Can You Rent Bean Bag Chairs?

Can You Rent Bean Bag Chairs? Obviously, that question is not so simple to answer as it depends on so many things, like where you live. I can not answer this question by just saying yes or no. But I will try to answer that in detail, and I’ll do my best.

Yes, you can rent bean bag chairs, and renting each bean bag chair can cost you from $15 to $35 per day, depending on your location and the rental company you choose. If you live in the United States, you can rent bean bags from several chair rentals like the Formdecor, Event options, Party Rentals US, etc. But, if you are from Europe, can be an excellent choice for renting bean bag chairs.

In this article, I will tell you about different bean bag rentals throughout the United States. I will also provide you with their contact information to contact them directly if you need bean bag chairs for any party or event.

Oh, If you are from Europe, scroll to the later part of the article, as I have got you covered as well.

FormDecor (Los Angeles)

FormDecor is a renowned furniture rental company in Los Angeles. You can rent bean bag chairs from them for any sort of event or party.

You can also rent sofas, chairs, benches, tables, and shelves from them.

FormDecor delivers throughout Los Angeles. So, if you live within these places, give them a call, and they will deliver bean bag chairs to your location.

Contact Information:

Phone: Call (310) 558-2582

Fax: (310) 558-2583


You can contact them by calling directly or emailing them. You can also check out their bean bags and place your order now from their website by clicking here.

About Their Bean Bag Chairs:

The bean bags that are available for rent from formdecor is white-colored ones with dimensions of 39 × 39 × 25 in (DxWxH).

The maximum order amount right now is 40. That is, you can order up to 40 bean bags from them right now. The number may change with time. Check their website for the latest information.

Party Rentals US: (New York) 

You can rent bean bag chairs from Party rentals US through their website if you are from New York.

They only deliver in New York City. Renting each Bean bag chair from them will cost you around 19 bucks per day.

I will give you all the contact information and address of the company. You can call them directly or visit their website to order their service.

Contact Information:

Phone: 718-303-2470


Warehouse Address: 

74 Bowne Street

#46 (Pier 11)

Brooklyn, NY 11231

A-1 Rentals (Georgia)

A1 rentals got some of the unique bean bag chairs. You can rent their bean bag chairs if you live in the states of Georgia, United States.

They are very popular in that state. If you live in any city inside Georgia and you need some bean bag chairs for any event, give them a call as soon as possible to make sure bean bag chairs are available for you to rent.

Renting each bean bag will cost you around 35-40 bucks, depending on where you live.

I suggest knocking them months ahead as bean bag chairs availability is a great issue.

Other Rental Products from A-1 Rentals:

  • Tents and Accessories
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Staging
  • Dance Floors
  • Tableware

Contact Information:

Phone: 770-458-7740

Address: A-1 Rentals, 460 Global St. Marietta GA, 30060

You can get a quotation and place your order online by visiting their website by clicking here.

Sample Quotation from A1 Rentals:

Pico Party Rentals (Southern California)

Pico party rentals offer professional quality service when it comes to renting bean bag chairs. Their pricing is reasonable.

You can contact their special event planner if you need any help arranging any sort of event.

 Pico Party Rentals was founded in 1920. They have been serving Southern California for more than 90 years now. You can also rent sofas, couches, chairs, benches, tables, and other accessories from them. 

I will give the contact information of Pico party rentals below; give them a call if you need to rent bean bags for any party or event. You can make special requests, and they will try their best to fulfill your requirements.

Contact Information:

Phone: (323) 446-2676

Address: 13414 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, California 90061



Talk of The Town Events: (Maryland, Washington DC & Northern-Virginia)

You can rent bean bag chairs for any upcoming party or event from talk of the town bean bag chair rental in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia area.

They are very professional, and their pricing is also reasonable. They have been serving the people through their rental service since 1993.

I will give the contact information of this company below. You can contact them directly during their office hours to rent bean bag chairs from them. They are available Monday to Friday from 9 am till 6 pm.

Contact Information:

Phone: 301-738-9500

Address: Talk of the Town Events, 14650 Southlawn Lane Suite 23,

Rockville Maryland 20850, USA

Available Hours: Monday to Friday (9 am – 6 pm)


AM Party Rentals (San Francisco Bay Area and Surrounding Cities)

If you live in San Francisco and you are looking to rent bean bag chairs for any event, then AM party Rentals can be a great option for you.

They have provided their service in the San Francisco bay area and surrounding cities for years. All you have to do is call them and ask for their service. They provide excellent service, and their rates are also cheaper. I will provide their contact information below.

Contact Information: 

Phone: (650) 363-1050, (650) 533-8903

Address: AM Party Rentals, 3575 Haven Avenue, Menlo Park CA 94025

Their Business Hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. (9 am-3 pm on Saturday).

What if You Are From Europe? (Europe)

If you live in a European country, then don’t worry, I have got you covered. is a top-rated furniture rental in Europe.

They are available in the following Places of Europe:

1. France:

  • Nice
  • Paris

2. Germany:

  • Berlin
  • Bocholt
  • Bremen
  • Dortmund
  • Düsseldorf / Cologne
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Hannover
  • Kassel / Erfurt
  • Leipzig
  • Munich
  • Nuremberg
  • Stuttgart

3. Austria:

  • Vienna
  • Wels

4. Sweden

5. Norway

  • Oslo

6. Denmark:

  • Copenhagen

7. Luxemburg

8. The Netherlands

  • Arnhem

9. Switzerland

  • Basel

Check out if they are available in your country or not by clicking here.

Contact Information:


You can find their contact number for your country and email by visiting this link:

Final Thoughts:

There you go! I have mentioned the most popular bean bag chair rentals across USA and UK (Mostly USA). You can rent bean bag chairs from these companies, for any sort of party or social gatherings.

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