Can You Rent Chairs for a Wedding?

Your wedding guests are supposed to spend a good portion of the day sitting in a chair. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best sitting arrangement, which is both cost-friendly and comfortable. For your big day, you might also need visually appealing chairs. However, is buying a lot of chairs for a single occasion worth it, or is there a renting option available?

Can You Rent Chairs for a Wedding? Yes, you can rent wedding chairs from some renowned organizations and it can cost you anywhere from $1 to $10 per chair, depending on your location and the company you choose. This way, you will save money and have beautiful, comfortable chairs for your wedding. 

If you are in search of renting a budget-friendly, visually appealing, and comfortable wedding chair, this is the right place. 

In this article, you will find a guide on everything you need to be aware of before renting wedding chairs. You will get an overall idea about how to rent wedding chairs in the USA. 

Wedding Chair Rentals Cost:

Actually, the rental costs of the wedding chair depend on the style of the chairs and the company. Many companies give you an option to pay 50% of the total rent beforehand. You need to pay the rental cost in addition to the delivery and setup fees. 

Nonetheless, if you wonder what the average rental cost of a wedding chair is, let me tell you, on average non-padded simple folding chairs cost $1, whereas the classy, elegant chairs cost up to $10 for each chair. The extras for the chairs like chair covers, sash & ribbon cost $4, $2 and $3 respectively. 

So, are there any extra or hidden fees when you rent wedding chairs? Renting a wedding chair can include some extra fees, such as,

  • Delivery or Setup Fees
  • Extra for damaged or broken components
  • Cancellation or refund

Do I have to pay extra for a damaged wedding chair? Mark that if any item is damaged or broken, it will require additional fees. Whenever you rent chairs for your wedding, I suggest you sign the contract after understanding it correctly, to avoid further confusion. 

What are the wedding chair cancellation and refund policies? The cancellation and refund policies depend on the company itself. Some companies give you an option to cancel the contract for a specific time limit. Then again, few companies won’t give you such privilege. 

Which Company Should I Choose for Renting a Wedding Chair?

Various companies rent chairs for wedding purposes, but I would like to mention my favorite USA’s top chair rental companies. 

AAA Rents & Event Services (Omaha, Nebraska):

AAA Rents & Event Services offer the best service when it comes to fulfilling customers’ needs. They have been in the business for a long-time now, and I have heard a lot of positive feedback from the customers. 

You can rent as much or as little as you want. Regardless of your budget, they will still give the best service to give you precisely what you need. 

You can also rent Tables, Dinnerware, flatware, glassware, linen and fabric, and so much more. Other than weddings, you can call them for Corporate events, including trade shows and conferences & Graduation parties.

Contact Information:

Address: AAA Rents & Event Services, 5620 S 72nd St., Omaha, NE 68127

Phone no. 402-339-3707


You can contact them by calling directly over the phone or just by emailing them. You can also check out their chairs for weddings and place your order now from their website by clicking here.

ABBEY Party Rents (San Diego & El Cajon, California):

ABBEY Party Rents has been in business since 1947 and provides service for events like conventions, weddings, film festivals, street fairs, barbeques, cocktail parties, holiday gatherings, and corporate functions. 

The company will provide the service uniquely and flawlessly. With their knowledge and skill in this field, you will never get disappointed. 

Some highlights of their service include:

  • Commitment-free estimates
  • Competitive delivery and pickup rates
  • Setup and breakdown of furniture and larger equipment
  • Free site inspections
  • CAD event layout design available

Contact Information:

Address: 411 Allan St, Daly City CA 94014

Phone no. (628) 222-5634


You can contact them by calling directly over the phone or just by emailing them. You can also check out their chairs for weddings and place your order now from their website by clicking here.

American Party Rentals (North Carolina):

American Party Rentals is well trained and experienced in everything related to events. Their quality service and industry partners ensure the best service which holds clients for the long term. They deliver every chair after proper inspection. 

They are capable of arranging any social events that will work within your budget and also offer creative suggestions. You can visit them in person and get a clear idea of the concepts. 

 Contact Information     

Address: 3633 S. Alston Ave., Durham, NC 27713

Phone no. 919.544.1555

Fax: 919.544.9049

You can contact them by calling directly over the phone or just by emailing them. You can also check out their chairs for weddings and place your order now from their website by clicking here.

