Can Office Chairs Be Recycled?

There are plenty of reasons to get rid of your old office chair. As they might cause safety hazards, the fabric on the seat, armrest, and back can wear out, leaving you with an improper-looking office chair. Nonetheless, it is always wise to recycle the office chair instead of just throwing it into the dump.

Can Office Chairs Be Recycled? Office chairs can be recycled and it’s an easy approach with a little equipment. You can easily recycle an office chair by replacing and recycling the materials that have been damaged and by selling the chair to recycling companies.

If you are an environmentalist and plan to recycle your old office chair, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will provide various ways to recycle your old furniture and provide additional information on this matter. 

Why Should I Recycle My Old Office Chair?

Recycling old items has now become a norm. Nowadays, people are getting more environmentally conscious and plan to organize things in a better way that will harm the environment comparatively less. 

Now the question is, why recycle an old chair instead of throwing it away? I have mentioned 

few reasons below,

  • Reusing culture within the workplace will help enhance branding. Establishing a reuse culture can encourage your employees to work harder, make better use of available items and most importantly, increase your company’s value.
  • You and your company will set an example as a contributor to climate change.
  • Fewer raw materials are required for the production, and the cost is also minimal. 
  • It will reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills or incineration. 
  • Donating can benefit the ones who are struggling financially. 

Three Different Ways To Recycle Your Old Office Chair

It is always better to recycle or reuse old things than to put them into the dump. It is not only environmentally friendly but also economical. 

1. Giving Your Old Office Chair A New Look

Continuous use of an office chair damages the appearance of your office chair. However, using a few innovative ways you can change the old chair into a well-decorated chair. 

Recycling The Fabric

Sometimes extensive use can be the reason for the fabric of your leather furniture’s upholstery & back to be decayed; sometimes, the color of the fabric can also fade away. 

In such situations, you can buy new fabric and cover the old fabric with the new one. This will instantly give your old chair a professional look.

Recycling The Metal 

Sometimes the metal of a chair can get damaged, you can go to a scrap metal dealer and ask him to melt it down into something useful. 

Recycling The Wood

I highly discourage you from recycling the woods from an old chair. Since these woods are treated or composite like chipboard, these are unrecyclable. 

Recycling The Plastic

Recycling the plastics from old chairs is the toughest one. I don’t recommend you melt the plastic all on your own. Rather you can visit a professional and seek help from him. 

Replacing Office Chair Material

Office chair materials such as armrests, headrests, gas cylinder, caster wheels all of these parts are replaceable. If you are using any popular chair such as Herman Miller Aeron or Steelcase Leap, these chairs have those replaceable parts that you can replace if anything goes wrong down the road.

I would highly encourage you to replace any damage parts of your chair as all of them can be found on stores or online.

2. Selling The Chair To Recycling Companies

Some office chairs can be hard to recycle, due to the unrecyclable used materials. Recycling such old chairs can not be a cost-effective process.

So, What To Do With Unrecyclable Office Chairs? You can always give it to professional people who are well aware of the recycling process and will recycle the chair.

Who Recycles The Old Office Chairs? There are various companies out there that specialize in recycling old chairs. You can always contact your nearest recycling company. Few companies will come to you and pick the old chair.

3. Sell and donate old office chairs

When the office chair is still in good shape, or you are too lazy to renovate it, you can find a better way to make the most of it by selling or donating the old chair. 

Many companies purchase used office equipment, office chairs are also included. You can sell your unused chairs to them or you can set your chair up for auction on various online platforms that will give you a scope to sell it for a better price.  

In a more generous way, you can donate your old chair to the people in need or financially challenged the people you know. In such a way, you can reduce waste and do a good job.

Creative Ways To Reuse Your Old Office Chair

Sometimes the old chairs in your office can seem unprofessional but can still be in a good state. There are more creative ways to reuse such old office chairs. 

Let me tell you a few ways to reuse your old office chair;

  • Transform the chair into your pet’s bed. Cats and dogs will love to play and spend time in such chairs. You can decorate it and give it a homey look. 
  • You can remove the wheels from your old chair and use them for other purposes like you can attach them to your shelf. 
  • You can cut a big hole in upholstery and use the chair as a storage box or makeup box. 
  • You can also place a bowl in the middle and use it as a dog feeder. 
  • By putting a plant on the top, you can set it in your garden. 
  • When the legs of a chair are broken, you can use the chair’s back as a hanger, photo displayer, scarf keeper, etc. 

Other than these few tricks, you can always use your own creativity to custom your retired office chair in a better way. 

What Should I Do Before Donating or Selling?

Regular use of chairs can give your chair a pungent smell and it might contain stubborn stains and dirt. It might sometimes contain germs and other harmful materials.

So, you might be wondering, How to prepare my old chair before selling or donating? Well, you can give your old office chair a regular clean before preparing it. 

I am attaching some dedicated article for cleaning your office chair or furniture.

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You can also use natural products to clean your furniture, please read How to Clean and Condition Leather Furniture Naturally? to know more. 

Recommended Cleaner to Clean Your Office Chair

If you are not comfortable using the home remedies, you can always use an office chair cleaner. 

I highly recommend fabric cleaner by ForceField. The ForceField Fabric cleaner will give your upholstery a fresh look. It is one of the finest fabrics and fiber cleaners in the market. 

It will give your old office chair a renewed look which will be appreciated by the person to whom you are donating. In the case of selling, it will give you a scope to increase the price.  

It’s an inexpensive cleaner, costing only $13.99. You will find the ForceField Cleaner by clicking here.

After giving a proper wash, you can use a plastic bag to wrap the old chair and make it ready to deliver. Then you can simply deliver it on your own, or call the person to take it from you. 

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