Can You Disassemble A Herman Miller Aeron Chair? (Yes & Here’s How)

When there is an urge to move the office furniture from one location to another, or you need to recycle the office chair, tips regarding disassembling the office chair become necessary. Let us be honest; you might not have the privilege to carry a huge chair into your vehicle. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a big chair; as a result, disassembling it beforehand becomes mandatory.

So, Can You Disassemble a Herman Miller Aeron Chair? Undeniably, you can disassemble the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. You will just need the right tools and carefully follow the procedure to complete the detachment process successfully. You need to start from the back of the chair and move towards the casters.

In this article, you will get to know about the detailed process of disassembling the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Along with it, you will get to know about various tricks and tips, which will make the process much easier. 

So, without any further ado, let us get started.

How To Take Apart A Herman Miller Aeron Chair – Step By Step Process

In order to disassemble the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, you need to follow some specific steps which are following;

Step 1 – Gather Necessary Tools

Without some specific tools, you will not be able to complete the overall procedure, so I suggest you gather all the tools before starting the procedure.

Things you will need for the disassembly of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair;

  • Safety Glasses
  • Electric drill
  • Hammer
  • Flat Screw Driver
  • Punch
  • Wrench 10 mm
  • T27 Torx driver
  • T40, T25 Torx Bit
  • 5 mm, 6 mm Hex Bit
  • Nylon Cap

Step 2 – Detach The Back Of The Chair

In the initial step of the disassembly, you need to focus on removing the chair’s backrest. So, take off the four back bolts using 5 mm Hex Bit. Take the four bolts and keep them in a safe place. 

Slowly pull the back of the chair and detach it from the chair. Keep it aside and follow the remaining steps. 

Step 3 – Remove The Armrests From The Chair

Now it is time to remove the swing arms. You can begin with the right swing arm. You will notice that the right-hand armrest has right hand drive threads. So, simply take off the bolts and remove the right swing arm. 

The same procedure should be used for removing the left arm. Just remember, the left arm will have left-hand drive threads.  

Time to remove The Shoulder Bolts. Carefully remove the nuts and shoulder bolt. Here using a T27 Torx driver and 10 mm wrench will come in handy. The same procedure should be used for both right and left side nuts and shoulder bolts.

Step 4 – Detach The Seat From The Swing Arm

In order to remove the bolt from the left and right side swing arm, use the 6 mm drill. Carefully detach the seat from the swing arm. 

Step 5 – Detach The Lower Back And Front Cover

Now you have to release the 4 snaps to remove the lower cover. Squeeze the snaps adequately and pull the cover to remove it. Finally, detach the lower cover from the tilt assembly.

Pull the back cover and detach it from the chair. In the same way, you need to pull the front cover to remove it. 

Step 6 – Removing The Tilt Housing And The Cable From The Actuator

To remove the tilt housing, detaching the director is a must. Then release the two snaps and lift the director from the tilt housing to separate it from the assembly.

Now release the snap present below the cable to lift the cable. Once you have to lift the cable, you need to remove it from the actuator. Now slide out the cable to detach it from the actuator. 

Step 7 – Remove The Handle From The Swing Arm

To remove the handle from the swing arm, you need to lift up the lever and then release the bottom snap. Remember, you need to be extremely cautious, or you might break the handle. Release the bracket so that it comes out of the socket. 

Now rotate the assembly and remove it from the swing arm. To detach the swing arm, Just pull out the swing arms from the assembly to detach the swing arms. 

Step 8 – Release The Knob To Detach It

Carefully rotate the knob in a counterclockwise direction in order to release tension. Now insert the screwdriver to detach the knob from the chair. Use the screwdriver to release the knob from the downside. 

Then use the swing arm and pull back, and carefully hold it. It will help to release the forward limit. While holding back the swing arm, slightly lift the tab. It will help to disengage the forward limit. 

Step 9 – Remove The Leaf Spring From The Assembly

Now simply rotate the casing to remove the leaf spring. You need to pull it in an upward direction, and you need to be very careful so that it does not break. 

Step 10 – Remove The Pivot Pin And The Bushing

Take the T40 Torx Bit and remove the pivot pin. You will notice it is a bit lengthier, so slowly put it outwards. Then remove the other pivot pin joint just following the previous step. 

Then simply pull the bushing out of the assembly. Detach the tilt casting from the chair. You should use the hammer and punch to tap out the busing so that the B-link is removed. 

Use the same procedure to remove the bushing from the other side and detach the B-link from the chair. Then use the T25 Torx Bit to take off the cassette bolts. After removing all five cassette bolts, detach the tilt cassette. 

Use the hammer and the punch with a recess in order to remove the tilt housing. But before that, you need to hold the tilt casting and lift the entire unit in the air before hammering. 

Step 11 – Remove The Cylinder And Pull Off The Casterss From The Base

Now it is time to remove the cylinder from the chair base. How to remove the cylinder from the chair base? Well, for that you need to use the nylon cap and hammer to remove the cylinder from the base. 

Now that your chair’s base is separated from the whole chair, the final detachment left is the castor wheels. How do you remove Herman Miller chair casters? You just need to pull off the castor to disassemble all the wheels from the base. Do not forget to be gentle. 

TADA! All the parts of your Herman Miller Chair are disassembled. 

Tips To Make The Office Chair Disassembling Easier

You implement various tricks to make the Office Chair Disassembling process smoother. Let me list down all the tricks in one place.

  1. Try to remember the assembling process so that it can help the disassembling process smoother. 
  2. Focus on the things that require disassembling. 
  3. Be gentle and careful in every step. 
  4. Being extra cautious with the cylinder is recommended. 
  5. Always gather the required tools beforehand so that you do not get distracted.
  6. Collect the small parts and gather them in a box or zipper bag. 
  7. Covering the cylinder using duct tape will help secure the cylinder from any kind of scratches.
  8. You can always find detailed disassembling instructions on the manufacturer’s website, so try to follow those instructions. 

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