Do Chair Mats Reduce Noise?

The constant irritating sound of the chair due to the friction it experiences with the floor can be bothersome. So, you might be thinking of installing an Office Chair Mat for the reduction of unwanted noise. But Do Chair Mats Reduce Noise?

An Office Chair Mat can help to reduce the annoying noise of the chair to a great extent. Installing rubber or foam chair mats, or simply getting a soundproofing chair mat can provide good results. However, Rubber Chair Mats are the most effective and affordable option. 

In this article, you will be getting ideas to reduce or completely disable the unwanted noise within your workstation and know about the role of a chair mat in the reduction of the irritating sound. 

Do Chair Mats Really Help With Noise?

Yes, Chair mats can really reduce the noise made by rolling the office chair over the floor. Let me explain.

When you put an Office Chair Mat underneath your chair, the chair can roll effortlessly, and the friction with the floor becomes smoother. It results in the reduction of the sound and gives you a quieter environment to work.  

Also, the sound produced by office and gaming chairs can also irritate people who live underneath your apartment in the building. The soundproofing flooring Mats are most effective in this scenario..

Well, you must be wondering, What Is A Soundproof Flooring Mat?  A soundproofing flooring mat is a mat that is covered with a rug or extra coverings. It helps to absorb the unwanted sound so that you can work in a quieter environment.

What Type Of Chair Mats Can Reduce Noise?

To be honest, the type of flooring needs to be considered to find the best soundproofing chair mat for your floor.

Moreover, the placement of the Chair mat also matters. For example, when you are planning to place a chair mat in a living room, you need to consider various factors before finding the appropriate one. 

Let me tell you about different types of Chair Mats and the benefits they offer:

1. Rubber Chair Mat

Rubber Chair mats are the top most preferable Chair Mat when it comes to reducing the annoying noise. Rubber is amazing in blocking and stopping the sound compared to other materials.

Trust me, when you need a cost-effective and available solution for sound absorbing chair mat, go for Rubber Chair Mats.

They are thicker and durable as well. The smooth surface of the Rubber Chair Mat enhances the chair movement.

2. Foam Chair Mat

Foam Chair Mats are also effective when it comes to reducing the unwanted sound of your furniture legs and chair caster wheels.

When you have hardwood floors, it is recommended to use Foam Chair Mats because they work as an excellent sound absorbent.

Foam Chair Mats are suitable for kids’ rooms. The comfortable and soft surface of the Mat keeps the children protected during their playtime.

Therefore, if you have kids, then you can install Foam Chair Mats in your kid’s room.

Soundproofing Methods Alternative To Chair Mat:

Other than installing an Office Chair Mats, you can implement various tricks that will absorb the unwanted sound. 

Check out the six alternative methods to reduce the irritating noise;

1. Install a Carpet

Installing a carpet can reduce the sound to a great extent and provide you with a quieter place to work. Carpets will not only reduce the sound but will also protect the floors from any damage. 

It will also reduce the intense sound of something falling on the floor. You can choose from either Medium Pile Carpet or High Pile Carpet. 

2. Replace The Old Caster

If there is a constant sound, then locating the origin of the sound is mandatory. For example, when the caster of your office chair is damaged, it can scratch the flooring and make an annoying sound. 

In such a case, you can simply replace the old casters with new ones. Even if you change the casters, I would recommend you check them regularly so that you can avoid further damage. 

3. Put A Rug Underneath Your Furniture

The rug is an available and affordable option for reducing unwanted sound. Although they are affordable, when you place them, they might move a lot. It can be risky when you have kids in the home. The kids might wind up with the rug and get hurt.

4. Put On Self-Adhesive Felt Strips

Self-Adhesive Felt Strips also work great to reduce the sound and protect the hard floor from the furniture. You simply measure the legs of the furniture and attach adhesive felt strips to reduce the sound. 

5. Cover The Legs Of Your Furniture

You can cover the legs of your chairs and tables using fabric covers. You can also make DIY covers by yourself. This will help to reduce the sound to a great extent. 

6. Keep The Floor Clean

Even small dirt particles can initiate friction which can damage the legs and floors of the chair; at the same time, it can create disturbing sounds when the chairs are moved. 

To minimize the sound, you should keep the floors clean. A regular check is also necessary so that the dirt does not get stuck with the chair’s legs. 

How To Make Rolling Chairs Quieter?

Office chairs with casters can make annoying sounds when we roll them on the floor. In order to make the rolling chair quieter, you need to locate the origin of the sound. Then you can effortlessly diminish the irritating sound.

Do the following things to make your rolling chair quieter:

1. Clean the Casters Regularly: You need to check the rolling chairs regularly to ensure there remains no dirt stuck on the wheels of the rolling chair. Tiny particles of dirt can cause disturbing sounds every time you move your rolling chairs. Therefore, clean the rolling chair frequently

2. Make Sure The Screws Of the Casters Are Tight: The screw and bolts can get loosened, which can initiate sound. Due to the loose screws and nuts, the different parts of the rolling chairs might come off and make noise. In such a case, tightening the loose screws and bolts would be a better option.  

3. Apply PTFE Lubricant: You can also apply some PTFE lubricants on the casters of your chair to minimize the sound. You can check out my favorite PTFE lubricant on Amazon by clicking here. It is an excellent lubricant, completely odorless and very effective.

4. Apply Oil: You can also apply oil to stop the squeaky sound of the rolling chairs. If you wonder which oil to apply, let me tell you that olive oil works magically to eliminate the disturbing sound. 

Related Questions:

Do Rubber Mats Dampen Noise?

When it comes to dampening noise, rubber chair mats are unquestionably more effective than any other chair mats. Rubber chair Mats can absorb sounds better and dampen noises. They work great to stop the disturbing noise ultimately, and the most amazing part is they are cheaper. 

Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Absorb Sound?

Anti-fatigue Mats can absorb unwanted sound so that the sound does not transmit through the building. However, not all Anti-fatigue Mats ensure that.

Anti-fatigue Mats are specially manufactured to reduce fatigue and eliminate pressure from your legs. The regular micro-movements of the legs ensure ergonomic features and promote blood circulation. 

More importantly, Anti-fatigue Mats reduce sounds and limit vibrations. It works great when you need to minimize the sound of heavy equipment that vibrates and illuminates sound on a continuous basis. 

What is the best Chair Mat to reduce noise?

When it comes to reducing unwanted noise, the VersaTex Multi-Purpose Recycled Rubber Floor Mat is the best choice. This mat is manufactured using recycled rubber material and fits perfectly in any place. 

It is water-proof and stain-resistant, and also absorbs unwanted sound. You can even cut it as per your requirement. This rubber mat is easy to clean, and the color will not fade away. You can check out this rubber chair mat on Amazon by clicking here.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! Chair mats can help you reduce unwanted noises from your office chair, especially when you roll it. Getting a chair mat will help you make your workspace quieter and as well as make life easier for people who live just below your room.

I have mentioned a lot of tips which can help you to reduce noise from your chair. In my experience, getting a rubber chair mat is the best way to do it.

I hope this article was helpful. Thanks for reading, and that’s all for today.

Meraj Jahan

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