Desk Mat Types & Materials: 15 Answers You Should Know

Desk Mats are pretty amazing things that help protect the desk and enhance the overall appearance of the workspace. It is pretty common to spend most of your time working on the desk, which in turn causes damage to the desk. 

Protecting the desk from possible accidents, dirt, and the sudden spill is crucial. Desk mats help to protect the desk while working as a décor to your room. 

However, you need to use the desk mat that has the ability to provide overall protection. Desk mats are extremely cheap products, so find the appropriate one for your desk that will fall in your budget, style, and functionality.

That is, you need to choose your desk mat and its material properly. However, you have got nothing to worry about. I will provide you with the adequate information you need. 

1. What Are Desk Mats Made Of?

Desk Mats can be prepared using a variety of materials such as; Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Aluminum, Glass, Leather, Fabric, Wool, Bamboo, and Polyurethane. All these materials can be good for a certain type of desk.

I personally like the synthetic leather or vinyl desk mats because they last longer and have an easy maintenance process. However, nothing can beat the classy and more elegant look.

2. What Type Of Desk Mat Is Best?

The desk mats come in various sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs. The requirements and preferences will be different, trust me. Like, when you have a big desk, the desk mat should be broader so that it covers a bigger portion of the desk. 

Some desk needs L-shaped desk mats, and some people want smaller desk mats; that is, you need to know the requirements and preferences. 

How to choose the type of Desk Mat? Firstly, the thing you need to look for is which type of desk mat will look good on your desk, and then decide the type of desk mat you want to put on your desk. Measure the size and shape, then look for material and design for the desk mat. 

3. What Is The Best Desk Mat Material? 

Rubber is the best material for desk mats in terms of durability and ease of use. However, preferences for the best desk mat material can differ from person to person. 

Usually, depending on the desk type, your desk might require different materials.

LED desk mats are popular among young people who love to have a colorful atmosphere in the working space.

On the other hand, there are people who love the classy and sophisticated appearance of the leather desk mat and prefer it on top of everything.

I have also noticed that wool desk mats are very popular among girls, and they usually decorate the desk with them. 

Nevertheless, when you are a clean freak and need a desk mat that requires low maintenance, then the vinyl desk mat would be the best option for you. It is also a budget-friendly option.

Then again, rubber desk mats also require less maintenance and come with great durability. The rubber desk mats will hold the grip perfectly so that it stays in place. 

4. Are Leather Desk Mats Good?

Leather desk mats are good, and they add value to the overall appearance of the room.  Leather desk mats usually have awesome textures and appearance. Nonetheless, when it comes to durability, the leather desk mats will last for years, but it all depends on how you treat them.

Leather products are sensitive and fall under the premium material options. Then again, they will require extra protection and maintenance compared to other materials like rubber, vinyl, or plastic.

They are tougher and provide a protective layer with a smooth surface. One bad side of a leather desk mat is that the skin can start to come off and destroy its beauty. 

5. Does Leather Work As A Mouse Pad?

Mouse pads need to provide adequate friction at the time of using the mouse and also an adequate level of protection so that both the mouse and desk stay protected. The best part is that the leather mouse pad will provide you with all these facilities and add more to it.

The Leather Mouse Pads are mostly heat and water-resistant. Moreover, they look extremely classy. 

However, they can get irritating to work for a longer period as your hand’s constant rubbing with the mouse pad might cause irritation. The leather skins need to be kept clean and properly moisturized, or otherwise, the skin starts to peel off.

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6. How To Make A Leather Desk Mat?

Making a Leather Desk Mat is a very easy task, and you can make it at home, but you will need certain tools.

Required Materials:

You need to gather 10 different things, which include;

  1. Leather Working Knife
  2. Needle And Thread
  3. Paint Applicator
  4. Diamond Chisels
  5. Bone Folder
  6. Ruler
  7. 400 Grit SandPaper
  8. Piece Of Scrap Leather
  9. Piece Of Quality Leather 
  10. Leather Glue

A Step-by-Step Process To Make Leather Desk Mat:

Step 1: Cut the Leather:

After measuring out the required Desk Mat surface area, cut the quality leather accordingly. Remember, you need to cut the leather in the exact size and shape you want it to be. 

The leather needs to be doubled the size of your required leather desk mat; one side will be the upper layer the other side will be the lower layer. You need to use scrap leather as the padding.

Use the tools appropriately to measure and cut the leather properly. Then use the washer and trace around its edge in order to shape the corners. 

Then you need to place all three layers and attach them using glue, apply an adequate amount of glue and make sure to provide some time to dry (at least 30 minutes) before proceeding to the next step. Use the bone folder to form it well around the padding.

Step 2: Stitch The Edges

The next step is to stitch the edges, but before that, you need to make sure the padding is perfectly done. It would help if you used diamond chisels to make the stitching holes. Remember to keep it straight while creating the holes.

The stitch needs to be perpendicular, or else it will look awkward. Do not forget that you need to do the backstitching as well. After the stitching step, you need to make sure the edges are perfectly shaped. 

