Can you Clean Leather Furniture with Saddle Soap?

We all love leather furniture, don’t we? It is said that leather furniture can last for generations if it is taken care of properly. I heard many people are using saddle soap for cleaning leather furniture. But I was not sure if I should. So, I did some research on if I can clean leather furniture with saddle soap and this is what I have found! 

Can you Clean Leather Furniture with Saddle Soap? Not only can you clean leather furniture with saddle soap, but it is actually a trendy leather furniture cleaner and conditioner. A lot of people use saddle soap to clean their leather furniture for decades. However, saddle soap is highly alkaline, and maybe it is not the best cleaner for your leather furniture out there.

If you want to understand more about what happens when you clean your leather furniture with saddle soap and why I think it is kinda good cleaner but not the best type of cleaner for your leather furniture, keep reading this article!

Saddle Soup:

Saddle soup is very commonly used on leather furniture, footwear, and other products made of leather. It is basically used for cleaning and conditioning purposes for leather. [Source]

Saddle Soup has a pH level of 9 to 10, which makes it a bit alkaline (anything above seven is considered alkaline or basic in nature).

Anything that is alkaline is capable of cleaning dirt for sure, but a question generally pops up in my mind, is that a little bit harsh for leather material? We will discuss that in a moment.

Requirements of a Good Leather Cleaner:

There are many requirements for any substance to be a good cleaner Let’s discuss the important ones:

The most basic requirement of a leather cleaner is that its pH level should be anywhere from 5.5-6.

The pH of 5.5-6 is slightly acidic. This pH level is the safest for your leather furniture. Anything below 5.5 will be too acidic for leather, and it might damage the leather color.  

Similarly, There is a problem with alkaline cleaners as well. Alkaline cleaners remove natural oil content on the surface of the leather, which might make it dry.

Any alkaline with a pH above 11 is highly discouraged to use on leather as it can remove color and tanning agents from the leather very easily. So, before buying any leather cleaner or using anything on leather, just make sure the pH level is on the point.

Is Saddle Soap Good for Leather?

Saddle soap is good for leather as it can clean and condition leather effortlessly. I asked some people, and they say saddle soap is good for leather, and it cleans really well. However, there is something that makes me think twice before using a saddle soup on my leather furniture.

As I have noted earlier, Saddle soap has an alkaline nature as it is made of caustic soda. This makes the pH level of saddle soup around 9-10. Anything above 11 is considered dangerous for leather.

So, this suggests saddle soup is on the safe side. However, you must know that all the leather experts always recommend using slightly acidic cleaners for leather.

They say alkaline substances can remove oils from the surface of the leather and can make it dry. I think you can still use saddle soap as a cleaner as the pH is below 11.

But I will always recommend using a dedicated leather cleaner that has a pH level of 5.5-6, like the Lexol Leather Cleaner (Amazon Link). It has a balanced pH level, and I think it is safer than saddle soap for cleaning leather. You should definitely check it out. 

However, I am not against the use of saddle soap, and it’s just that I want the best for my leather furniture. If you want to use saddle soap, you should talk with the manufacturer of your leather furniture before using it.

I am sure that they will tell you to use saddle soap but to be extra sure just call them if you are extra concerned. With that being said, let’s see how you can clean your leather furniture with saddle soap effectively. 

How do you use Saddle Soap to clean Leather Furniture?

First, clean the surface of the leather with water. Do it by taking a piece of cloth and damp it in water. Then rub the wet cloth on the leather. This will remove any lingering dust and make the use of saddle soap more effectively.

After that, take a small amount of saddle on a wet cloth or sponge. Then rub it on a circular motion on your leather furniture. You can use a toothbrush to reach tough spots. Continue doing it until you don’t see any residue of soap on the leather.

Finally, take a clean cloth and rub the furniture to remove any excess water and soap on the surface of the leather. That’s all. Also, don’t forget to use a conditioner or oil product to polish the leather after cleaning is done.

Related Questions:

Will Saddle Soap Remove Wax? The answer is a resounding Yes. Saddle soap will remove wax. In fact, saddle soap is often used to remove layers of wax as dirt on leather material.

How long does it take for Saddle Soap to Dry? Depending on the material on which saddle soap is used, it can take from a few minutes to several hours. If you use it on leather furniture, it is better to leave the furniture overnight to dry.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! You can clean leather furniture with saddle soap. But you can. That does not mean you should. As it is alkaline, I do not recommend using it.

But if you still use it to clean leather furniture, don’t forget to condition it with a conditioner or oil afterward as saddle soap may remove oil content from the leather surface.

I think you can use saddle soap on leather furniture to clean it without any problem, only if you know how to condition it well afterward.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find this article helpful.

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