Can My Chair Cause Numbness?

Continuous sitting has become a regular part of our life. Whether it can be for working purposes, watching TV, or traveling a long way, does this prolonged sitting cause numbness, or is it just the chair’s fault?

Prolonged sitting on a chair without changing the position can lead to numbness, especially in the lower limbs. Although your chair does not have any direct connection with the numbness. But it can occur due to the pressure you put on the nerves while sitting on your chair. 

You might have experienced or have seen your friend suffering from numbness because of sitting for prolonged hours.

In this article, you will get to know about numbness and the reasons why this occurs. Later, I will provide a guideline to minimize it.

What is Numbness?

Numbness is a loss of feeling or any kind of sensation in a body part or area. Numbness can occur at any part of your body. It can be highlighted as a symbol of any medical condition.

However, most of the time, the numbness does not indicate any serious health condition. When you stay in a single position for a long time, you might feel like burning or pins and needles.

This feeling can occur in a particular part of the body or one side of the body. In severe cases, you might experience it on both sides of the body. 

Is Numbness a Serious Problem? 

It is not necessary that the numbness you are experiencing is a serious problem. Sometimes you might feel short numbness in your feet or in your hand, which can vanish if you shake those body parts.

In that case, the numbness is not serious, but it can work as a threatening sign and invite nerve disorders. 

Diseases like diabetes or drugs such as chemotherapy drugs or even alcohol can damage your nerve fibers and, in turn, cause serious numbness. The nerves outside the brain and spinal cord are affected mainly by numbness. 

Numerous tests are required to identify the real reasons for the numbness and to check if your numbness is life-threatening. 

If you see that the numbness is occurring more often and it stays for a long time, I would suggest you take the doctor’s advice. Sometimes the situation can get serious, and you can be paralyzed. 

Why do I face Numbness After Sitting in a Chair For a Long Time?

Numbness or slight pain can be experienced after sitting for a more extended period in a chair. When you are sitting for prolonged periods of time, your nerves and tissues feel unwanted pressure. It can be a chain reaction and can spread from a particular body part to your whole body

For example, when your sciatic nerve is compressed, you feel numbness in your buttocks. As a result, experts suggest changing the sitting position more often. 

So, Can Sitting Too Much Cause Numbness?

Remember sitting for long periods of time can slowly damage your nerves. This numbness can be a warning sign for more extensive health issues

As a result, you need to take precautions beforehand. Although, taking breaks and frequently getting up from the chair will also diminish the numbness you feel from sitting too much in a chair or couch. 

Can a Chair Cause Numbness?

A chair is never responsible for the numbness you are facing but sitting on it for prolonged hours is. However, the chair you are sitting in needs to have at least basic ergonomic features so that you can sit in an appropriate posture. 

Sitting on an ergonomic chair might help you to minimize this issue. To know more, make sure to read the article: Are Ergonomic Chairs Worth It?

If you are not sitting in the optimal position while working for a long time, then you can feel numbness. It solely occurs due to the pressure you put on your nerves. This can be minimized by sitting in an ergonomic chair and frequently getting up and moving between work.

Therefore, you can say your chairs are indirectly responsible for the numbness you face from prolonged sitting arrangements.  

How to Get Rid of Numbness? – 10 Professional Tips

  • While watching TV, during the commercials, take a small break to get up or drink water. 
  • Go for jogging in the evening or in the morning for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Make some hobbies that require physical work, like gardening. 
  • If you have a pet such as a dog or a cat, go out for a short walk with them.  
  • Get up from your sitting position every 30 minutes, and stretch your body.
  • Feel free to lift your legs and roll your arms up & down or front & back. It will ease the pressure from the muscles and increase blood circulation. 
  • No matter what, sit in a good posture and balance your weight on your hips in an equal proportion.
  • Try to sit in an ergonomic chair that will enhance your neutral sitting posture. 
  • If possible, use a standing desk for a while or switch it for a few hours. 
  • Take a walk in between, maybe instead of calling the colleague, walk towards him.

Related Questions

How do I Get Rid of Numbness in My Thigh?

You might feel numbness in the legs and thighs due to your long-time sitting position. It occurs due to the pressure your nerves feel or the reduction in blood circulation. 

However, most of the time, this numbness can be cured. The treatment includes medication and therapies. Medication includes Antidepressants, Corticosteroids, Gabapentin, and Pregabalin.

On the other hand, some of the therapies include massage, hydrotherapy, mindfulness meditation, etc. But don’t take any sort of medication without asking your physician or doctor.

Some Home Remedies to Get Rid of  (& Avoid) Numbness in Your Thigh:

  • Taking proper rest
  • Applying ice to reduce the nervous pressure
  • Applying heat
  • Massage the spot
  • Epsom salt baths
  • Schedule work-out sessions
  • Maintain a proper sleeping schedule
  • Balanced & healthy diet, etc.

What are The Symptoms of Nerve Damage?

Nerval problems can be a minor issue but sometimes can cause severe internal damage. Therefore, you need to be aware of the symptoms so that you can take appropriate measures at the right time. 

The symptoms of nerve damage include,

  • One of the common signs is numbness or tingling in any particular body part or sometimes in the whole body. 
  • Buzzing sensation that mostly feels like getting electric shock.
  • Muscle weakness, you might feel that you are unable to hold things properly.
  • Severe pain in arms, legs, hands, or feet. 

How Do You Fix Nerve Damage?

Nerve damage can be a severe health issue, and professional help is always suggested. However, you can take some precautionary steps to diminish the causes of nerve damage. 

To mention a few ways to fix nerve damage:

  • Maintain a proper & healthy diet.
  • Regularly check your blood sugar level and take proper measures to maintain the optimum blood sugar level.
  • Take necessary steps to correct your nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Exercise regularly or go out for a walk. 
  • In severe cases, do not wait. Visit the doctor as soon as possible. 

Final Thoughts:

There you go! Your chair can cause numbness only if you sit for prolonged hours without changing your sitting position.

Numbness is very common, and in most cases, it’s not serious, and you can get rid of it within a minute or two.

I often feel numbness in my feet and thigh when I sit at a fixed position on my chair, bending my legs. But it disappears very quickly, and it is perfectly natural.

However, if you are experiencing some sort of numbness that doesn’t feel normal, then take professional help as soon as possible.

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