Desk Mat Vs. Mouse Pad: What’s The Difference?

Desk Mat and Mouse Pad fall under the list of essentials when you have to spend a lot of time working on your computer, especially for gamers and people with desk jobs. But, Is a desk mat an alternative for a Mouse Pad? Well, for that you need to know the differences.

The main difference between a Desk Mat and a Mouse Pad is the size. A desk mat is always bigger than a Mouse Pad. Then again, Desk Mats cover a bigger portion of the Desk and allow you to put more things on top of it. Also, Mouse Pads are cheaper than Desk Mats.

In this article, I will clear your confusion regarding the differences between Desk Mats and Mouse Pads so that you can choose the appropriate one for you. Lastly, I will help you find the best Desk Mat and the best Mouse Pad for you.

So, enjoy the reading. 

What Is The Purpose Of Using A Desk Mat?

Desk Mats work as a protector whose main motive is to protect your Desk from any kind of disaster. Moreover, Desk Mats also provide a smooth surface to work in so that your hands do not have to experience the hard surface of the Desk.

Although many people know them as Desk Mat, a wide range of people call them Blotter. The colorful Desk Mats will change the overall appearance of the Desk by adding various patterns and flavors.

Benefits Of Using A Desk Mat

As you know by now that a Desk Mat can provide your Desk protection; now, let me explain how this work and mention all other benefits of using a Desk Mat:

  1. Your beautiful Desk stays safe from ink stains.
  2. The Desk Mat will provide you with the perfect flat surface for writing
  3. Any kind of food crumbs or small dirt will not get stuck on your Desk, the Desk Mat will hold them for you, and you can take it outside to give some delicate shake to dust off the dirt. 
  4. The Desk will stay protected from any kind of sudden spill of any beverages. 
  5. The constant movement of the keyboard and Mouse will not hamper the Desk.
  6. The Desk will help you to keep your things organized and increase productivity.
  7. The non-slip layer of the Desk Mat will hold the things on your Desk perfectly so that they do not roll off. 
  8. The RGB Desk Mats are the most attractive ones and will give your workplace a whole different look.
  9. USB portals present in the Desk Mat helps to change your phone.
  10. Your Desk stays protected from your kids or even pets. 

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What Is The Purpose Of A Mouse Pad? 

Mouse Pad is a thin placement with flat Padding, specially manufactured to keep the computer Mouse. It not only protects the Desk from Mouse movements and scratches but also ensures smooth movement of the Mouse. 

Nowadays, Mouse Pads are available in various colors and patterns. You will also find Mouse Pad with electric facilities, like LED lights, wireless Mouse charging facilities, and so on. 

Benefits Of Using Mouse Pad

In this section, I will be providing a list of various benefits a Mouse Pad provides;

  1. Protect the Desk from Mouse scratches, especially if you are a gamer. 
  2. Provide a comfortable soft surface to rest your wrists while using the Mouse because the hard surface might feel irritating.
  3. Mouse picks up dirt which ends up staying on the Desk or stuck with the Mouse, and the Mouse Pad will help to work as a shield from that dirt. 
  4. Mouse Pads will give your Mouse swift movements and enhance your working or gaming experience. 
  5. Some advanced Mouse Pads can charge your Mouse wirelessly

Differences Between A Desk Mat And Mouse Pad

Now let us compare a Desk Mat and a Mouse Pad side by side:

CriteriaDesk MatMouse Pad
Purpose To protect the Desk from the things kept on top of the Desk.To protect the Desk from the computer Mouse. 
Average Price$12 – $50$7 – $15
PaddingLessThin Padding
Covering areaA larger portion of the DeskA smaller portion of the Desk
Wrist SupportAbsentPresent
Presence of LED lightsPresentPresent
Presence USB charging portSometimeHardly
Wireless Mouse ChargerAbsentPresent in the expensive ones.

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Comparison Between A Desk Mat And A Mouse Pad

A Desk Mat and a Mouse Pad share a common motto to protect the Desk from possible damages. While a Desk Mat secures a larger area, a Mouse Pad is small and protects a small portion. 

Desk Mat is helpful when you need to protect the Desk from any kind of scratches or unwanted dirt. You can put all your necessary things on the Desk Mat so that it stays risk-free. 

Although traditional Mouse Pads are small, currently, many manufacturers produce larger Mouse Pads that cover almost the same area as a usual Desk Mat. 

The Desk Mats and Mouse Pads can both be found in various colors, patterns, and Materials. That is, you will have various options to choose from. The presence of LED lights and USB ports make it much better.

However, one thing you will not find on the Desk Mat is the wireless Mouse charging option which is also pretty expensive. 

Although both are cheaper products, the price of regular Mouse Pads is half the price of Desk Mats. So, it would be best if you set your preferences before buying the best one for you.

Can A Desk Mat Be Used As A MousePad?

To be honest, a Desk Mat can be a good alternative to a Mouse Pad. Along with serving all the facilities of a Mouse Pad, a Desk Mat will provide a bunch of benefits that will help you get the best outcome.

Whereas a Mouse Pad will keep the Desk protected from the Mouse, a Desk Mat will protect it from all the possible scratches a Desk can get from the things in its surroundings. 

In addition to that, a Desk Mat will give you extra space to put your necessary things and the ultimate protection to your Desk from your kids and pets. 

Are Desk Mats And Mouse Pad Same Thing?

No, a Desk Mat and Mouse Pad are not the same since they have different purposes of serving.

For example, the Desk Mats protects the Desk from the things that are kept on the Desk and covers a larger portion of the Desk.

On the other hand, a Mouse Pad will protect a short portion of the Desk, especially the area underneath the computer Mouse. Moreover, the Mouse Pad is usually more Padded than a Desk Mat.

My Recommended Best Desk Mat 

When it comes to desk mats, you will find a ton of options to choose from. However, when I was researching on desk mat, I stumbled upon the Aothia desk mat as it has great color options made of Pu Leather material.

Leather material on top of a desk would look amazing, and it will enhance your overall desk setup. This desk mat also has a dual-sided color option which means you can use either of the sides as you prefer.

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My Recommended Best Mouse Pad:

Mousepads are available in various designs and patterns, but everyone loves the ones with LED lights. My personal favorite mouse pad is the one by Miroddi. The perfect mouse pad with LED lighting and a built-in wireless charging port with 10W fast charging.

You can change I-phones & Samsung phones, and all other Qi-enabled devices. The dimension of the mouse pad is 31.49″ x 11.81″ x 0.47″ and has seven monochroMatic lights. You can even change the mode of light just by a simple press of the button.

These two layers of the mouse pad include a Micro-textured clothing surface and a non-slip rubber base. 

The best part is that you will get the mouse pad only at $35.99, and the one with LED light will cost $1 extra. Check out the Desk Mat by clicking here.

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