Corsair T3 Vs. T1: Which One Is Better?

Corsair gaming chairs are built with numerous features and high-quality materials that will surely satisfy any gamers’ needs. Corsair is a well-known brand that has been producing pretty comfortable chairs, which received lots of positive feedback.

Among all other CORSAIR chairs, CORSAIR T3 and CORSAIR T1 are getting a lot of good feedback. So, what are the main differences between CORSAIR T3 and CORSAIR T1?

The main differences between CORSAIR T3 and CORSAIR T1 chairs are the built quality, materials, and the padding of the lumbar and neck pillow. Moreover, between these two, CORSAIR T3 is the more expensive one. 

In this article, you will visualize a detailed comparison between CORSAIR T3 and CORSAIR T1 so that you get an overall idea before choosing the best one for you. Do not be afraid; before comparing them, I will be introducing you to both of these chairs.

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Corsair T3 

When you want to spend your precious money on a good gaming chair, then CORSAIR T3 can be a very good option for you. When you sit on the chair, it will feel like someone is hugging you from behind. 

The chair has a breathable fabric covering; make sure you sit comfortably. The additional features like 4-dimensional armrests and great height adjustments, and such an amazing recline feature make the chair top-notch. 

The design and the overall features make it perfect for the best gaming experience. Check out the CORSAIR T3 chair’s overview on the table;  

FeaturesCORSAIR T3
Chair Dimensions34.84″ D X 34.84″ W X 14.76″ H
Seat Depth47 Cm
Chair Base MaterialNylon
Chair Back & Seat MaterialFabric
Chair Frame MaterialMetal
Lumbar SupportMemory Foam Pillow; Adjustable 
Armrests4D Adjustments
HeadrestYes, But Not Adjustable 
Tilt Mechanism TypeBasic Type (Up & Down, Tilted)
Tilt LockYes
Gas Lift ClassClass 4 Grade
Adjustable Back Angle90-180°
Chair’s Weight47.3 Pounds
Weight Capacity120 Kg Or 264.5 Lbs. 

Advantages Of CORSAIR T3 

The CORSAIR T3 chair has lots of remarkable features, which includes;

  1. The seat is pretty amazing as it has car bucket seat styling.
  2. The armrests feel so comfortable because of the carbon fiber finish. The perfect stitching makes it look cooler.
  3. The backrest has bolsters that feel like the chair is hugging you from the back. They are adequately angled, and the perfect depth makes it more amazing. 
  4. With the Class-4 gas lift, the height of the chair can be adjusted up to 10 cm.
  5. The 4D armrests can be adjusted by height, weight, depth, and the angle can be changed as per your need.
  6. The recline feature is the best part of this chair; you can recline from a 90-degree to 180-degree angle. 
  7. Even with such a recline angle, the base does a great job holding the chair on the ground.
  8. A memory foam pillow is present on the lower part of the backrest, which helps provide lower back support.
  9. The extremely soft and comfy neck pillow attached to the headrest will secure your upper back. 
  10. The heavy-duty 65 mm dual-wheel casters will give you the perfect glides.

Drawbacks Of CORSAIR T3

Although the CORSAIR T3 carries lots of amazing features, it still has some cons. Let me list them down;

  1. The chair can be uncomfortable for smaller people because the bolsters might not adjust with the small body shape. 
  2. The bigger people might also find the chair uncomfortable because of the thinner foam you might feel on the hard frame of the chair.
  3. The built-in lumbar support is missing.
  4. Adjusting the lumbar support after changing the position can be cumbersome. 
  5. The casters are not suitable for hardwood floors. 

Corsair T1 

CORSAIR T1 is the best way to utilize your money in a good chair. The chair has comfortable synthetic leather and polyurethane foam and helps you sit for an extended period. 

It is the appropriate gaming chair, as the recline function helps you take a short nap while lying on the chair. The chair has height adjustability and 4D adjustable armrests.

Both the lumbar pillow and neck pillow have microfiber cloth covering, making the pillow soft and comfy. However, they can be uncomfortable for a few users.

Just like CORSAIR T3, CORSAIR T1 has minimum padding, which can make the chair uncomfortable for bigger people.

The overview chart of CORSAIR T1 Chair;

FeaturesCORSAIR T1
Chair Dimension20.5″ D x 22″ W x 37.4″ H
Seat Depth58 cm
Chair Base MaterialNylon
Chair Back & Seat MaterialPU Leather
Chair Frame MaterialSteel
Lumbar SupportPresent; Non-adjustable
Armrests4D Adjustments
HeadrestYes, But Not Adjustable 
Tilt Mechanism TypeBasic Type (Up & Down, Tilted)
Tilt LockYes
Gas Lift ClassClass 4 Grade
Adjustable Back Angle90-180°
Chair’s Weight53 Pounds
Weight Capacity120 Kg Or 264.5 lbs. 

