Can You Paint a Leather Chair? (yes, here’s how!)

Leather products require special care, and if they don’t get enough care, they will lose their authentic appearance and durability. Is it possible to give the leather chair a new look? Or Can I repaint my leather chair? I know you are having lots of doubts, and let me clear those doubts one by one.

Can I paint a leather chair? You can paint your leather furniture at home; nonetheless, it is advised to use good-quality products and follow proper instructions. You can use acrylic-based color and apply leather paint sealant & conditioner afterward for a long-lasting effect.

In this article, I will tell you how you can paint your leather chair in detail. I will also, answer the most burning questions regarding this topic. So, to learn more, keep reading!

What Kind Of Paint Should I Use On Leather Furniture?

There are a few kinds of paints you can use on your leather furniture. You can choose from liquid paint or spray paint; that is totally up to you.

Leather paints are mostly acrylic-based colors. You will find a wide variety of colors in the market, such as metallic, glossy, or pearlescent colors. 

No matter what color you choose, always do a spot test first. That is, try the paint on the concealed area before applying it to the whole leather chair. 

What type of paint will stay on leather? Acrylic-based paint will stay on leather as they are made for leather products.

How Do You Paint A Leather Chair?

Although painting a leather chair is an easy process, you need to be careful while following each and every step. Stay calm and gently follow the procedures. 

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Step 1 – Gather the Necessary Materials

Things you need for the painting process are, 

  • White Microfiber Cloth
  • Leather Preparer/ Leather Cleaner
  • Painters Tape
  • Leather Paint
  • Rug or Sponge
  • Leather Sealant

Step 2 – Prepare Your Leather Furniture

How do you prepare leather for painting? Now it is time to prepare the surface by gently wiping off the leather clean with a damp microfiber cloth. I recommend you to use a white-colored one. Depending on the type of your furniture, you can disassemble it. 

Clean the surface appropriately. You can Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer for better results. Check out the product just by clicking here

Use the product adequately and don’t let any dirt or debris stay on the surface. You can also use some home remedies to clean your leather chair’s surface. Check out the article on How to Clean and Condition Leather Furniture Naturally?

Step 3 – Identify The Area & Design to Paint

Then you need to make sure which design you want and how you want to paint it. I believe, by now, you are assured which colors to use.

I recommend you use painter’ tape to secure the non-painted areas. You can even use the painters tape to make a pattern. The color and design are totally up to you.

You will find the Scotch Painters Tape on Amazon. You check the product by clicking here

Step 4 – Time to paint the Leather Chair

Now you need to apply the leather paint as per your preferences. Nonetheless, I would suggest you use the paint in a hidden area first just to make sure, its reaction to the leather.  

It is wise to use multiple coatings to get the right shade you want, but make a thinner layer each time

Use a rug or sponge and gently apply the paint on the leather chair.  You may use a brush to reach out to all the corners of the leather chair. 

After each coating, let the leather chair set for 2 – 3 hours. However, just to be extra careful, let it rest for 6 – 7 hours.

Which leather paint should I use on my leather chair? My personal favorite is Angelus Leather Paint (12 colors set). It’s inexpensive and works really well.

You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here. Each and every shade of this set is beautiful and applicable to all kinds of leather products. 

But if you are searching for a particular color, I would recommend you avoid buying a color set instead buy that specific paint only.

Angelus brand has a wide variety of color collections. You can check out this Angelus Acrylic Black Leather Paint, which currently costs $8.18.

Step 5 – Apply the Leather Sealant

Now it is time to apply a leather sealant so that the paint lasts longer. Many prefer to skip this part, but I think it is a cortical part of this process. 

It would help if you tried to apply the leather sealant by Angelus. Angelus Matte Acrylic Finisher will provide your leather with a matte top finish to ensure the perfect look.

Check out the Angelus Matte Acrylic Finisher by clicking here

Can I Spray Paint Leather Chairs?

Yes, you can spray paint on Leather chairs. But make sure you use good quality and dedicated leather spray paint and cover or remove the areas that you won’t paint.

I have found a good quality spray leather paint on Amazon. It’s available in 12 different colors. You can check it out by clicking here.

How do you keep paint from cracking on leather?

Nowadays, people love to try out DIY paintings on their furniture. Nonetheless, sometimes the paint can start cracking.

If you are new to this method, it can be challenging for you, and ensuring the chair and the paint last longer can be difficult. 

I would recommend using a leather conditioner to prevent the leather from cracking. Leather conditioners keep the leather moisturized and hydrated

Another thing is, you need to apply the right paint to your leather furniture. But before that, I recommend you clean the leather chair’s surface so that there remains no dirt.

Take time, and each layer of the paint should be thin; thick layers are most likely to crack afterward. If necessary, paint multiple layers but don’t make the layers thick.

Lastly, a sealant is necessary to seal the color. It is highly recommended to apply as it will protect the leather chair’s paint and keep it new for a more extended period of time. 

Here are the tips to keep your paint from cracking on the leather

  • Use Leather Conditioner
  • Each paint layer should be thin
  • Use Sealant to seal the color

Can you wash off Angelus paint?

You might be wondering, Does acrylic paint wash off shoes? The exact answer is no. You can use leather cleaning products afterward, but the paint won’t get washed off.

Nevertheless, you need to make sure you have applied the color by following the appropriate procedures. Let me tell you, a simple mistake can ruin your leather furniture. 

Does Angelus leather paint need a finisher? No matter how well the chairs’ paint looks, a leather sealant can be a great saver. It gives the leather a protective layer that prevents the paint from fading & cracking or the leather from being torn out.  

Related Questions

How Do You Seal Acrylic Paint on Leather?

In order to seal the acrylic paint on leather, you need first to apply multiple thin layers of the paint and apply leather sealant afterward. 

I prefer applying the leather sealant Angelus Matte Acrylic Finisher. It will give your leather a matte top finish and keep your leather appearance intact for an extended period. 

Never hesitate when it comes to taking care of your leather furniture. Proper maintenance can enhance your leather and make it last longer.

Can I use any paint on leather?

You can apply any paint on the leather, but you should choose an acrylic-based color to get the perfect finish. Acrylic-based colors are specially formulated for leather so that they last longer.

Angelus paint is most popular among all other acrylic-based color brands and my personal favorite. 

You should not use regular watercolor paints on your leather as it can cause severe damage to your leather products. 

How Long Does Leather Paint Last?

The leather paints naturally last longer. But with the level of care and protection, the duration can vary. 

So, is leather paint durable? The formula of the leather paint makes the leather last longer, and with the protected coating, it stays intact way beyond than you imagine.

Leather is a porous material, and if it stays unprotected, it will attract dirt and eventually lose its original appearance. 

You can use baking soda to clean your leather products. For more information, read this article on Can you clean leather furniture with baking soda?

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