Baker Party Rentals (California): 

If you want to rent chairs for your wedding or any other events in California within a budget, then you must check out Baker party rentals. Renting per chair from them will cost you anywhere from $1.72-$16, depending on the type of chair you choose.

Contact Information:

Address: 1151 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA

Phone no. (714) 545-4667


You can contact them by calling directly over the phone or just by emailing them. You can also check out their chairs for weddings and place your order now from their website by clicking here.

Aztec Events and Tents (Texas):

If you are looking for renting different types of chairs for any big event especially for weddings, then you must check out Aztec Events and Tents.

They provide a lot of options to choose from, and their pricing is also very reasonable. You can also rent different kinds of tents, dancing floors, staging lighting, and cooking equipment for any events.

Contact Information:

Address: Aztec Events & Tents, 601 W 6th St, Houston TX 77007

Phone Number: (713) 699-0088

You can contact them by calling directly over the phone. You can also check out their chairs for weddings and place your order now from their website by clicking here.

Types of Wedding Chairs – 7 Beautiful Chairs For Your Perfect Wedding

The type of chairs changes with the preferences of people, which is why I will be giving a brief idea about seven beautiful chairs that you would love to use in your wedding. 

  1. French Bistro Café Chairs – These chairs come in various shapes or forms. Nonetheless, it will give your wedding a romantic environment; you will feel like you are having your wedding in Paris.
  2. Bentwood Chairs – You will get these chairs in various colors like white, brown, or any color you like. But the black one makes your wedding reception more elegant. I would say, if you are sophisticated in nature, you should check out these simple but classic chairs. 
  3. Havelock Chairs – These chairs will provide your guests with comfortable sitting arrangements due to their curved backs. The chairs look incredibly stylish and will enhance the surrounding atmosphere. 
  4. Larkin Chair – These cute chairs will obviously give your wedding reception a fresh new look. The frame, the golden touch, and the slender waterfall skirt will make you awed. Moreover, these are incredibly comfortable to sit in. 
  5. Gold Fanfare Chair – These chairs are a small dose of beauty. Not only does the chair give your wedding a sophisticated look, but these chairs can also fit perfectly on any occasion.
  6. Chiavari Chairs – The perfect chair for an outdoor wedding or a beach wedding. These look simple and comfortable to sit in and yet go with any wedding reception environment.
  7. Bamboo Folding Chairs – To be honest, this is my favorite type of chair that I won’t use at my wedding. It gives us a tropical vibe to your wedding; you would never miss out. When you have a destination wedding somewhere in a tropical place, I highly recommend using Bamboo Folding Chairs. 

Wedding Chair Covers Rentals:

Yes, the chair covers in a wedding reception matter. But do you know you can save a huge amount of money from your wedding fund just by renting wedding chair covers? 

You just need to determine the quantity and then rent accordingly. Then you will be able to reduce the stress. Consequently, chair cover can be a significant saver, such a convenient and budget-friendly solution. 

Renting the chair cover for your wedding ultimately makes sense. Each chair cover will cost around $2-$3, which can differ from the style and quality of the fabric. 

Some of my recommended Wedding chair cover rentals in the USA are as follows:

Related Questions 

Is it worth renting chairs for weddings?

Although a wedding holds a great value in our lives, most of us have a constrained budget. Subsequently, it becomes highly mandatory to maintain proper budgeting. 

Renting chairs for your wedding ultimately makes sense. Just think of it this way, weddings are a one-time program, and once the program is over, you will have no use of these chairs. 

That is why spending that much cash on a product you will be using once doesn’t make sense. Will it, though?

Things can be different if you are thinking of using these chairs for upcoming functions as well. 

Many families prefer to stock their belongings for all the functions, like the chairs, tables, or artificial decoratives. In that case, I would suggest you buy the chairs instead of renting them. However, do keep in mind this will carry maintenance costs.

How many chairs should I rent for my wedding?

The typical answer is you should rent chairs as per your guests’ number. It will make sure every guest has an option to sit in or stand up.

However, I recommend you have three to four chairs extra so that you can use the spares at the time of emergency. 

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