you can enjoy free shipping on your purchased product. To be short, the smaller products are mostly shipped free of cost. 

Herman Miller delivers your products in 3 to 4 ways, including FedEx, Threshold, In-home, and a few more. FedEx mostly controls the delivery of smaller items and does not charge for any products. 

On the other hand, orders over $100 in FedEx will charge you some fees, and the threshold and In-home deliveries will need some extra bucks for the delivery service. 

Moreover, during various occasions, you will find Herman Miller is offering free shipping offers to their customers. So, do not forget to check that first.

Check out the category of delivery fee of Herman Miller Products;

Shipping Method Rate Max Charge, regardless of order size
Threshold Delivery 12% of order value$349
In-Home Delivery, Local (within 50 miles) $349 per trip$349
In-Home Delivery, Regional (from 50 – 100 miles) $399 per trip$399
In-Home Delivery, National (more than 100 miles) $499 per trip$499
In-Home Delivery, Time-Specific, Local (within 50 miles) $449 per trip$449
In-Home Delivery, Time-Specific, Regional (from 50 – 100 miles) $499 per trip$499
In-Home Delivery, Time-Specific, National (more than 100 miles) $599 per trip$599

Is It Worth Buying Herman Miller Chairs?

Undoubtedly, Herman Miller Chairs are extremely costly, and sometimes people avoid buying the chairs just because they cannot afford them. But when you buy a Herman Miller chair, you will never regret buying it. It will surely be worth it. 

Herman Miller holds the position of producing the best ergonomic office chair and won numerous discounts for it. It is the Herman Miller Aeron Chair that is considered to be the best creation of the Herman Miller chair. 

The Herman Miller Chairs comes with great adjustable features which ensure you are sitting not only economically but also comfortably. They come with a 12-year warranty period which is pretty awesome as you will not have to worry about the chair for almost 15 years.

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