Step 3: Burnish Properly

Make sure to do the burnish perfectly, and before that, complete the process of sanding. Then apply the paint and make sure to paint the leather in a certain pattern.

The edges should not be painted; rather, apply a bit of beeswax and buff it using a canvas cloth.

Tada! Your leather desk mat is ready. 

7. How Do You Flatten A Leather Desk Pad?

The most effective trick to flattening your leather desk pad is to put the mat under sunlight while putting pressure evenly on every side of the pad. Or you can also place heavy pressure or a big book on top of it and leave it overnight.

Remember to avoid using sharp materials on it and keep it on a straight surface. The pressure should be distributed evenly. 

8. What Is A Gaming Desk Mat?

A gaming desk mat is a desk mat that is suitable for gaming purposes. That is, when you are e-sporting, the desk mat will not only protect your desk and mat but will also provide you a smooth surface to roll your mouse effortlessly.

Using a gaming desk mat will help you increase productivity and score better. Once you start using the gaming desk mat, you will notice the mouse will no longer hamper your favorite desk; rather, it will provide a smooth surface to relax your hand while playing. 

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9. Are Desk Pads Good For Gaming?

Undoubtedly, Desk Pads are good for gaming purposes. It not only protects the desk but also provides a smooth surface that helps you while e-sporting. Moreover, the desk pad covers greater space than a mouse pad, that is, more protection. 

In addition to these, a desk pad is available in various shapes and sizes. The advancement of technology has provided scopes to buy a desk pad with lots of advanced features. For instance, RGB lighting option or USB charging port and a lot more.

A beautiful desk pad will accentuate the overall appearance of your desk and your room. It will provide a great level of protection from the kids and pets.

10. Which Pad Is Best For Gaming?

The best desk pad for gaming in the market right now is the SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface. It’s inexpensive and yet feels very premium.

This is literally my favorite Desk Mat for gaming purposes. I have been using this gaming desk mat for a long time. It has various options available which will give you the scope to choose the perfect one for you. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

A gaming Desk Mat should have the perfect grip in its lower layer to hold the desk mat in its place and adequate smoothness in the upper layer so that it provides enough friction for easy movement of the mouse. 

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You can miss out on the fact that it should be capable of heavy use and protect the desk from any kind of damage or accidents.

Gaming desk mats are not available like regular desk mats. However, you will find a lot of mouse pads that have gaming stickers on top of them.

Keeping all these factors in mind, the SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface will be the best choice for any gamer. The mouse pad has a non-slip rubber layer at the lower part, which holds the pad in its place, and the fabric covering provides a smooth surface.

11. Do You Need A Gaming Mouse Pad?

A true gamer needs to sit on the desk for a very long time, and throughout this time, it is pretty common to feel rashes on your hands. It is because when you use the mouse on the desk while the mouse pad is missing, the constant rubbing of your hands will irritate you.

That is, a mouse pad is a must when you need to play games on your computer for a long time. If you are an occasional player, you can skip the mouse pad. However, the mouse pad provides better traction and feel while you are using it. 

The mouse pad will also provide you with an additional service by preventing any kind of scratches from the mouse and ensuring productivity by ensuring a smooth roll.

12. Are Felt Desk Pads Good?

Felt Desk Pads are pretty amazing because they look great and provide a smooth surface to work on. It also helps to hold the things in their proper spots. You can easily vacuum the dirt and dust from it.

The felt desk pads are well padded and provide a sponginess that provides some sort of relaxation at the time of typing for longer hours. The best part is that they are scratch-resistant, unlike leather desk pads, and will not easily peel off. 

13. Are Wool Desk Mats Good?

Wool desk mats surely are stylish and provide a great amount of comfort by providing a smooth surface. They are well padded and go with any kind of desk materials. They will protect the desk to a great extent, from sharp matters to liquid substances. 

However, they are not recommended to be used as a writing surface. Removing the coffee or wine stain from the wool desk mats can be a difficult task. 

14. Where To Buy Anime Desk Mats?

Anime desk mats are suitable for any anime fan. You can buy anime desk mats in any online store, but I would suggest looking on Amazon as here you will find various discounts and detailed information about the product. 

If you are a Satoru Gojo fan, I highly recommend you to check out the cool anime desk mat by Jeytodbtg, which is available in various patterns and options. The materials used in it are rubber and fabric.

The Gojo Satoru anime desk mat will cost you around $30. For more information, check out the product by clicking here. 

15. Are Desk Mats Mouse Pads?

A desk mat and a mouse pad are not the same, although they can be considered as a good alternative for each other. The main difference between a desk mat and a mouse pad is that desk mats are larger and take more space on the desk than mouse pads.

Though they share the same motto to protect the desk from damages, they are different from one another.

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The main purpose of a desk mat is to protect a larger portion of the desk, and you can keep many pieces of stuff on top of the desk mat and avoid any unwanted scratches. 

On the other hand, the mouse pad will protect the desk from the constant rubbing of the mouse and provide you with a smoother surface to roll the mouse.

Therefore, the desk mat and mouse pad are not very similar. They have different purposes and offer various benefits.

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