Can IKEA POÄNG Chairs Be Used Outside?

IKEA never fails to introduce new furniture with lots of features and a beautiful appearance. IKEA POÄNG chair is also one of such kinds. IKEA POÄNG has a modernized chair with a minimalist appearance. They are, undoubtedly, good for the indoor atmosphere but can IKEA POÄNG be kept outside?

It is highly forbidden to keep or use the IKEA POÄNG chair outside. When you keep your IKEA POÄNG chair outside, the sun, snow, or rain can affect the chair’s both wood and cushion parts. However, after doing some small but required changes, you can definitely put your IKEA POÄNG chair outdoors. 

In this article, I will be covering all the problems relating to IKEA POÄNG chairs which are kept outside. I will also be providing a few tricks which will keep your furniture lasting for a long period of time. 

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Why You Should Not Use IKEA Chairs Outside?

Any furniture can get saggy or different kinds of mildew can grow when you keep the furniture for a long time. IKEA POÄNG chairs being a piece of indoor furniture, will definitely be destroyed if kept outside. 

Things that might happen when you keep the IKEA POÄNG chairs outdoors;

  1. The ply of the IKEA POÄNG chairs might start to come off. 
  2. The ambient dampness might enter amidst the wood and reduce the springiness of the base frame. 
  3. The burnish can easily come off.
  4. The mildew and insects might start building their homes inside the chair during the rainy or winter seasons.
  5. The constant contact with the Sun, rain and lots of humidity hampers the IKEA POÄNG chair’s durability and will not last for a long period of time. 
  6. The authentic color of the chair’s wood and cushion can get hampered and take off the original color of the IKEA POÄNG chairs.  
  7. When keeping the IKEA POÄNG chairs outside, the Chairs will need some kind of covering to protect them from rain or snow, which can be an extra headache. 
  8. The snow and stored water from the rain can also damage the IKEA POÄNG chairs’ legs pretty badly. 

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When Should You Use Ikea Poang Chairs Outside?

IKEA POÄNG chairs are not advised to be used in the outdoor environment. The sunlight, rain, or even snow can leave a bad impact on your favorite furniture. However, you can keep your IKEA POÄNG chairs outside during the summer season.

But I will suggest not to keep it outside for a long time, and keep it in a shaded place so that it stays away from direct sunlight.

You can also keep the IKEA POÄNG chairs outside during other weathers as well but not for long. Maybe when you have guests come over, you can keep the IKEA POÄNG chair outside during the daytime. 

Nonetheless, bring the chair back inside as soon as possible. Such precautions can help you a lot when it comes to protecting your IKEA POÄNG chairs.

How To Use IKEA POÄNG Chairs Outdoor?

You can implement a few tricks and make your IKEA POÄNG chairs suitable for the outdoor environment. Yes, I know, right. You might have been searching for this method for a long time now. Let me help you with it.

Here is a step-by-step process of making the IKEA POÄNG chairs suitable for the outdoor environment:

Step 1 – Gather The Required Things

As always, you need to gather the required things first and keep them within your reach. The list of things you need for the overall procedure includes;

  1. Sand Paper
  2. Sealant
  3. Outdoor Oil
  4. New protective cushion covers

Step 2 – Sand The Wooden Portion Of The Chair

IKEA POÄNG usually contains two parts, one is the wooden part (the body or frame), and the other part is the cushion. 

For the ultimate protection of the wooden part, you need to sand it first before applying any other products to it. Sanding will give you the privilege to apply sometimes effectively, on top of the wood.

So, use sandpapers and perfectly sand the wooden part so that the finishing is flawlessly plain.

Step 3 – Apply Sealant To Your Furniture

Now it is time to apply some sealant. Yes, the sealant might change the original color of the furniture, but the level of protection it provides is immeasurable.

The sealant will protect the chair from moisture as well as will help the wood to dry faster. For all these reasons, the chair will not rot or damage. 

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Step 4 – Apply Some Outdoor Oil

Outdoor oil contains a specialized formula that protects the wooden furniture which is specially kept outdoors.

The outdoor oil contains mildew & UV inhibitors, a heat stabilizer, and Resin. This will protect your furniture in any weather condition; summer hot, winter rain, or cold snow. 

Now take a generous amount of outdoor oil and apply it all over the wooden part of the IKEA POÄNG chair.

Step 5 – Change The Cushion Cover With The Protective Cushion Covers

You can find a cushion that is suitable for outdoor furniture, and I would suggest you replace the cushion with cushions that will stay safe in any kind of weather. 

Now that the cushion is protected, the main job is to find a suitable cover that will stay intact in any kind of weather.

Too much sunlight can make the normal cushion cover’s color fade; then again, rain can harm the cover in turn, losing its longevity.

This is why you should replace the usual covers with weather-protective cushion covers. 

Step 6 – Keep The Chair In The Right Place

Now that your wooden part and the cushion are protected, you will need some extra protection which is why you will need some shaded place to keep the IKEA POÄNG chair.

If you live in a place where rain is very frequent, then I would suggest you place the chair in a higher place so that it does not touch the ground. 

If you have completed all the procedures but placed the chair where the snow, sunlight, and rain can touch the IKEA POÄNG chair, then all your effort will go in vain.

Therefore, you need to place the IKEA POÄNG chair accordingly. 

Which IKEA Chairs Can Be Used Outside?

IKEA Patio Chairs such as outdoor lounge chairs and dinning Chairs can be used outside. IKEA also manufactures various weather-protected furniture which is suitable for outdoor areas. 

They have outdoor tables, sofa & sectionals, dining set, chairs, lounge furniture, specially designed furniture for kids, and many more.

I would suggest that if you plan to buy furniture for your outdoor area, buy such furniture which is protected from any kind of weather, and has protective layers. This will help you with a lot of troubles, trust me. 

IKEA patio furniture is also the best in the market. If you ever wish to buy patio furniture, remember to check out the patio furniture collections of IKEA. 

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Can IKEA Furniture Go Outside?

IKEA manufactures furniture for indoor and outdoor use. IKEA outdoor patio furniture can go outside. 

If you want a piece of furniture that will be placed outside, then I would suggest you choose from the outdoor furniture section.

The outdoor furniture comes with protective layers that will keep the furniture protected from any kind of weather. You will not have to worry about furniture protection. You can also get weatherproof furniture cover for your outdoor furniture. 

Check out my favorite furniture cover on amazon just by clicking here. It is UV-protected, dust-proof, windproof, waterproof, snow-proof, and it looks beautiful as well.

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