Advantages Of CORSAIR T1 

After careful observation, I have listed down all the pros of CORSAIR T1;

  1. The CORSAIR T1 has PU leather and polyurethane foam (cold foam), making the chair perfect for a long sitting position. 
  2. The design mimics the automotive or racing design suitable for gaming purposes. 
  3. The armrest can be adjusted automatically using the three buttons.
  4. The 4-dimensional armrest can be adjusted by height, depth, angle, and width. 
  5. The CORSAIR T1 is tested for matching and cigarette ignition resistance under the 1988 safety regulation.
  6. The chair comes with 85 mm height adjustments so that you can adjust it as per your need. 
  7. The Chair comes with great cushioning, which will evenly balance your weight.
  8. The steel gas spring balances out the mechanism perfectly.
  9. The chair fully reclines; that is, you can recline the seat from a 90-degree angle to a 180-degree angle. 
  10. The adjustable lumbar support is present.
  11. The neck support is wrapped in a microfiber cloth and helps you provide you with the utmost comfort. 
  12. The managing quality of the nylon-covered wheels ensures the chair stays in its place.
  13. The chair can be tilted and locked in certain positions. 

Drawbacks Of CORSAIR T1

The CORSAIR T1 chairs cons include;

  1. The lower back and shoulders support is very minimal. 
  2. The seat foam density is very low.

Comparison Between CORSAIR T3 And CORSAIR T1

Gaming chairs are usually expensive and can be unaffordable to many. The best part of the CORSAIR chair is that they are cheap and highly comfortable.

Then again, the difference is minimum when it comes to the CORSAIR T3 and CORSAIR T1. Let me explain it in a detailed manner. 

General Overview

Let us first analyze the specific features of both the chairs;

Seat Height44 cm –  54 cm32 cm – 42 cm
Seat Depth Area18.9†– 21.6â€56 cm x 58 cm
Backrest Height 85 cm95 cm
Armrest Height Range28.5 cm – 36.5 cm28 cm – 38 cm
Tilt Angle Range90-degree to 180-degree90-degree to 180-degree
Maximum Weight 120 Kg Or 264.5 lbs.120 Kg Or 264.5 lbs.

Ergonomic Feature 

CORSAIR T3 and CORSAIR T1 carry a lot of ergonomic features that make the chairs comfortable and suitable even for long sitting positions. 

Both the chairs share almost the same features; for example, 4D adjustable armrests and the recline feature give you the privilege to tilt the chair from a 90-degree to 180-degree angle.

Not only you can comfortably sit in the chair while studying or gaming but also to take short naps. However, both the chairs’ seats have less padding, which is why the people with heavyweight seats can feel the rigid structure of the chair.

Even when you are skinny, you might also not feel comfortable sitting in the CORSAIR T3 chairs. The backrest of this chair has bolsters that feel like someone is hugging you from behind. 

Build Quality & Durability

Although the CORSAIR T3 and CORSAIR T1 chairs have little difference in an overall view; there are major changes in the build materials. 

To begin with, the back and seat have a fabric covering, whereas the frame is built with metal. On the other hand, the frame structure of CORSAIR T1 is steel and the seat and back covering is PU leather. 

There are a few similarities as well; for instance, the chair base of both the chairs have Nylon that is plastic. Then again, the caster wheels have nylon rollerblades which are suitable for heavy-duty. 

Both the chairs come with two years warranty; however, they can last more than that. 

Design & Comfort

CORSAIR T1 is more robust and wider than CORSAIR T3. CORSAIR T1 is available in black with stripes of five different colors such as black, blue, yellow, red, or white.

CORSAIR T3 comes in five different colors and has a very sophisticated appearance. When you keep this in your workspace, the chair makes it look more elegant and versatile.

Both the chairs are equally comfortable. However, the CORSAIR T1 can seem uncomfortable because of the weak lumbar and neck support.

However, if you are too bulky or skinny, the bolsters of the CORSAIR T3 might not be placed in the right place and make the sitting arrangement uncomfortable.  

Price & Warranty 

The CORSAIR T3 comes with a 2 years warranty and can cost you around $320. Check out the current price on Amazon by clicking here. 

Then again, CORSAIR T1 has a two-year warranty but costs less than CORSAIR T3. Although the price of CORSAIR T1 is around $300, I suggest you check the current price by clicking here.

Is The Corsair T3 Better Compared To The Corsair  T1?

There is hardly any difference between CORSAIR T3 and CORSAIR  T1, which is why you can choose either of them. However, your preferences can differ depending on your requirements. 

For example, some people might not like the bolsters of the CORSAIR T3 and hence choose the other one. Then again, some people who do not like the soft and comfy lumbar support and neck support of the CORSAIR T1 can avoid buying it.

I suggest you list down your requirements and choose the appropriate one that will suit your needs.

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