Do Chair Mats Damage Carpet? (Here’s The Truth)

A beautiful carpet can change the overall atmosphere of the room. You might have taken all the necessary steps to protect the Carpet from the furniture’s legs; even installed a Chair Mat. Have you ever considered whether the Chair Mats are actually suitable for Carpets or not?

So, Do Chair Mats Damage Carpet? Chair mats with hard or pointy edges & wrong thickness can damage carpets over time. Also, heavy chair mats damage the fibers of high pile carpets over time. However, getting the appropriate chair mat can actually protect carpets from the wheels of a rolling chair.

In this article, I will be explaining how Chair Mats can hamper your Carpets and mention various ways to protect them from the damages caused by Chair Mats. I will also be sharing various tips to protect your Carpet.

How Can Chair Mats Ruin Your Carpets?

To be honest, a Chair Mat can also ruin your favorite Carpet. Not necessarily all but a few chairs mats can ruin the Carpet. Let me explain how;

1. Chair Mats With Hard Or Pointy Edges 

Some Chair Mats have hard edges and pointy corners, which poke the Carpet when you move the chairs or when you walk on top of it. 

These hard edges and the pointy corners can create tiny holes in your Carpet. When you put so much pressure on the Chair Mat, it eventually passes on the pressure on the Carpet. 

Such pressure is not suitable for the Carpet and can cause damage to the Carpet. As a result, you need to use a Chair Mat that will not harm the Carpet.


It is recommended to buy Chair Mats that do not have pointy or hard edges and will not hamper the Carpet. Buy such Chair Mats that will be placed on your Carpet gently and will provide definite protection without damaging it. 

On the other hand, when you already have such dangerous Chair Mats, I recommend you to either change them or apply some DIY covering to them. 

2. Attract More Dirt And  Messes With Longevity 

It is common to leave the Chair Mat on the Carpet for a long time without cleaning underneath it. Taking off the Chair Mat and cleaning the underneath and the Carpet is a very detailed process. And let us be honest, we are lazy people.

However, let me warn you that such unhygienic behaviors can lead to damage to your Carpet. Sometimes tiny particles can get stuck in between the chair mat and the Carpet. 

When you apply pressure or roll the Chair on the Chair Mat, the particle damages the fiber of the Carpet. Moreover, it ruins the appearance of the Carpet.


Keep your workstation clean. Once or twice a month, you should take off both the Chair Mat and Carpet and clean underneath it. If you feel like some dirt or food crumbs have stacked underneath the Chair Mat, never delay cleaning it.  

3. Problem With The Thickness

Carpets are available in three different thicknesses: Low-Pile Carpets, Medium-Pile Carpets, and High-Pile Carpets. However, did you know which Chair Mat’s type we should use, it highly depends on the thickness of the Carpet?

Well, yes. The more thickness of a Carpet, the thicker the Chair Mat should be.

In order to know about the thickness of your Carpet, measure the depth of the Carpet, and find out which one you own;

The thickness of The CarpetType
0.25 inches – 0.38 inchesLow Pile Carpet
0.39 inches – 0.75 inchesMedium Pile Carpet
0.76 inches or higherHigh Pile Carpet

When you use the Chair Mat without considering the thickness of the Carpet, you are most likely to damage the Carpet.  


There is nothing to be confused about, and there are various brands that manufacture different types of Chair Mats for Carpets of different types—for example, ES Robbins, Anji Mountain, and Deflecto.

When it comes to searching for a Chair Mat for Low to Medium-pile Carpets, you should use a Chair Mat that has a non-slip felt so that it stays in its place. Check out our recommended chair mats for low to medium pile carpets here.

Lastly, for High-Pile Carpet, Amazon Basics Polycarbonate Chair Mat will be a good option for you. You can check it on Amazon by clicking here.

As a side note, if you want to use a glass chair mat on the carpet, I have written an article on: Do Glass Chair Mats Work On Carpet?

4. Not Using The Appropriate Chair Mat For The Carpet

Not all Chair Mats work well on Carpets. Honestly, Chair Mats materials vary depending on the flooring arrangement. On a carpeted floor, you cannot use a Chair Mat, good for hardwood floors.


You might be wondering, Which Kind Of Chair Mat Should I Use On A Carpet? For Carpets, it is recommended to use either a Polycarbonate Chair Mat or a Glass Chair Mat

They both provide a smooth surface so that you can roll your office chair effortlessly at the same time protect the Carpet. 

Polycarbonate Chair Mats and Glass Chair Mats are transparent and help you showcase the beautiful design of the Carpet. Moreover, they hardly harm the Carpet. 

So, Do You Really Need A Chair Mat On A Carpet?

Chair Mats can be essential for Carpets. When you skip using Chair Mats, you will see that the Chair’s wheels or legs are creating small holes on your Carpet after a long time. Well, these holes are created from the continuous rubbing of the chairs’ legs or wheels. 

Then again, when you have carpeted floors, rolling the roller chairs can be bothersome. The wheels can get stuck and sometimes can get tangled, which can initiate accidents. 

When you use a Chair Mat, you will experience swift movements, which will reduce injury & fatigue, at the same time, increase productivity. 

Therefore, it is crucial to install a Chair Mat when you have carpeted the floor. The Chair Mats will ensure protection to the Carpet.

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Related Question

Can You Use A Hard Floor Chair Mat On The Carpet?

It is not advised to use a hard floor Chair Mat on the Carpeted Flooring. Chair Mats for hard floors usually do not have studs; as a result, they are more prone to sliding. 

This can be very bothersome, and the continuous sliding can ruin the condition and appearance of your carpets. 

What Can I Put Under My Office Chair To Protect My Carpet?

Office Chairs can damage your Carpeted floorings. Therefore, protecting the Carpet becomes critical. You can use a good quality Chair Mat or Chair Leg Floor Protectors to protect the Carpet from the Office Chair. 

You can use the Chair Protector, which is made of Silicone, as it will provide better results. I also recommended to use Scotch Felt Pads for cheaper protection. You can find these products on any nearby store as well as on Amazon.

Why Does My Chair Mat Keep Cracking?

There can be a few reasons to notice some cracking on the Chair Mat. Let me list down those reasons for you:

  1. While unpacking the Chair Mat, accidental pressure or unwanted movements can cause cracking. 
  2. When you put so much pressure on the Chair Mat, it can be by continuous rolling of the Office Chairs, might cause cracking as well.
  3. If you rub any hard thing for instantly broken casters, it can leave scratches, and after a few days, it may start to crack. 

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