Can You Make A Bean Bag Chair?

Who doesn’t love to sit on a bean bag and enjoy a lazy afternoon? Relaxing on a bean bag and chatting with a group of friends can be blissful. If you are wondering that you could make a bean bag either for just tossing around or making a comfy chair, then you have come to the right place.

Can You Make A Bean Bag Chair? Making a bean bag chair is super easy, and it will not cost much. You can use old clothes & various cheap stuffing in order to make a perfect bean bag for you, just by putting the stuffing inside the sewed fabric. 

Don’t worry; if you are unfamiliar with the stitching process, you can make a bean bag without even stitching the fabric. 

In this article, I will tell you about bean bag chairs, and I will mention two ways (with and without stitching) of making bean bag chairs. Further, I will provide various tips to keep your bean bag chair uptight. So, Keep reading to get all the details!

What Is A Bean Bag Chair?

Bean Bag is a bag filled with dried beans that can be used for multiple recreational purposes. There are two types of bean bags available, and both serve different purposes.

Small Bean Bag – Small bean bags are mostly used for juggling, and sometimes children at school are assigned to make small bean bags as a school project. Both adults and children use it for tossing around with their friends.

Bean Bag Chair – Bean bag chairs are mostly used as comfy chairs. These are comparatively bigger than small bean bags. Usually, people keep it in their room and prefer sitting on it while chilling with their friends.

How To Make A Bean Bag Chair?

Buying a good-quality bean bag chair can be expensive; nonetheless, you might desire to keep one in your own room. Well, nothing to worry about! You can make one of your own bean bag chairs at home.

Things you need,

  • Measuring Tape
  • Piece of fabric – 46 inches (for average size) or 60 – 74 inches (for oversized)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Bean or other stuffing 
  • Straight pins/ Safety pins (Optional)

Step 1 – Determining The Diameter Of Your Chair

Even though the size of your bean bag chair totally depends on your preferences, the average width of the bean bag chair is about 32 inches. Otherwise, you can make 42 inches and 50 – 70 inches bean bag chairs if you are to make large and extra-large bean bag chairs, respectively. 

Tip 1 – In order to identify the perfect size for your bean bag chair, you can visit a store and check out each size and choose the suitable bean bag chair’s size. 

Tip 2 – Pick a size that will perfectly blend with your room’s furniture arrangement. You don’t want the room to look disorganized. 

Step 2 – Pick The Right Fabric

Remember to buy good-quality fabric for your bean bag chair. Bean Bag Chairs which are available in the stores, are made with specialized elastic fabric; these are pretty rare to find. 

What kind of fabric to buy in order to make a bean bag chair? I recommend you to buy cotton-polyester blended fabric in your local arts and crafts store. You can choose any design available. You can use plain colors or fabrics with polka dots, animal print, or strips.  

Can I make a bean bag chair out of old clothes? You can definitely make a bean bag chair using old cloth, but you might be compromising the chair’s quality. Sometimes the old clothes can get softened due to extensive use which will lead the bean bag chair to be toured in the future. 

Tip – Avoid using soft and weak fabric; this won’t let the bean bag chair last longer. 

Step 3 – Determine The Accurate Size Of The Fabric

Once you know the size of the bean bag chair, you can simply determine the length of your fabric. 

How much fabric is required to make a bean bag chair? Just add four more inches to the total width of your bean bag chair. For instance, if you want to make a bean bag chair that will be 50 inches long, just add four inches and take 54 inches. That is, in total, you will need 108-inch fabric; since you need fabric for both sides.

Step 4 – Cut The Fabric Accordingly

Now it is time to cut the fabric. Take a scissor and cut the fabric in half. You will find two equal squares. 

Then, flip both the pieces of fabric over a flat surface so that the design is facing down. Use a removable color pen and draw a circle on each piece of fabric.

The circles should have the same diameter and should be equal to the width of your chair.

Once you have made circles on each piece of the fabric, cut them separately. You can cut them together only if you are an expert. 

Tip – You can buy the fabric in two pieces, then you won’t have to cut it on your own. You can simply stitch it. 

Step 5 – Sew Both The Circular Pieces Together

Once you have cut the fabric, you have to place both the pieces inside out on a plain surface. Make sure the circles are as closely matched up as possible. 

Now you can either hand-stitch or use a sewing machine to stitch edges of both parts together. 

First, just to be safe, make a ½ inch inseam around to stitch the fabric, then go the opposite direction and stitch a ¾ inch inseam. But remember to keep a hole for inserting the stuffing. 

Tip – You can use a bunch of safety pins to protect the pieces from moving while stitching.

Step 6 – Stuffing The Bean Bag Chair

Now put your hand inside the fabric through the hole and reach all the way through and grab the seam on the other side. Pull the fabric through the hole, flipping it inside out so that the design comes outside. 

With continuous poking, using your hand, make sure the seams are pulled properly. 

Fill your bean bag chair with whatever you like. However, the standard stuffing material is real beans. Many prefer putting polyester pellets. You can find such stuffing materials in your local arts and crafts stores.

Now the final step is to seal the hole properly so that the stuffing material doesn’t come out.

Tip 1 – You can use a stick, instead of poking using your hand, to straighten the corners.  

Tip 2 – You can add some embroidery floss that matches your bean bag chair’s color to make it prettier. 

What Cheap Stuffing Materials Can Be Used To Stuff Bean Bag Chairs?

You can put any stuffing material you want, but remember to avoid the ones which will poke the fabric and, in turn, will ruin your bean bag chair. 

Other than real beans, you can also add chickpeas, old peanuts, etc.

A fun fact is that if you have any unwanted stuffed toy, maybe the one you received from your ex-boyfriend, you can use it as your stuffing material for your bean bag chair.

How To Make A Bean Bag Chair Without Sewing?

If you are unfamiliar with the process of sewing, you can always use fabric glue to attach both pieces of the fabric. 

In such a case, follow all the above-mentioned steps, except in step – 5.

In step five, instead of sewing the fabric, just use a good quality fabric glue so that both the parts hold each other tightly.

If fabric glue is unavailable, you can instantly order one from Amazon. 

I would recommend you to buy Aleene’s Fabric Glue. It will give you a permanent finishing, and it currently costs less than $6. Check this product just by clicking here

Related Questions

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Bean Bag Chair?

Making a bean bag chair all on your own is cheaper than the ones in the market. As you can make your own bean bag chair using inexpensive & good quality material. 

But if you are not familiar with the whole stitching process, it can be troublesome. You might think about buying a new bean bag chair.

If you don’t want to take the hassle, instead of looking for a new bean bag chair, you can consider buying The Big Joe Classic Bean Bag Chair. Check the price on amazon by clicking here.

Big Joe Classic Bean Bag Chair will cost you around $40 but has stain and water resistance capability. It is filled with fluffy, lightweight beans, which allows a perfect sitting experience.

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Are Bean Bag Chairs More Relaxing Than Sofa or Couch?

After all the hassle, at the end of the day, we love to lean back on a sofa or couch and relax for a while. However, the sofa won’t help you to meet the contours of your back. You might end up sitting in an unnatural and uncomfortable pose. 

However, Bean Bag Chairs, on the other hand, will provide maximum comfort and help you relax while fully supporting your back, neck, shoulder, and head. No matter which positions you are in, it will support your back needs.

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