Can You Paint A Gaming Chair?

Sometimes using the same gaming chair can be tedious, so why not give it a new look by painting it. You may have heard of many ways to renovate your chair. Well, I have done some research on painting a gaming chair. And, here is what I found!

Can You Paint a Gaming Chair? You can paint your gaming chair in any color you want. However, you might damage the appearance of your gaming chair if you don’t follow the instructions accordingly. 

In this article, you will get to know about an effective way of renovating a gaming chair. I will share my method by implementing which you can give your gaming chair a brand-new look.

How Do I Paint My Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are long-term investments, but the paint can quickly get off due to overuse of the gaming chair. 

How Do I Paint My Gaming Chair

If you are curious about the procedure of painting the gaming chair, check out this method.

Things you need to repaint your Gaming Chair:

  • A White Microfiber Cloth
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Leather Paint
  • Leather Paint Sealer
  • Leather Conditioner

Now that you know the things you need to gather, here is the step-by-step process of painting a gaming chair.

Step 1 – Prepare The Gaming Chair

First, you need to inspect the gaming chair properly, make sure the stitches and the leather are not torn out. Once you are confident with the condition of the gaming chair, then take a microfiber cloth and clean the surface of the chair.

Make sure to reach the corners, and you can also use a vacuum cleaner to make sure the chair is appropriately cleaned, and there remains no dirt and debris. 

Caution: Don’t leave any dirt or debris; make sure to take off all of it. Because it can involve chemical reactions with the leather products and will also not let the leather paint dye properly. 

Step 2 – Mark The Area You Want To Paint

Now it is crucial to decide which colors you want to use in the gaming chair and in what area which color will go beforehand. 

It is entirely normal to leave a specific area in its natural color; you might want to paint in particular places. All things can change up to your preferences

If you want,the  you don’t need to paint the whole gaming chair; instead, you can choose particular places. You can paint light blue and light pink colors in specific areas.

Make sure to apply painter’s tape on the areas, and you will avoid painting. You can also use it when you are applying more than one color.

Step 3 – Apply Rubbing Alcohol

Now apply to rub alcohol on the areas you want to paint. It is a powerful cleaning agent. Take a fresh white microfiber cloth and dip it into rubbing alcohol. 

Squeeze out any extra product, then gently wipe off the surface of the leather furniture. You will notice the color is getting darker; no need to worry; it will get back to its natural color once it dries out. 

Caution: Don’t leave excess products on the surface as it will make the surface sticky. This stickiness will attract more dirt, and your paint will not be adequately absorbed.  

Step 4 – Apply Leather Paint

This is the most crucial part of this process because a small mistake will ruin your gaming chair. Although it is natural that your hands will shiver at first, I suggest you start the painting very slowly and cautiously. 

Use a rug or pad to apply the color effectively; make sure to check there remains no area without the paint. Once the first layer dries out, then use the second layer.

You can also use Leather Re-coloring Balm by Furniture Clinic. This non-toxic leather color comes in 16 different colors.

This Leather Re-coloring Balm will give your leather a great, long-lasting look. Even if you are not satisfied with the color, then the company will give your money back.

One container of Furniture Clinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm contains 8.5 fluid ounce color and costs less than $30; check out the product by clicking here

Caution: You want the color to stay for a more extended period of time, so adequate time to apply the paint. Never use any electric dryer; let the paint air-dry naturally. It will help the color last longer. 

Step 5 – Apply Leather Paint Sealant 

Once the paint completely dries out, now it is time to apply leather paint sealant. It will help the color last longer than usual. 

I highly recommend you use Fiebing’s Acrylic Resolene as it will protect your leather and give a water-resistant finish so that the leather stays protected. No peel-off, crack, or rub-off when it dries but will stay flexible. 

Just apply a light coat layer to prevent it from being tacky. Currently, the product is at a 28% discount on Amazon. Check its latest price on amazon, by clicking here

Step 6 – Apply Leather Conditioner 

In the last step, you need to apply a leather conditioner to make sure your gaming chair stays hydrated and moisturized. 

If you are wondering which leather conditioner will be perfect to use on your gaming chair, let me tell you about my favorite leather conditioner, Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968

It is an entirely odorless and non-sticky product that provides the ultimate care for your leather products. It is a robust leather conditioner that wipes all dirt from new leather and rejuvenates old ones.

This inexpensive Honey Leather Conditioner currently costs about 20 bucks. If you are interested, you can check this product on Amazon.

How Can I Change the Color of my Gaming Chair?

You can change the color of your gaming chair using a leather recoloring balm. Most gaming chairs are made of leather material. You can use the Leather Recoloring Balm by Furniture Clinic. You can find it on amazon here.

It’s available in 16 different colors. You can apply any color on your gaming chair. Follow the above-mentioned steps. But you have to apply the leather balm multiple times to get it done perfectly.

Will The Re-Paint Of My Gaming Chair Last? 

You might hear from many people not to repaint the gaming chairs, as they claim the chair will lose its durability or something terrible will happen to the chair. However, let me share my experience with you. 

To be brutally honest, it has been six years since I painted my gaming chair, and the chair’s color is still like new. Although I have done some touch-ups to keep my gaming chair intact in the last two years, it still looks the same as new.

However, the color and condition of your gaming chair mostly rely on the care you are giving to your chair.

If you think its too much work and you want to get a new gaming chair, then make sure you are getting a gaming chair from a good brand. My article on Best gaming chair brands can help you with that. In this article I have also mentioned some brands that you must avoid.

Related Questions

Can I Repaint My Leather Gaming Chair?

Leather gaming chairs can be repainted, but you need to be extremely careful while following the instructions. Make sure to use the appropriate products and avoid using expired products.

You need to clean the surface before applying any products so that there remains no dust or debris while you put the leather products on it. 

How To Paint Leather Gaming Chairs?

You can paint your leather gaming chair by cleaning the leather, applying the acrylic color, and adding conditioner. It’s a step by step process so, you should gently and cautiously paint the leather chair.

How Do You Get Paint Off a Gaming Chair?

To remove a water-based paint from your gaming chair, firstly scrape as much as possible using a knife. Then wash the upholstery with a soap and water solution and let it dry.

But if the paint is oil based then, dab turpentine on a sponge and rub it on the spot. When you notice the color is removed, rinse it and allow it to dry.

What Kind Of Paint Will Stay On A Leather Gaming Chair?

Mostly, leather products and gaming chairs are painted with acrylic-based paints as acrylic-based paints work pretty well on leather & faux leather. 

You will find paint at your nearest craft stores; I would suggest you buy the best quality paint if you want a long-lasting effect. 

Final Thoughts

Gaming chairs can lose their natural appearance after using them for a certain time. As a result, sometimes, small transformation becomes necessary. 

You can always think of painting your gaming chair and giving it a whole new look. Nonetheless, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. 

Don’t be scared that the color will go off. If you follow the exact instructions and apply good and quality products, you will get a long-lasting look. Moreover, take adequate care of the chair.

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