Chair Mat Lip Vs No Lip: What’s The Difference?

Few Chair Mats come with lip and some without lip. Both carry certain advantages and disadvantages. You need to understand the differences before buying one. A few months back I was wondering about the difference between a chair mat with and without a lip. So, I did some research, and let’s see what I have found?

What’s The difference between a chair mat with a lip and without a lip? Chair Mat with lips is mostly rectangular in shape and has extensions on a particular side. It provides extra protection to the carpet or the floor underneath the chair mat. On the other hand, Chair Mat without a lip can come in various shapes and doesn’t have any extension. 

In this article, I will briefly tell you about chair mat lips and mention the differences between chair mat with lips and without lips. Finally, I will also say the pros and cons of both types of chair mats. 

What is Chair Mat Lip?

The chair mat lip is an extended area from the edge of a Chair Mat. The chair mat lip goes under the table to protect that area from being ruined by the chair casters. 

Chair mats are used to protect the rugs, carpet, or any other kinds of floorings from being damaged. A chair mat can be beneficial, but sometimes it can also damage the carpet underneath the mat.

Different Shapes Of Chair Mat?

Although customized Chair Mats can be bought, chair mats usually come in three shapes; Rectangular or Square Shaped Mats, Rectangular shaped Mats with Lips, and lastly, Teardrop or Bulb Shaped Mats with Lips.

Chair Mat Without Lips

Rectangular or Square Shaped Chair Mats

These are more versatile and fit in all types of workplace layouts. If you are a person who doesn’t move the chair while working, then you can buy this type of Chair Mats. 

These types of mats come in various sizes. Dimex Clear Rectangular Office Chair Mat are specially customized with cleats that are well suited for low pile carpets.

The surface is super smooth, and you can effortlessly move your chair. You can check out the office chair mat by Dimex on amazon by clicking here.

Dimex Chair Mat is non-toxic & odorless, and also certified by Greenguard and BPA. This phthalate-free chair mat can be used in offices, healthcare facilities, and schools.

Chair Mat With Lips

1. Rectangular-shaped Mats with Lips:

Well, who doesn’t move back and forth while sitting in a chair! These Rectangular Shaped Chair Mats with lips can help you in various ways. 

Rectangular Shaped Chair Mats with lips are mostly used with traditional desks, so if you have a desk with drawers on both sides, I would recommend you using these types of chair mats. 

It is useful in protecting the floor under the desk when you scoot your chair all the way in. However, the lip mat includes the lip; as a result, the rectangular part of the mat is smaller.

Among all other rectangular-shaped chair mats with lips, I would recommend you buy Mushyn Office Chair Mat. This is Rectangular Mats with the lip.

It has an extra high pile which will provide extra protection on your floor or carpet. Check it on Amazon by clicking here.

This rectangular mat with a lip comes in handy when the chair is used for longer hours. Then again, its exclusive anchor bar cleats hold firmly in place yet are gentle on carpets. 

2. Teardrop or Bulb Shaped Mats with Lips

Teardrop or Bulb Shaped Mats with Lips are suited for corner and L-workstations. These are more flexible and cover more area compared to rectangular mats with lips. However, its lip size also includes the lip consequently, and these are smaller than regular rectangular mats. 

Differences Between Chair Mats With And Without Lips

Now that you are clear about both types of chair mats. Now, let me list down the differences for you. 

These differences will help you decide if you need a chair mat with lips or a chair mat without lips will work.

Chair Mats With LipsChair Mats Without Lips
Available in various shapes.Mostly available in two shapes; rectangular and blub shaped. 
Mats are bigger and cover more portions of the floor.The mat’s size includes the lip size, so these are comparatively smaller. 
You cannot put it under the desks, especially under the desk with both-sided drawers. It helps to protect the area under the desk, where the chair can scoot. 
Suitable for larger workstations layout. Suitable for L-shaped workplace or corner workstations.
Continuous rubbing of shoes and casters can ruin the carpet underneath the mat.Protect from the dust and continuous rubbing of your shoes.

You might be wondering; Do I Really Need Chair Mat With Lip?

If you think the place underneath your table will not be safe and require extra protection, I recommend buying a chair mat with a lip.

On the other hand, if you don’t have to worry about the place underneath the desk and if your work requires a larger workstation, you can go for chair mats without lips.

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Related Questions

What To Look For When Buying A Chair Mat?

Chair mats are helpful to reduce the damage from repetitive stress from rolling chairs. Chair Mats also work as a protector for the carpets, the rugs, and the floorings. 

Three things should be considered before buying your perfect chair mat:

1. Floor Type 

Determine the type of floor and identify which mat material will be the best fit. Choose the perfect style mat for you.

Determine which type of mat to buy depending on your flooring,

  • Carpet Flooring – Vinyl Chair Mat
  • Hard Floors – Tile, Wood, Concrete, etc.

Tips: With a thicker mat, you will experience more stable and easier movement in your chair while rolling. On the other hand, a too-thin chair mat can crack and break. 

2. Size of Your Work Area

Proper measurement is required so that the chair mat fits perfectly in the designated area. According to it, find the proper match for you. 

Know if you need a chair mat with/without lip, or you will order a customized one.

3. Furniture Arrangement Of Your Workstation

Your chair mat should match your workplace arrangement. After proper observation, identify the perfect chair mat that will perfectly match the overall arrangement of your office. 

How To Stop The Chair Mat From Sliding?

We all know, continuous sliding of the chair mat on carpets can be annoying as well as dangerous, especially for kids. 

These techniques can stop your chair mat from sliding.

  1. Use a gripper or claw baking for a better solution. This will excellently hold your chair mat; however, it might damage your carpet.
  2. Buy a perfect tape for your mat. It will hold the chair mat even on the hardwood floors.
  3. Using non-skid overlays can give you better results as it is one of the economical ways. However, you should note that it can be sticky.
  4. If you are concerned about your chair mat and your floor, an eco-friendly felt rug will be the best option.
  5. Never compromise; buy the best chair mat for you.

Thanks for reading my article! If your chair mat is sliding on hardwood floor and you want a complete resource to help you out, then check out this article: How To Keep Chair Mat From Sliding On Hardwood Floors? (5 Easy Fix)

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