Can Office Chairs Be Regassed?

After using an office chair for a while, it is normal to show a few defects. Nonetheless, you should always make sure the office chair is not under any defect that can create safety hazards. I have heard various horrifying stories on this matter & most of these accidents were caused by gas cylinders attached to the office chairs.

Can Office Chairs Be Regassed? Regassing an office chair is never a convenient option for any individual as it can cause safety issues. However, if you face any kind of problems relating to the gas or gas cylinder of your office chair, the problem can be solved by changing the gas cylinder appropriately.

If you are facing any problems relating to the gas cylinder attached to your chair, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will provide you with detailed information on the office chair’s gas cylinder and provide solutions to the problems relating to this. 

Why Is Gas/ A Gas Cylinder Used In An Office Chair?

What is a gas cylinder in an office chair? If you have closely observed an office chair, you must have seen a pneumatic cylinder used in office chairs. It is actually used to compress air which is commonly called ‘gas.’ The cylinder is placed in between the wheelbase and the seat.

Why a gas cylinder in an office chair? The cylinder in an office chair has an attached lever, handle or paddle, which is flicked to magically change the height of your office chair. The compressed gas inside the cylinder helps you to either increase or decrease the height using the lever. 

How to replace the gas cylinder for your office chair?

Since by now you know inputting gas inside your chair cylinder can be dangerous, I would recommend you to change the gas cylinder instead. 

Choosing the right gas cylinder for your office cylinder

A standard office chair cylinder basically consists of two parts;

Gas spring – It is the top part and has a diameter of 1.1 inches. This part holds the pressurized nitrogen gas and some oil for lubrication. The actuator or the button at the top end of the gas spring helps the lowering or raising of the chair. The top-end portion of the gas spring is a little tapered. The piston attached to the gas spring moves in and out of the gas cylinder. 

Column – The diameter of the column is almost 2 inches. It ends in the five-legged base where the casters are attached. 

The best way to choose the right cylinder is to measure the gas cylinder accurately. Don’t panic; you can measure it even when it is attached to the chair. 

Using the stroke’s measurement, you can easily identify office chair gas cylinders. You can check the stroke size while buying from the product’s packaging. 

(Stoke – The travel distance from the lowest setting to the highest setting)

After measuring the stroke, now it’s time to measure the chair base and how much the column is protruding from under the base.

If you are looking to replace your chair gas cylinder, you will find an appropriate gas cylinder in here.

Removing And Installing Gas Cylinder To Your Office Cylinder

Since by now, you know which gas cylinder to choose for your office chair, let me give you the idea for removing and installing the gas cylinder to your office chair. 

For easier removal, flip the office chair so that the top of the back and front of the seat are resting on the floor. Hold one of the base legs in one hand and apply pressure upwards as if you are lifting the office chair. 

Using a hammer, strike the bottom of the office chair gas cylinder column (the rim area) that typically protrudes from the underside of the office chair base. Avoid striking the center of the column where the retaining clip is located.  Continue the procedure in this manner until the office chair base pulls off.

Installing the new office chair gas cylinder is a lot easier than removing the old gas cylinder. 

While your office chair is still in the upside-down position, insert the gas spring end of the new gas cylinder into the hole in the mechanism. Slightly push down to set it firmly inside. After setting the base onto the column end of the gas cylinder and then firmly press it down. 

Rotate the office chair upright when you are done with assembly. Before sitting on the chair, make use of your knee to press onto the seat to further set the parts together. Now you can sit and easily raise and lower the office chair.

Are Gas Cylinders In Office Chairs Dangerous? 

As a matter of fact, the gas cylinder in an office chair can explode for a few reasons. But it is not mandatory that the chair you are sitting on will suddenly explode.

Don’t worry! Let me first tell you why this happens, and then I will tell you how to stop your office chair from exploding. 

Three Main Reasons – Why The Cylinder Of Your Office Chair Might Explode?

1. Using regular air in the cylinder.

The cylinder of your office chair needs specialized air to be compressed in the cylinder. Just to minimize the cost, you can’t use regular air on your office chair’s gas cylinder as this will call out danger and result in exploding your chair.

Regular air contains oxygen, which can cause rust. In an old chair, the gas cylinder might rust to the point that it initiates a leak, resulting in an explosion. 

2. Buying Chairs with lax safety standards

Many office chair manufacturing companies produce office chairs with lax safety standards. Don’t use such office chairs even if they are cheap. Always remember to read the safety guideline before buying. 

3. Abusing the chair with heavy pressure 

We tend to put more pressure on our office chairs. But do you know, putting so much pressure on your office chair can lead to safety hazards? 

Well, it can interrupt the regular functionality of the gas cylinder and invite danger. Then again, anyone who jumps up and down on an office chair with a gas cylinder increases the explosion risk significantly.

Putting heavy pressure on your office chair than it can handle might explode the gas cylinder of your office chair.

How To Protect The Gas Cylinder Of My Office Chair From Being Exploded?

It is not compulsory that your office chair will explode eventually. But it can go up to the level that will cause an explosion. Therefore, you need to take few precautionary steps, which include, 

  1. Know what can cause an explosion to the gas cylinder of your office chair

From the previous discussions, you now know what the things that can cause the explosion are. 

One is filling the cylinder with regular air, then buying office chairs with lax safety standards, and finally pressuring the chair and interrupting the gas cylinder’s functionality. 

  1. Better understand your chair

Know the office chair you are using a bit better; know what mechanism the chair is using to adjust its height. 

Your chair may use a hydraulic pressure mechanism, a mechanical one, or even a compressed gas cylinder in order to maintain its height. 

Nowadays, most manufacturing companies use a compressed gas cylinder mechanisms to adjust their height. You can check your chair’s mechanism on its catalog. Also, understand its instruction properly. 

  1. Know which chair to buy 

This is when you are planning to buy a new chair for your office. Never compromise with safety; always buy a quality chair. 

It is not compulsory that an expensive chair will always be safe to use. Then again, sometimes nice-looking chairs don’t maintain safety requirements.

Recommended Office Chair With Durable Gas Cylinders:

Let me recommend you two chairs for your office.

Steelcase Leap Office Chair – Expensive But Worth It

Steelcase Leap Office Chair is the perfect office chair if you are looking for ultimate comfort and also if you are ready to go off-budget. 

It currently costs around $978.00 and is available in a variety of colors with a 12-year-warranty from Steelcase.

The ergonomic features include an adjustable headset, armrest, lumber. Not only can you balance the height of the seat but also the seat depth. As a result, it will provide comfort and back support all day long. 

This chair is the most comfortable chair on the market and holds its resale value even after 12 years of use. You will find this chair on Amazon by clicking here.

Ergonomic Office Chair – Inexpensive But Quality Product

The Sihoo M76 Ergonomic Office Chair currently costs $139.99, but it comes in two color options that will be suitable for any office.

The Ergonomic Office Chair is built for long-lasting comfort, with adjustable seat height, lumbar support, and flip-up arms. The chair is BIFMA quality certified and can hold up to 300 pounds.

You can check the Sihoo M76 on Amazon by clicking here.

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